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Aug 13, 2016


How I Fixed Glo Data Network For Browsing Not Displaying

Days ago, Glo disconnected some lines that doesn't have active data bundle from receiving data network for browsing. I know majority must have noticed this and am not exceptional.

The people that are currently having this problem are the ones using Glo 0.00 free browsing tweak cos they won't be needing any airtime or data to browse. That is the most reason Glo disconnected their lines from getting data network to browse.

I also had same problem and i will show you how i brought the data network back for me to browse and use Glo 0.00 free browsing tweak again. 


It's very simple. Let me tell you, if you think recharging your Glo line will bring the data network back as you are on PAYU, it's a lie. It won't come even if you recharge 1million. 

What i did to bring back my data network was to purchase a data bundle. I only subscribed for Glo 30MB for N50 which is valid for 1 day.

To subscribe for Glo 30MB for N50, make sure you have upto N50 on your Glo line. Then sms 14 to 127 to purchase the data plan. You will recieve a reply as seen below in my screenshot.

And boom, your dead 3G data network will resurrect and you should now start flexing either your 0.00 free browsing tweak or the data.

Don't forget to sms Cancel to 127 to stop auto renewal of the data.

That's all.
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  1. UPDATE: Glo has stopped giving data network to users if you don't have active Data. So if you don't have data on your Glo line, you won't be able to browse with your airtime or see the data network.

    So as to say, Glo 0.00 free browsing has been affected by this.

    I just confirmed this now. :((

    1. Anonymous14/8/16

      so olease ehat other cheeat can we use pending d time its fixed

    2. When there is, we'll surely post it on this blog. :)

  2. Anonymous14/8/16

    mr. victor.. please any other available cheat we can use for d main time??

    1. When there is any available tweaks, we'll surely post it on this blog. :)

    2. Anonymous14/8/16

      U mean after subscribing for the 50mb the cheat wont still work?

    3. Yea sir. The data network will stop displaying.

    4. Anonymous14/8/16

      How do I get the data Icon back .....wanna sub for real data ....what do I do?

    5. Just sub for the data you like, the icon will come up automatically. :)

  3. Good updates, this would help a lot.

  4. Still not a solution... Glo is very poor in Data