Technology - A Double-Edged Sword

Technology - A Double-Edged Sword

It was famous about Tongue that it’s a double – edged sword. But with the advancement and improvisation of the living standard and the prevailing technology of the world, it was reassessed that Technology is also a double – edged sword.

Parenting in the Present World:
Whether it was the past or it’s the present, it never remained like the walk in the park. The intensity changed as per the environment, society, community and atmosphere. Either if the parenting of the 20th Century is compared with the one of the 21st Century, they both are almost same just the technological differences make them different.

Threats Available in the Present Age:
Threats of the present age changed for the parents as per the change in the technology and the available devices. Devices of today, the smartphones have revolutionized the world from all aspects, whether the home, the office, the school or college or the playgrounds.

Threats are generally categorized as:
  • Health Hazardous
  • Criminology
  • Inactive Blindness
Health Hazardous:
Parents have to be quite vigilant when it comes to the context of the children’s health. Technology is relative for the good of the human beings, but the excessive usage has proved that it can cause harm to the humans.

As in the past the TFT monitors caused redness in the eyes if they were used for long. They even caused the weak sightedness. Similarly, other technological devices had their own health hazardous effects if they were used excessively.

Though the remedies and the precautionary devices were introduced for the in-use devices, but they were a proper solution for the health issues.

The present age devices, especially the smartphones, have pretty much negative affect on the health of the children as well as adults, if they are excessively used. The health hazardous effects the smartphones can have could be:
  • Microwave radiation spray which can harm the human brain
  • The sound waves from the speakers, hands-free and headphones connected to the smartphone use the microwave transmission which can permanently harm the hearing
  • Using the smartphones in darkness can cause weakness in sight
  • Watching to the smartphone screen while in bed can cause temporary blindness which could further turn into stroke if the process is continued
Apart from these, there are a number of more health hazardous affects, which can harm children more as compared to the adults, because of their softer tissues.

The most realistic and the most apparent of all threats are the criminal and heinous activities of the society. In the past children had to leave the home in order to be a victim of the badness of the society, while in the world of today they don’t even have to leave their bedroom.

There are so much of bad techniques that can put the parents in worries. The tensioning environment could be created through any inevitable activity. Threats could range from home to school, from school to street, from street to playground, from playground to the shopping mart and from shopping mart to back to home.
  • Cyber-bullying affects 10 – 20% children, which result in psychological syndromes for 5 – 10% of them
  • 35 – 40% children aging between 12 – 18 years of age are found to be indulged in the process of sexting, the fruit of which tarnishes the image of the entire family. Some detailed statistics show that 20 – 25% boys and 15 – 20% girls are indulged in sext who admit their involvement
  • After every 8 minute a child is sexually assaulted after being lured over the smartphone via the SMS and the explicit images
  • Phishing and other tricks make the children lose their personal credentials such as the address, phone number and else to strangers which is misused
The results of all such activities are never pleasing for the parents. Definitely a whole lot of attention and caution is required in this regard at the end of the parents. Precisely it’s the vigilance which does the trick in safeguarding the children from the double – edged sword.

Inactive Blindness:
Inactive Blindness means to walk, run or drive while being inattentive to the path and having the concentration somewhere else. Since the smartphones became more accessible for the youth, they began to walk, run and drive while using it.

Such usability has caused a number of accidents which included the horrible one and have caused multiple casualties just because the driver was busy in sending a text message while he smashed into a 22 – wheeler trailer from the open signal and caused the worst of the accidents.

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