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Jul 14, 2016


Airtel has silently launched another Night plan after discontinuing the former night plan which gives N100 for 1hour, N200 for 2hours. They have discontinued the Night plan due to reasons known to them. And now they have launched another exciting night plan which is not timely based as the 1hr or 2hrs plan.

This new Airtel night plan is cheaper than the former night plan. With just N25, you get 500mb and with only N200, you get 1.5GB. This data can only be used on 12am in the midnight to 5am in the morning. Airtel network is fast in almost all locations and this night doesn't need any kind of tweaking or using any VPN app before it will work.

You must migrate to Airtel SmartTribe Tariff Plan before your SIM will be eligible for the night plan. Although, SmartTribe Tariff plan offers a flat call rate of 11k/s calls charges for all national networks (N6.60K/min). Which is absolutely cheap. 

How Can I Migrate To Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff Plan?

Simply dial *312# then reply with 1

How To Subscribe To Airtel N200 For 1. 5GB And N25 For 500MB Night Plan

Kindly Dial *312*3#*
Dial *312# - Then reply with 3 for 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N200 [Night Plan 12am - 6am]

That's all. This night plan is cool and i think it's ok when compared to MTN night plan.
This new Airtel night data plan probably doesn't have Auto renew feature.  Anyway i will update this post if it has auto renew feature. 

Jun 27, 2019


Airtel Night plan has been one of the best night plans out there, followed by MTN night plan of 500MB for N50. Airtel has revisited their night plan, and in this post, i will reveal all Airtel night plans, price and code to subscribe to them.

With Airtel night plan, you will be able to get 250MB for N25, and guess what? You can re-subscribe again when you exhaust the data. Isn't that cool? Though MTN now allows two subscriptions per night.

Airtel night plan can only be activated on Airtel SmartTRYBE package. Airtel SmartTRYBE doesn't offer night plans alone, you can as well subscribe to Airtel 1GB for N500 which is valid for 7 days.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTRYBE Tariff Plan

Like i said earlier, Airtel night plan only works on SmartTRYBE tariff plan. You can migrate by dialing *312#.

How To Subscribe to Airtel Night 250MB for N25 and 1GB for N500

  • Simply dial *312#
  • For 1GB which cost N500, reply with 2 - valid for 7 days (All day) 
  • For Night plan - 250MB which cost N25, reply with 3 - Night plans are usable from 12am - 5am

One thing i love about this night plan is the fact that users can subscribe again when they exhaust their night plan, which is really cool unlike MTN night plan.

What do you think?

Feb 28, 2017


Seems Etisalat is back to their senses. Long before now, we use to buy Etisalat Night plan of 1GB for N200, or the Night and weekend plan of 2GB for N1000 and 5GB for N2000; while other networks like Airtel and MTN offers same 500MB for just N25 night plan.

If we talk about the networks with so much speed, Etisalat is definitely one of the networks in Nigeria. Etisalat has realised that people are not subscribing to their night plan, compared to the traffic MTN night plan has, and its speed and it's also very cheap and affordable. Hence decided to launch their own night plan.

The new Etisalat night plan cost N50 for 250MB and is available for Easycliq tariff plan. The night plan works on all smartphones, PC, Tablets and also any device that can access the internet. It's only usable between 12:00AM to 5:00AM.

How Can I Activate Etisalat 250MB For N50 Night Plan?

1. Migrate to Easycliq tariff plan by dialing *244*1# (if you are not yet on Easy Cliq tariff plan)

2. Make sure you have minimum airtime balance of N50

3. Dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for N50 (Usable between 12:00am- 5:00am)

It doesn't require any VPN before it can work and power all apps. But wait a minute; Why can't they make it 500MB or even 1GB? These people can be stingy eh! 250MB is just too small for me.

Anyway, what's your say on this?
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Aug 7, 2016


Atlast, Etisalat has launched their own Night plan which is usable from 12AM to 5AM. The data allocated to the night plan is 1GB which goes for N200. Etisalat Network coverage is almost everywhere and if you have any important file or app to download, you can go for this plan.

This is an official plan from Etisalat and its usable on all internet enabled devices. You can use the data to stream videos, download and browse without speed throttling.

But come to think of it. Why will Etisalat give just 1GB for N200 night plan when Airtel night plan goes for 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50. And their network data coverage is almost everywhere. See how cheap Airtel night plan is and you can equally re-sub if you exhaust the data.

Though Glo also launched their own Weekend/Night plan which is 3GB for N500. The plan is usable on weekends; i.e Saturday to Sunday night. You can read more about it here.


To Subscribe for etisalat night plan, make sure you have up to N200 in your etisalat SIM, then dial *229*3*11# and you will receive a welcome message.

That's all. Let's hear what you have to say about this plan and don't forget to share this post using the share buttons below. 

Jun 11, 2018


Airtel NG has just unveiled some set of new Youtube plans for all subscribers. We all know Airtel with their sim eligibility issue, but this offer is for all subscribers, be it old or new sims.

Airtel Youtube plan comes in different plans. It gives you access to browse every site and as well stream Youtube videos. This should be one of the best Airtel data plan as it gives you access to stream Youtube videos from the hours of 1AM - 5AM and access to browse your favorite sites.

What i am trying to say is that, you will get a normal Android plan to browse and download on any site all day, as well as free Youtube data separately, to stream videos between 1am to 5am.

In this post, i will list out all Airtel Youtube plans, code to subscribe, price and validity period. Like i said earlier, Airtel Youtube plan comes in different packages, starting from Youtube weekly, Youtube monthly, Airtel Youtube night pack, and Youtube Plus Pack.

All Airtel Youtube Plans, Subscription Code, Price and Validity Period


This plans gives you Non-Stop YouTube Videos All Day All Night


The plan offers a data allowance of 300MB at the cost of N300 which is valid for 7 days. You can subscribe for the YouTube weekly plan by dialing *323*12#.


This plan offers a data allowance of 600MB at N400 which is valid for 30 days. You can subscribe by dialing *323*11#.


This plan consist of two different plans, which are the YOUTUBE NIGHT WEEKLY and YOUTUBE NIGHT MONTHLY, both plans offers Non-Stop YouTube Videos All Night (1AM - 5AM)


The plan gives you 300MB at the rate of  N150 valid for 7 days to be used from (1AM - 5AM). You can subscribe by dialing *323*22#.


This plan offers 600MB at N200 valid for 30 days to be used from (1AM - 5AM). You can subscribe by dialing *323*21#.


This plan gives you data which can be used to browse and download from any site and you also get a free data access to YouTube Videos at night to be used from (1AM - 5AM). The plan consist of five different plans which are YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0, YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0, YOUTUBE PLUS 3.0, YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0 and YOUTUBE PLUS 5.0.

* YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0 plan

This plan offers 1.5GB for N1000 + Free Night YouTube Streaming valid for 30 days.You can subscribe by dialing *323*31#

* YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0 plan

This plan offers 3.5GB for N2000 + Free Night YouTube Streaming valid for 30 days. You can subscribe by dialing *323*32#

* YOUTUBE PLUS 3.0 plan

This plan offers 5GB for N2500  + Free Night YouTube Streaming valid for 30 days. You can subscribe by dialing *323*33#

* YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0 plan

This plan offers 7GB for N3500 + Free Night YouTube Streaming valid for 30 days.You can subscribe by dialing *323*34#

* YOUTUBE PLUS 5.0 plan

This plan offers 9GB for N4000 + Free Night YouTube Streaming valid for 30 days. You can subscribe by dialing *323*35#

How To Check Airtel Youtube Data Balance

To check your YouTube data balance dial *140#.

How do you see this one? Cool or not? Please leave a comment below and don't forget to share this post with your friends.

Jan 4, 2017


I will be compiling MTN latest data plans for the year 2018. This article will help you make your decisions and also introduce you to new MTN data plans that you don't know as at now. Below is the complete MTN data plans, codes to subscribe for it and their respective expiring date. Kindly follow me along.


(1.) MTN Daily Plans/Bundles
This daily data plans comes in handy when you are doing an important thing online or when you have something to do on the internet but suddenly run out of data. It helps you finish up your work at low cost pending the time you subscribe for a bigger plan.

MTN 30MB For ₦100
This plan used to be just 10MB for N100 but now you can get 30MB with the same price which is 3 times better than what you used to get some years back. The plan valid for just one day (24 hours) and can be used on any device.
To subscribe for it dial *104# or simply via sms by texting 104 to 131.

MTN 100MB For ₦200
I bet you many MTN subscribers are unaware of this plan. Although it valids for just 24 hours but it will be useful one day when you really needs to do something more important. with just N200, you get as much as 200MB.
To subscribe for this plan dial *113#
Or via SMS by texting 113 to 131

For the weekly data plan on MTN, we don't have many options or alternatives except the popular 750MB for N500 plan which is valid for 7 days from the day you activated it.

MTN 750MB for ₦500
Although it seems somehow costly but when you consider previous prices for data plans, my dear you will grab it with smiles. But don't decide yet as i have so many other data plans on this article which I advice you to read through before choosing your preferred plan.
To subscribe for MTN 750MB for N500 data plan dial *103#
You can also activate it via SMS by texting 103 to 131

Yes the baba of all data plans, Monthly plans are the most subscribed of all as they are cost effective and offers more volume of data to do just anything you wish to do on the internet. Kindly follow me along as I introduce this plans, their prices and activation codes to you.

MTN 1.5GB for ₦1,000
This plan started last year with 1.3gb for N1000 but MTN later decided to increase it (After Glo increased the volume of their plans) and now you and me can enjoy 1.5GB worth of data for just 1000 Naira.
To subscribe for it dial *106#
Or via SMS by texting 106 to 131

MTN 3.5GB for ₦2,000
Meanwhile, if you fall in the category of people that use a lot of data like me, I believe 1.5GB won't be enough for a whole one month so you should consider other plans with bigger data volumes like the 3.5GB for N2000 naira plan.
To subscribe to this plan dial *110#
Or via SMS by texting 110 to 131

MTN 10GB for ₦5,000
Still on the matter, people like me that exhausts many gigabytes of data each month go for this plan. This is why I said initially that MTN have data plans for virtually all categories of people and internet users.
Particularly useful to internet power users, the 10GB MTN data plan gives you unparalleled access to the cyberspace for a full month at 5000 Naira. this plan is suitable for bloggers, internet marketers, freelancers, and similar categories of people.
To activate this plan dial *116#
Or via SMS by texting 116 to 131

MTN 22GB for 10,000
Like seriously? don't be scared, this plan is mainly suited for business owners, cyber cafe operators and the likes. It's not for personal use. Or are you willing to pay N10k for a month data plan?
To activate this plan dial *117#
Or via SMS by texting 117 to 131.

You can alternatively subscribe to any of the above data plans by simply dialing *131# and following the prompts on the screen

Do you know that you can get double of any data you buy from MTN? I have posted this trick long before now. Incase you missed it, kindly see Here.


To get 500MB with just 25 Naira on MTN is made possible via the MTN Night Data Plan offer which is available for MTN Pulse subscribers. In other words, before you can enjoy this plan, you need to migrate to MTN PULSE.

You can migrate to MTN Pulse by dialing *406# on your MTN line and you are all set.
Note that the night data will be usaed between the hours of 12:00am and 4:00am and is valid for only one night.

Can I subscribe again the same night after exhausting my 500mb? No! once it's used up, that's it for the night. you have to wait for the next night.

To activate MTN Night plan, you must have at least 25 Naira balance on your MTN pulse line and text Night to 131. See more here.

MTN WOW Weekend Plan
This package is for selected MTN subscribers. In other words, not available for all customers but if you are eligible, you should receive an SMS like below:
"Special offer! Buy 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB FREE data. Dial *131*110# to activate. Dial *131*4# to view data bonus. Bonus Valid till Sunday 11:59pm."

To activate it, just dial *131*110#

Whatsapp is now part of us. I believe majority of people reading this right now can't go a whole day without using Whatsapp. Some even prefer Whatsapp data to other data plans that allows them browse the internet. This plan allows you subscribe for the weekly plan or monthly plan which costs #25 and N60 Naira respectively..

How To Activate Weekly Whatsapp Plan
To subscribe for the MTN Whatsapp weekly plan,
=> Make sure you have at least N30 credit on your line
=> Simply text WAW to 131 and you will receive a welcome message for the bundle. It valid for 7 days.

How To Subscribe Monthly Whatsapp Plan
To subscribe for the MTN Whatsapp monthly plan,
=> Make sure you have at least N70 credit on your mtn line
=> Then send WAM to 131 and it valid for 30 days

To check your bundle plan expiry date, simply dial *559*25# and if you want to opt out or unsubscribe from the plan at any time, simply text NO WAW to 131 (for weekly) and NO WAM to 131 (for monthly).

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Aug 6, 2017


I really love 9mobile because of its reliability and download speed, and this makes the network to stand out amongst other network providers in Nigeria. Due to this fact, they have the most expensive data plans compared to other networks. Though i see this as a ploy to keep the reliability of the network and the download speed.

Ever since they changed the company's name from Etisalat to 9mobile, there have been lots of changes, design, customizations, new offers and revisited data plans. Just like Airtel has a night data plan, 9Mobile Nigeria has also introduced 3 new low cost evening and night data plans.

In this post, I'll list out the latest 9mobile data plans including daily, weekly, weekend, evening and night data plans. You can make your choice below. I'm sure you will like it.

9mobile Nigeria Night Data Plans

For N1,000, you can get 2GB of data to browse the web and download from 7PM to 6.59AM weekdays for 30 days.

How to subscribe
Simply dial *229*3*12# to subscribe. This plan also works 24 hrs on weekends.

For N2,000, you can get 5GB of data to browse the internet and download from 7PM to 6.59AM weekdays for 30 days.

How to subscribe
Simply dial *229*3*13# to subscribe. This plan also works 24 hrs on weekends and includes 100MB extra data which allows you access Whatsapp 24hrs a day (weekdays and weekends). Interesting huh? Oh yeah!

For N200, you can get 1GB of data to browse the internet and download from 12AM to 5AM.

How to subscribe & Validity
>> Simply dial *229*3*11# to subscribe.
>> This plan is valid for just one day.

One thing about this night plan is that, you can re-subscribe again if you exhausted your initial data.

How to Check your Night Plan Data Balance

Unfortunately there's no official USSD code to check your data balance for this plan. The popular *228# keeps saying you have 0MB even if you have an active night data plan subscription.

Finally on the N200 night data plan, DO NOT make the mistake of subscribing before 12AM as you will not be credited. Subscribe within the hours of 12AM to 5AM only. I don't want you guys to make the same mistakes others make, because they lost their money and wasn't credited with the data. 

Below are the Official List of 9mobile Data Plans, Prices and Activation code

9Mobile Nigeria Data Plans
Plansprice(N)USSD codesSMS to 229validity
1GB night only plan (12am -5am)200*229*3*11#1 day
2GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of weekend1,000*229*3*12#30 days
5GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of weekend2,000*229*3*13#
100MB whatsapp (24/7)
30 days
1GB1,000*229*2*7#30 days
1.5GB1,200*229*2*25#AND1130 days
2.5GB2,000*229*2*8#AND230 days
4GB3,000*229*2*35#30 days
5.5GB4,000*229*2*36#30 days
11.5GB8,000*229*2*5#MB630 days
15GB10,000*229*4*1#SM130 days
27.5GB18,000*229*4*3#SM330 days
Please note: these data plans are valid for 30 days. auto-renewal & data rollover apply. bundles not applicable while roaming.
Daily 10MB50*229*3*8#MI324 hours
Daily 40MB100*229*3*1#MI124 hours
150MB200*229*2*10#LCD7 days
500MB500*229*2*12#LCD230 days
quaterly plan (30GB)27,500*229*5*1#4M90 days
bi-annual plan (60GB)55,000*229*5*2#6M120 days
100GB Plan84,992*229*4*5#SM530 days
annual plan (120GB)110,000*229*5*3#12M365 days
1GB (weekend plan)500*5995*2#friday 11:59pm - sunday 11:59pm
Please note: auto-renewal applies. to stop auto-renewal, dial *229*0#. rollover applies when you purchase same bundle (daily, monthly, quarterly. bi-annual and annual).


For sms, simply text STOP to 229 or via USSD code by dialing *229*0#.

That's all guys. Hope you find the best data plan suitable for you? Kindly commemt and Share.

Aug 20, 2016


Recently, Etisalat launched a Night data plan of which is usable from 12AM to 5AM. Etisalat offers 1GB for N200 which some people says its not cheap when compared to what other telcos in the game offers.

Etisalat has launched yet another plan which gives you 2GB of data for N1000 and 5GB for N2000. These plans are usable on weekend and night also packs unlimited whatsapp data.

Allow me paraphrase more on this plan. These data plans is usable from 7PM(evening) and valid till 6:59AM(the following morning) and also unlimited all day Whatsapp data. Now that Etisalat has unveiled Evening data plans, we hope to see what amendments other telcos will launch.

As we all know that Etisalat has a good coverage in almost all locations you might find yourself but the kind of price Etisalat do place on their data gat many customers to switch to cheap data telcos as Airtel night plan goes for 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50. And their network data coverage is almost everywhere. See how cheap Airtel night plan is and you can equally re-sub if you exhaust the data that same night. Isn't that interesting?

Remember Glo is also offering Weekend and Night plan which goes for 3GB for N500. You can get more info about the plan Here.

This is one of the newly introduced "evening data plans" from Etisalat that offers 2GB worth of data at N1000. The browsing time starts from 7PM to 6:59AM every day and the whole day on weekends (Saturday and Sundays).

To subscribe for this plan, dial *229*3*12# and it valid for 30 days which is one month.

Another brand new night data plan from Etisalat is the N2000 for 5GB bundle which offers customers the flexibility of data usage as you can enjoy evening, all night and weekend browsing including free 100MB usable for chatting on WhatsApp for one month period.
The night plan starts from 7PM till 6:59AM the next day and at all day browsing every weekend for complete one month.

To subscribe, dial *229*3*13#.

That's all. What do you have to say about this plan? Can you go for it? Let's hear you via the comment box below. 

Dec 13, 2015


Still in the happiness of the MTN 3gb weekend plan, Airtel presented a night plan for it clients which is focused at substantial downloaders who have a great deal of large files to download life fifa 16 games, PES games, windows 10, season films and movies, etc.

Envision yourself downloading 10gb file with just N500 or even less. That is amazing right? Okay, the night plan is additionally implied for individuals that can be alert as at 12am till 5am in light of the fact that it is much the same as the free midnight call only that browsing in the midnight is much speedier than amid the day.

In any case, one downside that will make individuals mull over this airtel data subscription is that Airtel system is super disappointing in numerous ranges subsequently making it pointless to a few individuals in a specific zone with low network. In this way, I think you ought to consider the network availability in your area and particularly 4g, and 3g Network before subscribing in light of the fact that on the off chance that you do it in a spot with no extraordinary network signal, you will think twice about it as the plan is hourly construct depending in light of the one you subscribed to.

You might also like this: Mtn 3GB Weekend Plan For Just N300 naira


This Airtel night plan can be utilized on any cell phone. Be it Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 gadgets, windows telephone and PC. So you can see that we are continuously entering the period of shabby data subscription which we didn't have at first. Regardless of the fact that you can't change with the expectation of complimentary browsing, you can browse any shabby data subscription accessible like MTN 3GB weekend plan for N300 naira

Step By Step Procedures To Subcribe For The Airtel Unlimited NIGHT Plan

To subscribe for Airtel boundless night plan, use beneath codes...

For 1hour plan, dial *481*1# costs N100 naira

For 3hours plan, dial *481*2# costs N300 naira

For 6hours plan, dial *481*3# costs N500 naira

You can see these plans are most appropriate to a spot with bursting quick network so you can make greatest utilization of great importance allotted to the specific one you subscribed to.

Hope you'll enjoy this?

Feb 28, 2017


I'm sure there are a quite number of people who are expecting Glo to launch their own official night plan. Well, the network has finally launched their own night plan bundle.

Long before now, Glo only had weekend & night bundle plan, which is capped 3GB for just N500. Well, this will come quite handy for some peeps with good Glo network coverage. As we all know that Glo is naturally slow in almost all locations in Nigeria.

If you have a good Glo network coverage in your location, then you will enjoy this night plan, as it's cheap and it's a value for money offer. Apparently, with N200, you can get 1GB of data.


==> Recharge N200 on your Glo line

==> Dial *127*60# to activate the plan.

The data is usable from 12:00 A.M to 4:00 AM.

You can use the night plan on your PC, Tablets, Android, iOS and any other device that can access the internet. It doesn't require any VPN before it can work and power all Apps.

This is quite cheap, compared to Etisalat 250MB for N50 night plan.

What's your say on this new Glo night plan?

Mar 18, 2017


Let us observe a one-minute silence as Airtel discontinued our pocket-saving weekend data plan. This particular weekend data plan of 1GB for N100 was one of its kind, as you can accumulate the data upon exhausting the current data. If you were eligible for the Airtel weekend plan, you'll agree with me that it's a pocket-saving data plan.

Before now, we all know how Airtel zaps data, but this weekend plan doesn't zaps data, as it runs on normal rate. Though, not everyone was eligible for the plan, as it is selective.

On subscribing for this plan with the code *474*1#, I got an unsuccessful message that the plan has been discontinued.

This weekend plan was introduced in November 2015 and now, it's gone in March 2017. I still don't know what came over Airtel for making them to discontinue our pocket-saving data plan.

It is definitely a bad news for some Airtel users most especially those who wait till weekend to download or stream one thing or the other.

Now That Airtel Weekend Plan Has Stopped, What's Next?

Below are alternatives which you can choose from:

I hope you find this post useful. Kindly comment and Share.

Jul 26, 2019


Airtel Night plan is one of the best night bundle out there, which is more preferable by users because of the fact that you can re-subscribe again when you exhaust your night data.

Before now, there was no limit to how many times you can re-subscribe again. Meaning you can subscribe for the N25 plan for up to 6 times, making it 1.5GB for N150 in just one night, which is really cool unlike MTN night plan.

But it seems those days are over, as Airtel has silently limited the number of times you can renew your night data plan.

Below is the message I got when I tried subscribing for the third time.

As it is now, you can only renew your Airtel night plan twice in a night. This is not a good one if you ask me.

How To Subscribe to Airtel Night 250MB for N25 and 1GB for N500

Airtel night plan only works on SmartTRYBE tariff plan. To activate this plan, please go here.

What do you have to say about this? Please leave a comment below.

Sep 13, 2016


I don't know why Airtel is doing this. Is it because they now have massive users who use this plan at night? I think that's one of the reasons. Imagine, Airtel has discontinued the renewal of their night plan of 500MB for N25.

This particular night plan has been saving so many youths of today, most especially the students who have heavy files to download cos of it ability to renew the data after which you have exhausted the data allocated for the plan. It's so sad though.

After Airtel increased the price of 1.5gb night plan from N50 to N200, they are here adding to the problem on ground.

Now, the koko of the matter is that, you won't be able to use more than 500mb per night so you won't download stuffs that are larger than 500mb unlike before when you can subscribe and renew the plan immediately you exhaust the allocated 500mb.

A follower of this blog Entclass.com also contacted me last week concerning this update from Airtel, he also added that; if you try renewing the night plan, you will receive a message that reads;
Dear customer, you are already active on this data plan.

I'm not happy about this, i just feel like frowning my face for a whole day.

What do you guys have to say about this? Will you still go for this plan or port to the one of N200 for 1.5GB data? Let's hear you via the comment box below. 

Sep 9, 2016


Airtel has increased the price of 1.5GB for N50 Night data plan to N200 for same data. Since the launch of this night plan about two months ago, i can tell you that many people migrated to Airtel because of this particular offer as it is one of the cheapest night plan amongst others.

Formally, the night plan was N50 for 1.5GB data, but now, Airtel has updated the price to N200. Am concluding that the reason for this increment was because there are massive users using this particular plan of N50 for 1.5GB. Though the N25 for 500MB is still unchanged by Airtel.

Now, any future subscription of the night plan will be charged N200 for 1.5GB. The N25 for 500MB is still the same. Remember, Etisalat also offers night plan which is 1GB for N200 and also MTN N25 for 500MB.

What do you have to say about this? Will you still go for this plan? Let's hear you via the comment box below. 

May 11, 2016


Mtn is trying everything possible to bring back their lost subscribers after loosing millions of subscribers. Recently Mtn launched StartPack tariff plan which gives new subscribers 6x bonus on every recharge till 6months. And now they're here with exciting offer of 500mb for N25 (Night plan, from 12am to 4am). The data capped for it is not really much though but it is ok for that amount. Each activation will give you 500mb for N25 and can only be used at night.

According to MTN, this new Night data plan, costs only N25 and it is valid from 12am midnight to 4 am each night. Meanwhile, the plan is capped at 500MB per activation. But considering it is just N25 credit, it is a bargain. It is not a plan that will be used or activated often but only when the need arises. It is very cheap for that data allocated to it.


Your MTN line must be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan, but if you are not sure of the plan you are already on, simply dial *123# to confirm which plan you are on or just dial *406# to migrate to MTN Pulse plan.

Make sure you have at least N30 airtime in your balance

Send Night to 131 via text message

You will receive an activation message that goes like this;
"Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account. Enjoy!"

Now you are all set to browse and download from 12am, to 4am in the night with the 500MB.

On reading this, do you think Mtn is trying to regain their lost subscribers? Though its gonna be useful to us too.
What do you have to say about this? 

Dec 2, 2016


I'm happy to announce to you guys that the popular MTN Night plan of N25 for 500MB that was unavailable for days has now started working fine.

This update was confirmed last night. The people who tried to subscribe to this plan last night were happy because it worked. I know many MTN subscribers wasn't happy when the night plan stopped working few days back. Anyway, the uplifting news now is that, the night plan has started working fine. You can now browse, download, stream and chat for as low as N25 for 500MB at night.


The activation method hasn't changed, the same method you use previously, is also the same method used for the activation. On the offchance you don't know the activation code, kindly migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff by dialing *406#. After that, sms NIGHT to 131 to activate MTN N25 for 500mb night data plan.

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Jan 4, 2017


As we all know that Glo is the grandmaster of data. They offer a very cheap and affordable data plans for all categories of people. Without Glo, you don't have to empty your bank account because of data.

I have compiled Glo latest data bundles and how to subscribe to them. These data plans are usable on any internet enabled devices like Android, iOS, Windows phone, PC, iPad etc. Follow me along.


30MB for N50 Plan

While MTN gives you 30MB with N100, Glo said you deserve more by offering 50MB for just N100.
To subscribe for this plan dial *127*14#
OR Text 14 to 127

100MB for N100 Plan

How time flies. Few years ago, we used to get 100mb with N1000 but now it's all history. This is because Globacom offers you 100MB for just N100.
To subscribe for this plan dial *127*51#
OR, Text 51 to 127

200MB for N200 Plan

While the previous plans mentioned above valid for one day, this one stretches up to 3 days.
To opt in for this plan dial *127*56#
Or Text 56 to 127

Glo Weekly Plans

1.6GB for N500 Plan
With just N500 naira, you get 1.6GB of data while both MTN and Airtel gives just 750mb at the same price. The plan is actually valid for 10 days which is even more than one week as stated. It is undoubtedly the best and cheapest weekly plan as of now.
To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*57#
OR, Text 57 to 127

Glo Monthly Data Bundles
Oh yea... I know you have been waiting for this one. Monthly plans are the most popular plans used by so many people and Glo offers the cheapest monthly data plans as at the time of this review. Below are the different monthly bundles from Globacom.

3.2GB for N1,000 Plan
When Glo introduced this plan, i thought it was a mistake from their server but to my greatest surprise, it was actually real. This plan beats all other monthly plans as other networks offers 1.5GB with N1000 while with Glo, you get 3.2GB for N1000. (1.7GB higher than what you’ll get elsewhere). It lasts you for one month. Isn't it awesome?
To subscribe for this data bundle dial *127*53#
OR, Text 53 to 127

7.5 GB for N2,000 Plan
Here we go again. How about getting 7.5GB with 2k? Don't you think it's a good value for money if you are like me that uses lots of data.
To subscribe for this plan dial *777# and follow the prompts


6GB for #2000 Plan
Dial *127*55#
Text “55” to 127

10GB for #2,500 Plan
Dial *127*58#
Text “58” to 127

12GB for #3,000 Plan
Dial *127*54#
Text “54” to 127

18GB for ₦4,000
Dial *127*59#
Text “59” to 127.

24GB for #5,000 Plan 
Dial *127*2# 

48GB for #8,000 Plan
Dial *127*1#

60GB for #15,000 Plan
Dial *127*12#

90GB for #18,000 Plan 
Dial *127*13# --- All valid for 30 days.

Night and Weekend Plans

1GB for N200
Those of you that prefer browsing at night for one reason or the other, Glo is behind you and with just 200 Naira, you get 1GB to browse from 12AM till 5AM in the night. Some people usually use night plans whenever they have videos to watch online or download stuffs. Remember browsing in the night is always faster than during the day.
To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*60#
OR, Text 60 to 127

Unfortunately, Glo doesn't have any whatsapp plan as at the time of writing this post.

To check your Glo Data Balance, dial *127*0#, or text INFO to 127.


I noticed some BB10 users are unable to browse with their Glo data bundles after activation. Here is the simple trick to fix it.

Go to settings and change the APN (Access point Name) of your BB10 device from “blackberry.net” or whatever that was there to glosecure.

Meanwhile, one problem that almost all Glo subscribers face is the poor 3G network issue. There are some places you will go where Glo 3G is so strong.

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Jun 3, 2019


Recall back in August 2018, MTN reduced their Pulse Night plan which goes for 125MB for N25, 250MB for N50. This came as a bad news to all night crawlers, and now, MTN has increased it back to how it was before the change.

Seems they are already loosing their subscribers to other networks whilst the change. Though there's no official statement from MTN regarding this new update, that's why Entclassblog.com is here to give you the latest updates even before it's made official.

Now, we can enjoy our MTN Pulse night plan like we were doing before. We can now get 250MB for N25 as well as 500MB for N50. This is really a good one if you ask me.

How To Subscribe To MTN Night Plan

First of all, you have to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan (not mPulse tariff) - dial *406*1#. You might be charged a fee of N100.

To subscribe to MTN Pulse night data plans, kindly dial *406#, then reply with 4. The night plans are usable from 12AM to 5AM.

Note: You can now subscribe two times in a night. This is really a good one it you ask me.

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Jan 2, 2016


One of the most useful thing about android is for the fact that you can connect to the internet and browse without you thinking about your data balance. It will do you good to know the best data plan for your device.
Let me begin with the cheapest data plans that works on all device/phone.

Etisalat 1GB For N1,000

This plan works on all device and PC without any hard configuration. To subscribe for this plan, Kindly dial *929*9#. The good thing about the plan is that it charges at the normal rate.
And those of us that is not new to psiphon, you can as well work with this magic IP below with your etisalat sim.
Magic (IP) & PORT    8086      8080       3128   8086
Go to your Psiphon under Proxy Server, and use
instagram.com or mobile.etisalat.com.ng%2F%[email protected]
Every other setting still remain the same. To power all your apps, you need to get auto proxy or proxy droid.

Read Also: Etisalat Socialme Pack Plan Working On Psiphon Handler

Airtel NG

Well, those of us who are not into downloading but just wanted something handy that doesn’t zap, I’ll recommend Airtel 1GB for N1,000. It doesn’t zap like the rest abnormal plan.
To subscribe for this plan, dial *141*1*3#


Those of you who are using MTN, of cos BBLited still works perfectly well with Simple Server and Psiphon.


This has been my favorite network of all times but they’ve added lots of changes to their plan. If you don’t know, you can now get…


Meaning with just N1000, you can get 1.5gb of data to last you for 30 days. Note that this plan will work on all device excluding the old abandoned blackberry phones.
But there is something more interesting called Data buster. Glo data booster add volume to your current data plan. For example, with N500, you can get 1GB monthly plan added to your existing plan.
Dial *777*1*1*6# for more info

Glo 12GB for N3,500 

If you are getting this plan directly from Glo, it goes for N5,000

Best Weekend And Night Plan

This is meant for those who have something big to download or movie streamers. Its not advisable you use your normal data in downloading but this one is more profitable.
Mtn initially introduced N300 for 3GB weekend data plan but something led them to cancel it. However, there are more alternative to it.
Glo N200 For 1GB
This plan is for night crawlers and it last you for just 1 day from 12am -5am
Glo N500 for 3GB
This plan is purely meant for weekend browsing from Sat – Sunday + 7nights from 12am – 5am. If you have something big to download go for this plan and you are good to go.
To subscribe for any of the above packages, simply dial *777# follow the prompt
Airtel N100 for 1GB
This is one of the best plan Airtel introduced last year and its been rocking like fire for some people. It doesn’t consume MB at all. This is how normal MB is suppose to run during weekend.
To subscribe for this plan dial *474*1# and 1GB will be given to you usable during weekends alone.

May 20, 2016


If you have been following me on this blog Entclass.com from the beginning of this week, you will notice am updating mostly on new data plans released by Mtn, Airtel and Etisalat. Now i am bringing all of them here.
Below are Airtel newly revised data plans.

Get 5GB for N2.500 - dial *437*1#
7GB for N3,500 - dial *438#
3.5GB for N2000 - dial *437#
1.5GB for N1000 - dial *496#
750MB for N500 - dial *418# Valid for 14Days.
And 12GB for N5000

Below Are Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

It's no more news that Airtel has increased the subscription price of their night plans, but don't worry, its now ok but on a new plans now.

Airtel’s Unlimited Night Plan will give you unlimited browsing, streaming and downloads between the given hours. I can say its far better than what other network providers offers from 12am – 4am.

How To Get The Airtel Unlimited Night Data Plan?

  • N100 Unlimited browsing for 1 hour between 11pm and 6am
  • N200 Unlimited browsing for 2 hours between 11pm and 6am

How to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited Night data plan?

  1. Migrate to the Airtel SmartTRYBE by dialing *312# 
  2. Dial *312*3# to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

Thats all for now about Airtel

Recently MTN introduced 1GB for N500 but on deal zone package for pulse users. You will get 1GB of data with just N500. Kindly dial *406*2#. It's valid for 15days. 
That's all i can say about MTN.

Etisalat recently revealed new data plans which is now available for purchase. They just revised the former data and now these are the new data plans and price. Though i posted it on this blog Entclass.com - you can check here

  1. 6.5GB for N3,500 (formerly  4.5GB). Dial *229*2*9#
  2. 16GB for N8000 (formerly 8GB). Dial *229*2*5#
  3. 22GB for N10,000 (formerly 10GB). Dial *229*2*1#
  4. For N18,000 monthly, you now get 42GB (formerly 20GB). Dial *229*2*3# 
That's all about Etisalat. 

I still don't know what Glo is waiting for. Anyway, there you have it.

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