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Jan 22, 2019


LegitCards - The best and trustworthy website to trade gift cards in Nigeria is giving out Free 1GB Data to her first time customers.

They trade various kinds of gift cards like:

  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • STEAM 
  • Google play 
  • eBay etc. 

They also buy:

  • Bitcoin 
  • PayPal

They have the best rates in the market because they are direct loaders and not middlemen. Their transactions are very fast, instant loading and payment within 10 minutes.

100% risk free as they have been tested and confirmed. Here's how to get free 1GB from LegitCards:

How To Get Free 1GB From Legitcards

  1. Save their phone number as a contact on your phone 
  2. Open your Whatsapp, type the word "CODE" and send it to them
  3. Wait to receive your Serial Code. 
  4. Take note of the serial code given to you
  5. Now, any day or time you have a gift card to sell for naira, just contact them and indicate your serial code. After the trade, you will be given 1GB Data bundle.

As simple as that!

Note: Don't wait until you're ready to sell iTunes card to them before you request for serial code, go ahead and request for a serial code immediately after reading this post because serial code will no longer be issued after 24hrs.

Start trading your iTunes cards, Amazon, Steam etc with legitcards now!

Fast loading - Fast payment - 100% legit. You can now trade your gift cards for naira with peace of mind!

Whatsapp link:

Other Services Offered by LegitCards

Cheap Data bundles:

  • 2gb  = N1000
  • 3gb = N1500
  • 5gb = N2500
  • All valid for 3 months

They Provide Old facebook Accounts at cheap rates. Old FB accounts don't get blocked easily because they are trusted by facebook.

Phone number: 07067041115

Website: http://www.legitcards.com.ng

See Payment proofs at: http://www.instagram.com.ng/legitcards_ng

LegitCards - Truly Legit!

Hello friends, I will be introducing you to a software called Easeus Data Recovery Wizard. This tool is available for both Windows PC and Mac PC. But today, we will be discussing and focusing on Easeus Data Recovery Wizard for Mac PC.

Before we begin, let's get to know what Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is all about. Some of us might be new to this software, be that as it may.

What Is Easeus Data Recovery Wizard? 

Easeus Data Recovery is a free data recovery software that helps you to easily and quickly recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from your PC, Mobile Phone or removable devices (be it USB flash drive or Hard drive).

Have you ever mistakenly formatted or deleted any file on your hard drive, SD card, or USB flash? It's really one of the problem you can encounter while working on your Mac computer. I've experienced this, not once or twice on my MacBook Pro PC. It's quite annoying.

Sometimes, loss of data could be as a result of virus, maleware attack, sudden crash, or you mistakenly deleted a file or folder on your device. In some situations, getting such data back is a pain in the arse. That's why you need a good data recovery tool to help you get back those lost files and data on your Mac PC.

Why We Chose Easeus Data Recovery Wizard For Mac?

There are lots of data recovery tool out there that offers almost the same thing. But Easeus Data Recovery software for Mac is reliable as they guarantee you 100% success rate, and guess what? Their pricing is very much affordable and can't be compared with other recovery softwares out there. As a Mac user, you don't have to worry anymore about loss of data/files, as Easeus data recovery tool is here for you.

There are lots of data recovery software to choose from, but there are things you need to consider before choosing a data recovery tool. You need to look at the pricing, compatibility and other additional features that may come in handy. A good data recovery wizard will offer a wide range of recovery option while maintening an affordable rate.

In a nutshell, Easeus Data recovery software for Mac is absolutely the best recovery software you can gef out there. The UI is easy to operate with great features. In addition, it includes high-security levels as well as guaranteed performance.


Ofcourse we all know that data recovery softwares are not totally free. They offer both free and premium versions. Most of the free recovery software out there limited almost all their important features to Premium users. And when you decide to buy their premium version, you will discover that their pricing could break a bank.

With Easeus Mac Data recovery software, they offer about 90% of their premium features on Free version. It has just a few features limited to premium users, which makes it a great choice for data recovery.

It's also worth knowing that the free plan is limited to a file restore size of 2GB. You can decide to upgrade to their premium plan with unlimited restore size as well as lifetime support. This is really cool if you ask me. And also for the fact that it offers great features.

Is Easeus Data Recovery Compatibility With Mac?

Easeus data recovery is compatible with Mac OS, from 10.4 upwards. In addition, you can as well recover any format of files which includes but not limited to mp3, mp4, jpg, png, apps, folders, documents and other Mac files.

Rounding Up

As a Mac user, you need a good data recovery software with affordable pricing plan, easy and simple interface and 100% success rate guaranteed. It's not hard to operate, as it only requires few steps which makes it very easy, even if you are a first time user.

Jan 20, 2019


Sharing VPN connection with another device has not been easy on non-rooted Android devices. Most Android devices out there are not rooted. Without root access, you are limited on things you can do with your Android phone.

In this post, I will teach you how to share your VPN connection with other phones and PC without rooting your Android phone. Before now, we have been making use of PDanet app but I am here to tell you that after following this post, you will dump Pdanet for this.

Without wasting much of our time, let's get down to why we are here. I'll be so straight forward. Please follow me along.

How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot To Other Devices Without Root

Kindly follow me step after steps. I'll be so straight forward with the steps.

1. Make sure your Android phone is connected with your favorite VPN (it can be for cheat or normal data)

2. Now, tether hotspot to the device you want to share the VPN connection with.

3. Download HTTP Injector APK and install it on the main device sharing out the connection.

4. Open HTTP Injector, swipe to Tools > Tethering Tools > Hotshare > in step two, tap on Start Hotshare

5. Now, take note of the IP address and Port in step three. Those are the details to input on the connected device(s).

How To Add IP Proxy And Port On Android 

1. If the connected device is an Android phone, then download UltraSurf APK here.

2. Install and open UltraSurf APK > tap on the three dots located at the top-right corner > Proxy > HTTP Proxy > then input the IP Proxy and Port given by Hotshare.

3. Finally, hit OK and Connect. Then wait for it to Connect.

How To Add IP Proxy And Port On PC

1. If the connected device is a PC, then download UltraSurf for Windows here

2. Launch the app > tap on Option > Proxy Settings > tick Manual Proxy Settings and input the IP proxy and port given by Hotshare. Then press Ok and go back.

3. Wait for it to automatically Connect. That's all.

I hope you found this post useful? Please do comment and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Jan 18, 2019


I will be introducing you to a free sport livestreaming app called Sports TV. Sports Television shows live sports channels, sport highlights, previews, predictions and daily sport news.

With Sports TV, you can stream all sport games for free, which includes but not limited to all country Leagues, Europe, UK, USA Sport, the Europa League, the Champions League, Asian Sport, Euro and much more on your Android device.

Sports TV has a free and premium version. The free version contains ads, while the premium version is ads-free and has more channels. You can become a premium user when you subscribe on the app.

Subscription packages are just two;

  1. Gold Package $13/Month
  2. Silver Package $7/Month

Features Of Sports TV App

You can watch your favorite soccer games online on your mobile and tablet. Sports includes football, motorsport, fight sports, American football, baseball, tennis, basketball, rugby, darts and much more

Enjoy all live events, highlights, extras & much more. Video plays at the best quality available on your device - up to full HD 1080p.

Sports and Tournaments Available On Sports TV App

  • Football
  • Motorsport
  • Combat sports
  • American football
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Darts and much more.

There are more than 70+ live TV channels. You either stream on Low quality, 2G quality, High quality and High quality+.

Channels available in Free package includes but not limited to beIN sports, Sky Sports, ESPN, BT Sports, Super Sport, Bein Sports, Silk Sports, Sport Klub, Dubai Racing, Eurosport, Russian Sport, Motor Sports, NFL Network, Pac 12 and much more...

Channels available in premium packages includes but not limited to MLB and NFL games, TSN, Star Sports HD, Ote Sports HD, SuperSport Albania, Abu Dhabi Sports, Astro Supersport and more.

Where To Download Sports TV Android App?

Jan 16, 2019


After discontinuing Wawu plan few weeks ago, Ntel took another bold step to resurrect the plan and called it WAWU Reloaded, which promise to give you 500% data bonus. They made the announcement on their social media pages.

According to Ntel,
More data! More excitement! More fun! with WAWU Reloaded. All you need to do is, buy a WAWU plan and get 500% data bonus instantly!!! Available to new and existing customers. Visit www.quickteller.com/ntel to subscribe.

The Wawu plan we know then gives us 12GB for N1000 and 24GB for N2,000 which is valid for 30 days. But now, those plans are no longer available. Ntel has revisited those plans and many customers are not happy with it.

Without wasting much of our time, let's see what the new Wawu plan has to offer.

WAWU 2000 ₦2000 2GB 4GB 6GB 7 Days
WAWU 4000 ₦4000 4GB 12GB 16GB 7 Days
WAWU 8500 ₦8500 9GB 36GB 45GB 14 Days
WAWU 10000 ₦10,000 16GB 80GB 96GB 14 Days
Zoom image

How To Subscribe To The New Ntel Wawu Plans

This offer is available to both new and old customers. All you have to do is, buy a WAWU plan and get 500% data bonus instantly!!! Visit http://quickteller.com/ntel  to subscribe.

This is really a massive increase if you ask me. Let me know what you think below.

Jan 15, 2019


Airtel Triple data offer has been going on for quite sometime now, and some fellows have been enjoying the offer in lowkey. So I've decided to share it with you guys as it's still blazing hot.

The steps below are quite similar to Airtel 4.6GB for N200 that was recently blocked. Activating this offer is not that difficult, but we all know Airtel with their Sim selectiveness.

Be that as it may, I am very sure it will work for you if you follow my steps carefully.

How To Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer

> Buy a new Airtel sim card Or use an Airtel sim less than 3 months old.

> Sms GET to 141. Make sure you receive a response like this:
"Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS "

> Then send MIFI to 141 afterwards

> Load either 500 naira normally and dial *141*500# (valid for 14 days) 750mb x3 = 2.2GB + other smaller bonuses

> Or recharge 1000 naira normally and dial *141*1000# (valid for 30 days) 1.5GB x3  = 4.5GB + other smaller bonuses

> Or recharge 2000 naira normally and dial *141*2000# (valid for 30 days) = 3.5GB x3 = 10.5GB + other smaller bonuses.

That's all friends. Enjoy while it last. Don't forget to leave a comment below and also share this post with friends.

Jan 14, 2019


You can now get 990 dent points per referral instead of 270. Though Dent has the right to reduce the points anytime, any day.

Recently we enjoyed free airtime on mCent browser before they later reduced the value of their points. Now, there's yet another new app that gives you free data, not airtime this time around.

This app gives you 990 dent points on first sign up. Even at that, you still need to refer friends to earn more points.

The name of this app is called DENT. Unlike mCent browser, Dent is not a browser. Dent helps you topup data for a friend or family and also allow you earn free data of any network using the app. The app is available for Android v5+ users and also available in Nigeria, Mexico, United States and Brazil. More countries will be launched before the end of 2018.

Using the DENT App you can recharge your own phone or a loved-one from anywhere in the world. Simply choose a contact, select a top-up data amount and that's all. Very easy as that.

You can redeem your Dents as data. You can buy Dents with PayPal or refer friends to earn more Dents. The more Dents you have, the more data you will redeem. Interesting right?

How To Get Free Data Using Dent App

  1. First of all, download Dent app for Android here.
  2. Sign up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.
  3. After successful signed up, you will be welcomed with 990 Dent points which is not enough to redeem data. So you still have to refer friends to earn more points.
  4. To redeem your Dents, just input your phone number into the "Send Data To" box.
  5. Finally, choose the data amount you want to redeem.
  6. That's all. Simple as that.

You can get more Dents by referring your friends using your referral link. The more Dent points you have, the chances of redeeming bigger data bundles.

Enjoy this free data app before it's too late. Please don't forget to leave a comment below and also share this post.

Jan 13, 2019


Google Playstore has received a new feature that shows you how many percentage of storage you have used and as well how much space left. This feature was first spotted by a Reddit user.

This feature is gradually rolling out to some Android device and some number of users, including me has already spotted the feature. The Storage status feature shows what percentage of the internal storage used.

It also shows how much storage space is available, and a status progress gives you a graphical look at this information.

How To Locate This Feature

It's very simple. Just open your Playstore app, tap on My Apps & Games, then swipe over to the “Installed” tab. You should see it at the top.

In addition, it comes with a feature that allows you to free up space when you are running out of memory. All you have to do is just tap on the Storage status bar and you’ll be taken to the Free up space page.

There, you will have the chance to uninstall any app that you don’t want in order to free up space.

You can also filter the apps base on Data usage, size etc.

Jan 12, 2019


Fingerprint security is the next big thing coming to Android apps. This feature is an additional means of security to avoid unathorized access to your files and data.

Fingerprint security is finally coming to Whatsapp sooner or later after being available on some Nigerian Banks mobile app like Diamond Bank. When enabled, this feature will stop people from spying your WhatsApp chats anytime you give them your phone.

If you enable this feature on your WhatsApp, the app will prompt for Fingerprint authentication before you can have access to your chats. It will look like this image below. (The image below is for Diamond Bank app).

You will also get a prompt for fingerprint authentication whenever you launch the app from its icon, from the notification or from external pickers.

According to source; Whatsapp is said to be working on a new authentication feature which isn’t available globally yet as the feature is currently under development.

For now, you can't protect specific chats. Meaning this feature will only protect the entire app (WhatsApp). When the feature is available, there will be a section in the app (located in Settings>Account>Privacy) where users can enable the fingerprint authentication feature.

Whatsapp Fingerprint Availability

This feature has been scheduled to be available in the next few weeks, as it's still in an alpha stage of development. It will be available for all Android & iOS users.

WhatsApp Audio Picker

WhatsApp is also working to improve the audio picker that will allow users to see the list of all available audio files stored in your phone. The user will be able to play the audio before sending it, and it is also possible to select more audio files to send!

Jan 6, 2019


Hello friends, it's new year already and we should be expecting loads of free browsing cheats, airtime cheats and cheap browsing alternatives right here on Entclass Blog.

Today, I bring to you another awesome MTN Airtime trick that clears up your debt (borrowed airtime) no matter the amount of Airtime borrowed. Interesting right?

This trick has been confirmed by me (Victor Kachi), and for the fact that we are known for our valid and outstanding cheats & updates. We don't post what we haven't tested or what doesn't work.

This time around, we won't be letting the cats out of the bag. Meaning, we won't post the steps on how to apply this trick. We are the one to do it for you for a small fee. Trust me, it won't leave a hole in your pocket.

With that being said, let's take a look at what you will be needing.

See screenshot proof below (Before & After clearing):
Before Clearing

After Clearing

Tools Needed

  1. Get an MTN sim (new or old). It might be the sim you borrowed airtime on. If not, borrow any amount of Airtime on your MTN sim.
  2. Migrate to MTN mPulse tarrif plan by dialing *344*1#.
  3. If you just borrowed the airtime, make use of it. You can use it to subscribe for data, make calls etc. Make sure you exhaust the airtime.
  4. Now, contact us on Telegram by going here.
  5. We only need your MTN number for the borrowed airtime to get cleared.

Pricing For Borrowed Airtime

  • If you borrowed less than N500, you will pay N200
  • N1000 to N2000, pay N500
  • N3000 to N4000 will pay N1000
  • Payment via Airtime

Contact us on Telegram by going here. We only need your MTN number and the process is instant.