8 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone To Last Longer

Do you own a Smartphone that you love so much and would like to handle it with care so that it will last until you are tired of it, i have got some useful tips that can help you protect and keep your smartphone clean as long as possible. Many of us spend lots of money buying expensive smartphones and will do anything possible to make sure we enjoy our money but the truth is that when you fail to handle with care the phone will go before its time. Now to protect your Smartphone you need to understand and follow this simple guide below to learn how you can protect and keep your smartphone clean at all time. How to protect your Smartphone to last longer You love it then protect it by making sure you don't do these:

1. Don't put your phone inside your pocket while climbing something because it might fall from your pocket

2. Don't use your smartphone as a torch light inside bathroom because it might fall from your hand and enters inside water.

3. You need to buy cover pack so that you can be able to protect the screen of your phone and retain its original color for a long time which includes preventing it from scratching.

4. Don't over charge your phone battery because it might reduce the battery life, all you need to do is to unplug it once you discover that your battery is full.

5. You might need to buy a Nokia torch or any other small and cheap phone to supplement your smartphone, for example if you are a Mechanic, Public transport driver and any work that might not allow you to handle your expensive Smartphone with care then better use small phone.

6. You need to protect your Smartphone charging port by making sure you don't constantly plug or unplug your phone while charging because you will damage the changing port all you need to do is to buy a good Bluetooth headset that will enable you answer your calls without touching your phone. Example: when you are washing your clothes all you need is to say Answer without pressing a button just like mine and the call will be picked automatically but this one depends on how your own headset works.

7. You must use original specified charger for your Smartphone to avoid damaging it and try not to use any charger you see simply because they have the same charging port.

8. Beware of Children: Don't keep your phone where children can gain access to it because they might spoil it

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