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What is your first association with the word “perfection”? Of course, there are a lot of variants and a lot of room to think, especially for those, who proudly call themselves “perfectionists” and know for sure what it is all about. But I bet a lot of people have also thought about a wedding. It is more than a holiday. It is an event that requires months, even years of preparations. For some girls, it may start from the early childhood – right from the moment, when they see a bride for the first time and wait till they can become princesses, too. At least, for a day.

There is a lot of work and even more things to take care of, but everything starts with the wedding dress.


Classic white wedding dresses became popular in the 19th century, after Queen Victoria demonstrated, how great they looked, and started a new trend. Even today, colors, styles and ceremonial importance of wedding wear depend on a country and culture. However, amazing white gowns are something girls all over the world dream about.

The first wedding dress ever appeared in England – on a royal wedding ceremony in 1559 Princess Philippa was wearing one. It quickly became a widespread tradition, and from the beginning of the 20th century a real wedding dresses boom started.

Useful tips: what to pay attention to

Take a breath and relax. Take it easy. Yes, everyone will look at you and your dress during the ceremony – you will be in the centre of attention, that’s for sure. No, it is not a reason to panic. It is your chance to demonstrate everyone how beautiful, confident, and stylish you are. So get ready for spending some time in front of a mirror.

#1. Fashion and style
Some say that fashion comes and goes, but style either exists or not. And that’s true. There are people, who don’t do everything in order to keep up with the latest trends, but always manage to look great. Why did we start talking about this? Before trying a dress on, think about what is more important for you – the latest collection from your favorite designer or something that looks incredible on you. Sometimes those two things are completely different. Don’t try to demonstrate that you are aware what is going on in a world of fashion. Choose to prove that you know how to be beautiful. And remember that people will pay more attention to the top - it is a part, which people notice the first and which is for sure going to appear on all photos.

#2. Color
Maybe, you are the one who likes experiments? If you want a coffee-colored, peach-puff, wisteria or even black dress – it’s up to you. In the end, it is your day, the best time to wear what you like and are going to remember, not to do what other people will prefer.

#3. Size
On the one hand, everything is obvious: you should pick a size that fits you. However, there are girls, who want to look slimmer, skinnier, taller etc. and take a smaller size. Of course, you can put this dress on. And in better case it will not look ridiculous. But do you really want all your thoughts to be focused on how uncomfortable you feel?

#4. Underwear
When you are leaving for a wedding shopping, put the most gorgeous underwear you have. That’s what you are going to do on the day of ceremony. And that’s what will help you feel more confident.

#5. Makeup and hair styling
You don’t need a wedding makeup and hair styling right now, but remember that it will complete your image in the future. Don’t think that a dress you like doesn’t look good on you because it is too gorgeous. Instead, try to think about what makeup will look great with it.

#6. Time
Wedding shopping must be a pleasant occupation and bring you joy. Devote it a weekend, for instance. Just don’t try on a wedding dress when you are sleepy yet or already exhausted.

#7. Mirrors
Has it ever happened that you’ve bought some clothing, because it looked great on you in a dressing room, but then came home and realized it wasn’t so? Here’s the trick: mirrors in dressing rooms are a marketing stunt. Together with appropriate lightning, they have a function to sell everything. That’s why take a picture of yourself and look at a dress from another angle.

#8. Company
Don’t go alone. You will surely have some doubts and need a friendly advice. But at the same time don’t do everything you are told – it is okay to rely on your own taste and preferences.

#9. Accessories
The last but not least. Shoes, jewellery, a purse – that’s how complete kit looks. After you find “that one dress”, don’t forget to find an appropriate company for it.

#10. Comfort
After all, you look better when you feel comfortable. Who said that beautiful things cannot be comfortable?

Where to buy wedding dresses
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