My Advice To All Blackberry Users

This is an advice to all Blackberry users. You are most likely reading this since you are in control of a blackberry gadget or you are identified with somebody who is ownership of a blackberry gadget.

Blackberry has authoritatively reported that they might no more create blackberry gadget that will keep running on Blackberry OS any longer... rather, it will keep running on Android operating system simply like the Blackberry Priv. Consequently, in the event that you are as yet utilizing Blackberry OS7 you are totally one leg in and one leg out.

To be Candid with you clients of Blackberry OS7, the way Nokia 3310 blur away, in a twinkling of an eye, your cell phone will blur away before the year runs out; in light of the fact that Blackberry is no more redesigning this specific arrangement of Blackberry and have quit pushing it into the business sector.

It's fitting you change to a superior cell phone with better data plan before your gadget will be viewed as scraps.

Furthermore, to all Blackberry 10 Users, it's about time that you update or add another brilliant device to your gadget.

This is only my 2 penny exhortation. Take it or abandon it, Blackberry OS7 is not assume to enter the year 2016!

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