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Jul 11, 2019


Ever since the launch of Borrow Airtime service, our Telecoms has been making hell lots of money from the little percent service charge. Initially, it all started with a service charge of 10%. But now, it has been raised to 15% service charge.

This has made some users to lose interest on borrowing airtime from the network. However, there is a simple code to bypass service charges on Airtel network when you borrow airtime. Interesting right?

Recently, I shared a simple trick on how to flash any number without having airtime on your Airtel Sim. But today, we will be focusing on how to borrow airtime on Airtel without paying for service charges.

How To Borrow Airtime On Airtel Without Paying Service Charge

  1. Make sure your Airtel sim is eligible for borrowing airtime. To be eligible for Airtel extra credit, you have to have been an Airtel subscriber for at least 2 months and use an average of N200 monthly.
  2. Then dial *500*0# and choose the amount of airtime you want to borrow.
  3. If you are eligible, you will be credited without service charge being deducted. 
  4. If you're not eligible for Airtel extra credit, you'll see a response like "Dear customer, you do not qualify for Extra credit. Please keep your Airtel line active".

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Jul 7, 2019


Are you kind of broke and you want to make an important call, but due to low airtime balance, you couldn't reach the person. Even when you tried borrowing airtime, you found out that you weren't eligible to borrow, I have a simple trick for you.

Currently, this trick only works on Airtel sims. With this trick, you can flash any network in Nigeria without having airtime or credit on your Airtel line. Interesting right? Ofcourse it is.

Although, this is not a new trick. I just decided to share it with those who ain't aware yet. Without much sayings, let's get down to the main topic.

How To Flash Any Number Without Airtime Using Your Airtel Sim

> Go to your phone dialer app

> Type the number there

> Then add ** at the beginning of the number. E.g; **08012345678.

> Lastly, call the number. It will quickly disconnect, and then ring once at the receiver's end.

> Note that your airtime won't be touched even if you have some in your balance.

That's All, You have flashed the number without having any credit on your phone.


You can repeat it to keep flashing the person. You can also use the above steps to flash another network number fron your Airtel line.

This trick currently works with Airtel sims only and it doesn't have limit. You can do it as many times as you like.

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Jul 6, 2019


9mobile has just introduced a new package to add to their prepaid plans. The new package is known as MoreFlex, formerly known as EasyFlex. This package is for those who love to have bundled voice, SMS and PAYG services. You get up to 300% bonuses on any moreFlex bundle you buy.

With 9mobile MoreFlex, you enjoy more value for making calls, sending SMS to all networks and as well browsing Pay as You Go. 9mobile MoreFlex is very easy to activate, just by recharging your line.

There are different bundles available for you to activate, which are MoreFlex 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and more. You also get an extra 20% bonus when you buy a higher moreflex bundle within the same validity period.

Benefits Of 9mobile MoreFlex

  • Enjoy unbeatable voice, data and SMS offers on any of the moreflex bundles.
  • Flexible & variety of bundles to choose from. And also
  • Enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 10 countries when you recharge ₦5,000 & above within a month.

9Mobile Moreflex Tariff Bundles and Activation Codes

Moreflex 500
  • ₦1,500
  • ₦500 bundle cost
  • *344*500# activation code
  • 7 days validity

Moreflex 1000
  • ₦3,000
  • ₦1,000 bundle cost
  • *344*1000# activation code
  • 14 days validity

Moreflex 2000
  • ₦5,000
  • ₦2,000 bundle cost
  • *344*2000# activation code
  • 30 days validity

To activate even more bigger packages, then dial the below codes;

> Dial *344*5000# for the ₦5000 package (Extra bonus of ₦12,500).

> Dial *344*10000# for the ₦10000 package (Extra bonus of ₦32,500).

> Dial *344*20000# for the ₦20000 package (Extra bonus of ₦62,500) - All the packages have a validity of 30 Days.

How To Subscribe To 9Mobile More flex Package

Recharge your line with the required amount for your preferred package and dial *344*amount# for you to opt in a bundle.

And dial *344*0# to opt out from the bundle.
Meanwhile to check your balance dial *232#.

Tariff / Pricing Options

  • On/off-net calls @ 40k/Sec,
  • SMS @ ₦4,
  • MMS @ ₦100 and
  • pay as you go data @0.002k per kilobyte.

Jul 3, 2019


If you are an ardent reader of this blog, you would remember that we once posted this plan about 3 years ago. Of course yes, and the plan is so much alive and active but many users have forgotten about the plan and/or some don't even know about it at all.

Airtel unlimited 2G network plan is an old plan formally launched in 2016. The plan was abandoned by many subscribers due to the issues we once had with it, whereby opting out of the plan was a pain-in-the-ass.

Airtel Nigeria didn't bother to advertise this offer or even re-introduce it on their social media pages, maybe because of the kind of frustrating plan they are offering to Nigerians.

Airtel Unlimited Plan of N200 or Unlimited Plan of N500 is an old plan that works only on 2G network (Edge/GSM).

These plans can only work when you switch your network mode to GSM (2G). If you are looking for a cheap data plan for a Lite usage, then this plan is for you. Before we continue, let's get to know more about this plan.

Features Of Airtel Unlimited 2G Plans

  1. The data plan can only be used on 2G network
  2. It works on all devices except smartphone or modem that doesn’t support 2G network
  3. Upon subscription, it will automatically deactivate any existing data plan
  4. No matter the strength of your network, it must be set to 2G network mode or else you won't be able to browse with the data
  5. N200 Unlimited pack is valid for 10 days and N500 unlimited pack is valid for 28 days.

How To Activate Airtel Unlimited 2G Plans

Dial *482# and choose your preferred plan. To opt out of the plan, dial the same code and reply with 3.

I would suggest you use another Airtel sim for this plan, just incase.

What's your say on this one? Please leave a comment below and do share this post with your friends.

Jun 30, 2019


MTN Yafun Yafun sim offer is back again with some cool offer that will interest you. This is coming just after they announced MTN XtraValue offer that gives subscribers 1GB data + N2000 airtime for 1000 Naira.

One of the goodies you stand to enjoy on Yafun Yafun tariff plan is Double Data Bonus. You'll get 3GB data (instead of 1.5GB) for N1000 Naira. According to MTN, this is what they have to say;
Pick up a new #MTN4G SIM today and get double data on our network #JustForYou. That's right, you get 3GB data for just N1000. #MTNYafunYafun

What Is MTN YafunYafun SIM Offer?

MTN YafunYafun is a special tariff plan that rewards New MTN customers with lots of benefits after registering and activating a new MTN SIM.

Benefits of MTN YafunYafun Offer

Once you buy, register and activate a new MTN sim card, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits on the plan:
  • 3GB for 1000 Naira
  • 700% bonus on EVERY recharge of N100 and above: 500% of the bonus will be used to call any network in Nigeria and SMS while 200% of the bonus will be used for Data to browse any websites. 
  • Plus other exciting offers

How To Enjoy MTN YafunYafun Benefits

To be on MTN Yafun Yafun, simply do the following:
  • Buy a new MTN Sim, register and activate it and then select MTN YafunYafun tariff plan from the USSD Menu that will be displayed.
  • However, if you fail to choose a tariff plan, you will be migrated to YafunYafun plan by default.
  • To purchase MTN double data 3GB for 1000 Naira, simply dial *131*1#.

What's your say on this one?

Jun 29, 2019


Glo Amebo is yet another offer coming from the grandmaster of data - Glo Nigeria. Glo would have been the number one network in Nigeria if not for their poor network coverage.

Glo Amebo is specifically designed for those who love spending more time on calls. As the name implies, if you are the talkative type or you love to gossip alot on phone calls or you just love staying longer on calls with your loved ones, then this offer is for you.

With Glo Amebo, you stand to get 5 times bonus on any recharge to call any network in Nigeria. In a nutshell, if you recharge N100, you’ll get extra bonus of N500. If you recharge N200, you will get a bonus of N1000; and if you recharge N1000, you will get extra bonus of N5000.

Unlike Yakata tariff plan that gives you 4X bonus. Without saying much, let's quickly activate this Glo Amebo offer


How To Activate Glo Amebo 5x Offer

Simply recharge your Glo line using this code *555*PIN#.

If you are a talkative or you enjoy gossiping alot on phone calls, then this offer is for you lol. The bonus airtime can be used to call any network. It's also worth knowing that this offer is available to both new and existing customers.

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MTN Nigeria is here with a plan called XtraValue that suits all your needs in terms of data for browsing the internet and airtime for calls to your friends, families and loved ones.

Also, you have the rights to choose which package best suits you. If you prefer more voice calls to data or more data to voice calls.

According to MTN, they said;
Here’s a plan that suits all your needs. Get 1GB and N2000 call time for just N1,000. Visit mtnonline.com/xtravalue to get started on the plan that was made #JustForYou.

What Is MTN XtraValue? 

MTN XtraValue offers you a bundle of huge airtime for voice calls and data, the bundles are available in 2 categories (XtraTalk and XtraData) and at different price points ranging from N300 to N20,000. This price plan is available to all prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Available Bundles To Choose From

  • XtraTalk Bundles – Offers more airtime for Voice calls than Data volume.
  • XtraData Bundles – Offers more Data volume than airtime for voice calls.

In this post, we are looking at getting 1GB Data + N2,000 Airtime for just 1000 Naira. It's very simple to activate. Just recharge your MTN line with 1000 Naira. Then dial *131*310# to purchase the bundle.

The bonus airtime can be used to call any networks in Nigeria and the data can be used to browse any website (data is valid for 30 days). You can visit their official site for more: https://mtnonline.com/xtravalue.

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Glo Oga sim bonus offer is still available and quite a number of people are enjoying the bonus data presently. Like I always say, Glo Oga sim is not a tariff plan, you don't need to migrate to any tariff plan. This is an offer from the network.

Glo Oga sim offer has been available for over a year now. Infact, you can now get a whopping 10.4GB for N1000 valid for 30days. Interesting right? Ofcourse it is.

We all know Glo is currently the grandmaster of data. But the issue of poor network speed is still lying untouched. If you have a good Glo network in your location, then you will enjoy this offer.

Without wasting much of your time, let's get down to the topic.

How To Activate Glo Oga Sim 10.4GB for N1000

It's very simple. Kindly follow the procedures below.

  1. Buy and register a new Glo 4G sim
  2. Recharge the sim with 1000 airtime and you'll be given N5000 worth of airtime. The bonus airtime is divided into two, of which N2000 is for Calls to other networks and the remaining N3000 is for Glo to Glo calls.
  3. Now dial *127*53# to subscribe to Glo 3.6GB for 1000 Naira.
  4. After using the data for like 3 weeks, quickly recharge your Glo line with N1000 and purchase another plan with the same USSD code *127*53#. (Actually, the scope here is to renew the plan before it expires).
  5. After renewing the plan, you'll be given a whopping 10.4GB data for just 1000 Naira.
  6. To keep enjoying this cheap Oga sim data offer, you have to keep renewing the plan every 3 weeks or before it expires. That's the logic.
  7. Data is valid for 30 days


What do you think about this cheap Glo Oga sim data bonus?

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Jun 27, 2019


Airtel Night plan has been one of the best night plans out there, followed by MTN night plan of 500MB for N50. Airtel has revisited their night plan, and in this post, i will reveal all Airtel night plans, price and code to subscribe to them.

With Airtel night plan, you will be able to get 250MB for N25, and guess what? You can re-subscribe again when you exhaust the data. Isn't that cool? Though MTN now allows two subscriptions per night.

Airtel night plan can only be activated on Airtel SmartTRYBE package. Airtel SmartTRYBE doesn't offer night plans alone, you can as well subscribe to Airtel 1GB for N500 which is valid for 7 days.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTRYBE Tariff Plan

Like i said earlier, Airtel night plan only works on SmartTRYBE tariff plan. You can migrate by dialing *312#.

How To Subscribe to Airtel Night 250MB for N25 and 1GB for N500

  • Simply dial *312#
  • For 1GB which cost N500, reply with 2 - valid for 7 days (All day) 
  • For Night plan - 250MB which cost N25, reply with 3 - Night plans are usable from 12am - 5am

One thing i love about this night plan is the fact that users can subscribe again when they exhaust their night plan, which is really cool unlike MTN night plan.

What do you think?

Jun 25, 2019


Finally, MTN has just unveiled its own Binge plan. This is coming after Airtel introduced Binge plan which is also known as Download Bundle few months ago.

I really love it when there is competitions among these telecoms. MTN Binge plan is a complete replica of Airtel's Binge plan with no single difference.

Airtel Binge plan offers subscribers 2GB for N500 and 1GB for N350. Same thing applies to MTN Binge plan. Although, you can only purchase MTN Binge plan from MyMTN App.

What Is Binge Plan?

Binge plan, also known as Download Bundle is a plan designed for those who love downloading huge files and streaming of videos. If you are an heavy internet user, then this plan will best fit you.

How To Subscribe To MTN Binge Plan 

Like I said earlier, you can only purchase this plan via MyMTN app. It's also worth knowing that this plan is not SIM selective.

All what you need to do is to Download MyMTN app Here. Sign up for an account if you are a new user, and you will be given free 500MB data after activating your account.

> On the homepage, tap on "Hot Deals"

> And then swipe to Daily. From there, you can access the plan and purchase any one of your choice.

> Both plans are valid for just 2 Days. It can be used on all apps, all phones and even on laptop.

> To check data balance, kindly sms 2 to 131.

> You can click here for more Hot Deals from MyMTN app.

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