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Apr 19, 2019


Just when Google shuts down Google Plus consumer service, Blackberry announced in a blog post that they are officially shutting down its BBM consumer service come 31st May 2019.

Blackberry Messenger was once the best messengjng app out there. The instant messaging app was officially released late in 2013. The app recorded over 5 Million downloads in the first 8hours of its release.

After 6years, we just have to say goodbye to the famous Blackberry Messenger. Most users of the app has already moved to other social platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram etc.

According to the company, this is what they have to say;
“We are proud of what we have built to date … The technology industry however, is very fluid, and in spite of our substantial efforts, users have moved on to other platforms, while new users proved difficult to sign on,”

They went further to add;
“Though we are sad to say goodbye, the time has come to sunset the BBM consumer service, and for us to move on.”

Those using the enterprise version of the app, called BBMe, will continue operations as normal. If you really miss BBM and want to keep using it, you can also download the enterprise version on Android and iOS for free, but there is a $2.50 subscription fee for every six months.

BBMe does offer what other instant messenging app offers. Your messages are secured via end-to-end encryption, you can edit message, unsend message etc. These features are being offered for free on other social apps. But if you are an avid user of BBM, then it's worth the few bucks.

What About My Data? 

Blackberry said users’ data such as photos, videos and files will be available for download before the app is shut down at the end of May, 2019.

Once the BBM service is shut down, you will not be able to open BBM on your device to see any old or new messages, or retrieve asset files.

Apr 15, 2019


I don't really know what MTN is up to. They are currently giving out 100MB worth of data to their esteemed customers as a compensation for being a loyal customer.

This free 100MB data has already been credited to some MTN lines. On checking mine, it's quite unfortunate that i wasn't given. Though you can still check to see if you have been given the free data.

Who Is Eligible For This Free 100MB Data?

MTN is randomly giving subscribers free 100Mb data to be used on Whatsapp, Facebook and any other website/app.

To check if you are lucky and have been credited with the free 100MB data, kindly dial *559*4# on your MTN line. This code is to check your bonus balance. Data is valid for 3 days.

You can remember two years ago when MTN gave some subscribers free 100MB compensation data for browsing, that's exactly what they are doing now.


So, have you been given the free 100MB from MTN? Kindly let us know by dropping a comment below. Please share this post with friends.

Apr 14, 2019


Hello guys, I will be showing you a simple step to purchase MTN data or activate MTN data bundle on a phone number in a Mifi device or Modem via MyMTN App without removing the Sim from the device.

In 2017, MTN Nigeria launched MyMTN App. The purpose of this self-service app is to help MTN subscribers purchase data bundles and airtime for 'self', friend, family or loved one, monitor data usage, and even pay bills.

With MyMTN app, you can purchase data bundle or topup any MTN sim in a Mifi device or Modem without removing the SIM from the device. Without saying much, let's get down to why we are here.

How To Top Up Data On A MiFi Or Modem Via MyMTN App

> To topup data bundle on any MTN sim in a MiFi Device via MyMTN App, kindly download MyMTN App in this Post Here. (You will be given 500MB Data if you install and activate your account as a new user on MyMTN app).

> Select Hot Data Deals from MyMTN app main page

> Select the desired data plan from the list below

> Click on ‘For Others’ to activate data on MiFi SIM, then enter the MiFi MTN number. Choose mode of payment and tap on Proceed to make payment.

> Enter your payment details on MTN Web Payment Gateway to complete the transaction.

And that is it. This is strictly for MTN sims only. Hope this helps?

Hello friends, in this post, I will teach you how to enable Dark mode on Facebook Messenger app. Dark Mode is a wonderful feature most apps are now using. Messenger is yet to roll out this feature to the general public, but not to worry, I will teach you a simple trick to enable Dark mode on your Messenger app.

This feature works great for both Android and iOS users. Before now, if you go to Settings on your Messenger app, you won't see the Dark mode option, but after following this simple trick, the option will be available for you and it will be permanent. You can always enable/disable Dark mode by just going to your Messenger settings.

Features Of Messenger Dark Mode

  • It reduces eye strain or eye fatigue 
  • It gives your eyes comfort 
  • It helps your brain by increasing your consciousness power. 
  • Makes your Messenger app even more beautiful

How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger Using An Emoji

Surprising right? The good news here is that, you can enable dark mode on your Messenger app by just sending an Emoji.

It is very easy and simple. What you have to do is to send Moon Emoji 🌙 to our Bot by tapping here.

Just find this Moon Emoji from your Emoji’s on your Messenger.

Once you send this Moon Emoji to our bot, it will activate Dark Mode on your Messenger. Simple as that.

You can also disable this feature and go back to the default white theme in your Messenger settings.

Apr 12, 2019


Just few weeks ago, Airtel announced a new 0901 number prefix. This came as a good news as customers will get to port to a new number prefix and as well choose a new phone number.

According to Airtel, they said that the new 0901 number prefix will offer customers an opportunity to experience a better mobile internet service and affordable network with more 4G coverage.

In this post, I will teach you guys on how to get a custom Airtel 0901 number of your choice without hassles. Airtel Nigeria has given us the opportunity to create our preferred Airtel 0901 Number.

Like seriously, 0901 is Airtel's 8th number prefix. Other Airtel number prefixes include 0802, 0808, 0708, 0812,0701,0902.

How To Get A Custom Airtel 0901 Number

  1. To create a custom Airtel 0901 number, simply visit selfcare.ng.airtel.com/PickUrNumber. Which will take you directly to the Airtel 0901 custom number page. Where you can then fill a form and create your preferred number.
  2. Available numbers to choose from ranges from 9019000001 – 9019002999.
  3. Kindly fill the form (it doesn't take more than 5 minutes)
  4. You will get a success message after tapping on Submit. After which the number you choose will be reserved for you.

The 0901 number are reserved on a first come first serve basis, which in turn depends on availability. So you will only be able to reserve an available number that have not been picked by someone else.

When your reserved number is available for collection, you will get a call or email from Airtel informing you to come pick up your custom number at their shop. This will be the same shop and location you selected when filling the form.

The number will only be available to you within 5 days from the time you get a call from Airtel. If you are unavailable to pick up your number within this period, the number will no longer be available to you.

Hope this helps?

Apr 11, 2019


9mobile has just silently launched a new SmartPak plan that gives subscribers 2GB data for N700. This offer is coming just when 9mobile launched free Whatsapp to all her customers.

The new 9mobile SmartPak offer is a restricted plan which is not meant for browsing, streaming or downloading. This SmartPak plan is a social plan that is only usable on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and twitter.

If you are a social media freak, then this offer is specially designed for you. With just 700 Naira, you can get 2GB worth of data to access your favorite social media app, chat with friends, families, colleagues and loved ones.

If you ain't into social media, then this offer is not for you. But there's more! Kindly read on.

How To Activate 9mobile SocialPak Plan

To purchase the Socialpak plan, dial *343*6*12#. You will be given 2GB data, cost N700.

Dial *343*5*0# to deactivate auto renewal. Note that the data is valid for 7 Days.

How To Power All Apps With AnonyTun VPN

You can actually power all apps with the help of a VPN called AnonyTun vpn. With this, you will be able to browse and download using 9mobile Smartpak data. Kindly follow the steps in this POST.

However, if you are not comfortable with this new offer from 9mobile, kindly check if you are eligible for 1GB for N200 data plan from 9mobile.

Hope you found this post helpful? Please leave a comment below and share this post with your friends.

Apr 8, 2019


If you have a new MTN sim that you haven't used on MyMTN App before, then you can get free 500MB Data now.

Remember Etisalat free 200MB when you download or register on MyEtisalat app/website? MTN has followed suit. Currently, MTN is giving subscribers 500MB free data to download MyMTN app. You can download the app now. I will quickly show you how to get yours now.

This data can be used on all apps without a VPN to power it, you can even use it on your PC too. This is not a cheat, but an official bonus from MTN Nigeria. It's very easy to activate.

How To Activate MyMTN App Free 500MB Data

  • For Android users, download MyMTN App Here 
  • For IOS users, download MyMTN App Here
After downloading the app, register with your MTN number and activate your account.

After that, MTN will credit your line with 500MB data instead of 100MB.

To check your data balance, just dial *559*4#.

MTN MyApp Data Validity

The data is valid for just 24 hours, so make use of it before it expires.

That's all friends.

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Apr 7, 2019


I just updated this post on how you can still reverse your data after being deducted of your main Android data. Kindly scroll down for the update.

Entclass Blog is here again with yet another amazing data cheat on Airtel network. Even if there is no free browsing cheat, we must surely browse for almost free of charge.

This new Airtel data cheat I will teach you now is the latest method to browse for free on the Airtel network without spending the actual amount used in subscribing. Surprised?

I will call this Airtel Reversal Data Cheat. Cool right? Ofcourse it is. In this post, I will teach you how to enjoy this latest Airtel reversal data cheat. But before then, let's explain how this cheat works.

What Is Airtel Reversal Data Cheat

Airtel NG launched a new service that enables users to reverse the money used in subscribing for data. Sounds crazy?

For instance if you subscribed N1000 for 1.5GB, you can reverse the money after 24hours provided that you didn't touch the main data. Simple as that.

How To Activate Airtel Reversal Data Cheat


  • Get a new 4G SIM
  • Kindly subscribe to your desired data plan after a successful response from their double bonus activation centre by dialing *141#


> After 24hrs you can reverse the initial money you used in subscribing by dialing *121*6# and your data will be reset as well.

> Subscribe again with your reversed Airtime and use only the bonus data only.

> Repeat same procedure after 24hrs.

Caution! Avoid subscribing to a package that has night plan inclusive.

It has been brought to my notice that Airtel is now deducting small data like 1MB or 5mb from the main Android data so to prevent you from reversing the data. What you have to do is to purchase a small data plan like N50 or N100 data to topup the deducted Android data. By doing this, you will be able to do the data reversal.

That's all friends. Hope you found this post helpful? Please do leave a comment below and share this post with your friends.

Apr 1, 2019


You can now get 1200 dent points per referral instead of 790. Though Dent has the right to reduce the points anytime, any day.

Recently we enjoyed free airtime on mCent browser before they later reduced the value of their points. Now, there's yet another new app that gives you free data, not airtime this time around.

This app gives you free dent points on first sign up. Even at that, you still need to refer friends to earn more points.

The name of this app is called DENT. Unlike mCent browser, Dent is not a browser. Dent helps you topup data for a friend or family and also allow you earn free data of any network using the app. The app is available for Android v5+ users and also available in Nigeria, Mexico, United States and Brazil. More countries will be launched before the end of 2018.

Using the DENT App you can recharge your own phone or a loved-one from anywhere in the world. Simply choose a contact, select a top-up data amount and that's all. Very easy as that.

You can redeem your Dents as data. You can buy Dents with PayPal or refer friends to earn more Dents. The more Dents you have, the more data you will redeem. Interesting right?

How To Get Free Data Using Dent App

  1. First of all, download Dent app for Android here.
  2. Sign up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.
  3. After successful signed up, you will be welcomed with free Dent points which is not enough to redeem data. So you still have to refer friends to earn more points.
  4. To redeem your Dents, just input your phone number into the "Send Data To" box.
  5. Finally, choose the data amount you want to redeem.
  6. That's all. Simple as that.

You can get more Dents by referring your friends using your referral link. The more Dent points you have, the chances of redeeming bigger data bundles.

Enjoy this free data app before it's too late. Please don't forget to leave a comment below and also share this post.

Mar 26, 2019


Hello friends, we have finally decided to give out the new VPN settings to enjoy MTN YouTube Video streaming pack without any stress. Guess what? It's pretty fast, stable and doesn't require you to import any config file.

We will be introducing to you a new VPN called Samsung Max VPN. With this VPN, you don't need HTTP Injector or KPN Rev VPN anymore. Samsung Max VPN is very easy to setup and connect in less than 5 seconds. Interesting right?

Also note that this VPN will only work when you have MTN YouTube Video Streaming pack. Without wasting much time, let's go straight to the settings.

New Samsung Max VPN Settings For MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack


  • An Android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G sim
  • Use the default MTN APN settings.
  • MTN YouTube Video Streaming data

> Firstly, subscribe to MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack Here

NOTE: These plans ain't unlimited. The 1 Hour plan is capped 750MB. 3 Hours plan is capped 2.2GB. 5 Hours (12am - 5am) Night Plan is capped 500MB.

> Now, download Samsung Max VPN here

> After that, install and launch the app

> On the main page, activate Mobile data saving mode and Privacy protection

> You will see a count-down on when the VPN privacy protection would stop. To remove the count-down, just click on the last icon located at the bottom-right corner of the app and activate Premium service for free.

> After doing that, the count-down will disappear.

> That's all. Enjoy your MTN YouTube data using Samsung Max VPN without disconnections, config file, and SSH details.

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