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I realize that a portion of the terms and works here may be well known to some tweakers perusing this at this time however there are unquestionably several thousands that are new to the free searching world and the greater part of the terms utilized sounds so peculiar to this arrangement of individuals that is the reason I thought of this article to clarify some of this terms we experience day by day on free skimming posts.

1. VPN

VPN remains for Virtual Private Network and it essentially implies a framework that is used to give security to either open and private netwoks and it is usually seen on professional workplace where the security of information is vital. There are numerous VPN suppliers over the world and some of them

give out free VPN servers. In Virtual Private Networking, we have a few conventions like PPTP, L2TP, SSL and open VPN which utilizes UDP or TCP ports for simple systems administration and adaptability.

2. SAS

SAS remains for Simple Android Server and it is a system instrument that empower tweakers to change how arrange suppliers see their telephone on their database by controlling a portion of the telephone system and vpn settings. This application is so capable and have been sparing numerous android telephone clients from unbelievable information membership as one can without much of a stretch change his android telephone to begin utilizing MTN BIS on it in this manner sparing expense of costly android information membership. Basic Android server is additionally utilized on etisalat visit pack cheats and other mtn tricks like music in addition to and mtn 2go MB ccheat.

As of now, there are diverse variants of straightforward server and the most recent form which is 3,1,3 is as of now proxified and needs no other proxification application to bolster it not at all like before on the past adaptations however your telephone must be attached to appreciate every one of the flavors. Sinple server 3.1.3 is likewise more steady and speedier than the past adaptations. There is both android and PC adaptation of SAS for you to look over.

3. Psiphon

Psiphon is a system bypassing device simply like basic server that is composed in a manner that it sidesteps web oversight and offer free perusing relying upon the way you change it. It is as of now on both android and PC stages as at the season of distributed this posts. Like SAS, you can without much of a stretch utter ther IP Address and Port of your gadget to a fancied one. With this application, somebody in Nigeria or Kenya can change his IP to that of America or some other nation of his decision. The fundamental point of interest of this application over other system bypassing applications is that it requires no attaching to perform well and once network is built up, it is generally steady.

4. PdaNet

In the event that you have been flexing free skimming through VPN applications, you will see that you can't utilize the free information you changed on your telephone with your PC through wifi, bluetooth tying and even usb link association. However, this PdaNet will permit you to foreheads on your PC utilizing your straightforward server and psiphon free swindle. The application is anything but difficult to setup and have both free and premium adaptation. The disservice of the application is that the free form detaches in the wake of utilizing like 40MB and you need to reconnect once more.

5. ProxyDroid And Autoproxy

Proxydroid and autoproxy are essentially a proxification application that strengths your VPN information trick to control all applications on your android telephone including google playstore.

6. Information

Information can mean numerous things to diverse individuals in distinctive calling yet in this connection amd concentrating on the free skimming side of it. So information is the measure of Kilobyte (KB), Megabyte (MB), Gigabyte (GB), Terabyte (TB) and so forth that is assigned to ones sim card in at a specific time. I can recall couple of months prior i discharged a change on the most proficient method to get more than 300GB complimentary on your MTN sim which goes on for 6 months before it lapses. As of now, the slanting free information is the MTN music in addition to 150 and 300MB, boundless etisalat free scanning information tricks, et cetera.

7. MobileUncle Tool And Chamelephon

These two magnificent applications are utilized for tweaking and changing your telephone IMEI number. Portable uncle being the first and most mainstream application used to change android telephone IMEI particularly those running on MediaTek processors to that of another telephone. It is the mystery of utilizing glo BIS on android. The trap is to simply get a BB IMEI and change it on your android and setup your APN as blackberry,net.

8. APN

An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a door between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G versatile system and another PC system, much of the time general society Internet. A cell phone making an information association must be designed with an APN to present to the bearer. For you to foreheads free on a few systems, you need to change the APN to suit the specific free scanning you are tweaking.


The full significance of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity and it is an one of a kind 15 digit number used to recognize a specific cell telephone on the GSM database. In any case, in the free scanning world, it is utilized to get free information offers from distinctive system suppliers.

10. IP And Port

Numerous have been becoming aware of IP address and port yet few know the real utilization of it and how it can be utilized to temples free on your telephone and PC. IP just means Internet Protocol and it is extremely fundamental in systems administration as each system gadget or telephone is joined with an IP address and port. The port speaks to the augmentations. A well known sample of an IP location is and that of port is 8080.

IP is changed to get free and shabby perusing access with the assistance of some open VPN applications and straightforward server/psiphon applications.

11. Tweakware

The last however certainly not the slightest is tweakware. This application serves free and premium servers for clients to look over. the application is additionally one of the slanting applications for tweaking and appreciating modest/free skimming on MTN 2go MB, etisalat visit pak, MTN BIS, and spectranet information. As of late, the proprietor of the application put a 500 naira cost on it to appreciate the premium qualities which ensures you more than 100MB that is given to free clients.

Don't hesitate to include yours...

NOTE: Dont utilize any of the above applications unlawfully. Use at your own hazard!!!

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