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Jun 19, 2019


Truecaller has just rolled out a free voice calling service which is officially called Truecaller Voice. Truecaller is one of the most popular app you can find in many Android phones today.

Truecaller blocks robocalls, telemarketers, and SMS. The app also identifies unknown calls. Over 250 million people use Truecaller for their communication needs, whether it’s for caller ID or for blocking spam calls and SMS. It filters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with people who matter.

According to the company, they said their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service offers a clear, crisp and high-quality call even when data or WiFi coverage is low.

Truecaller said;
“Integrating free calls into Truecaller on Android means fewer apps taking up space on your phone,”

According to stats by Truecaller, more than 180 million phone calls are being made through the Truecaller dialer app on a daily basis, and half of the calls are to other Truecaller users, which is the reason why the company decided to launch its own VoIP service.

How To Make Free Calls With Truecaller Voice

For quick access to make free calls, the Truecaller Voice icon has been integrated into convenient places within the app such as your call logs, SMS Inbox, contact profile and after call screen.

With this, users can access the VoIP call anywhere within the Truecaller app without switching to other applications. The service is currently available for Android users and will be launched for iOS users later.

In a nutshell, Truecaller now offers free voice calls to other Truecaller users. That is, any calls you are making from Truecaller, so long the person you are calling is using Truecaller, it will be free.

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Jun 18, 2019


Whatsapp Status feature was recently released by Whatsapp early this year 2017. The popular messaging app copied this feature from SnapChat, and even introduced it to its social apps - Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the Facebook app.

Just like Snapchat, Whatsapp live status feature allows you to upload a short video, picture and even animation GIF. Status are seen instantly by your contacts and remains there for 24 hours, after which, it will disappear permanently.

Have you wanted to save a picture, GIF or a video used by your contacts and found out that it's impossible? Oh really? It's really simple to save a media file used by your contacts on their Whatsapp status. I will guide you on how to make this possible. This is what I've been doing anytime i see a funny video or picture on my contact's Whatsapp status.

Funny pictures and short videos are uploaded by Whatsapp contacts, but you can only view them but can't download them to your device gallery. The only way for you to get that funny picture or video is to ask the friend to send you the original pics or video through chat. However, you can now save those statuses permanently in your device gallery without begging your friend to Share you the video or picture.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos

1. Open your WhatsApp and go to the Status you want to copy and make sure that you view it completely. If it is a video clip, make sure that you watch the video completely..

2. Go to File Manager on your phone

3. Open the SD card Storage and locate the “WhatsApp” folder

4. On the WhatsApp folder, locate “Media” folder
i.e SD card >> WhatsApp >> Media

5. Press the Option button which is usually 3 dots (depending on phone make)

6. You will see “Show hidden files” tap on it

7. Once you do that, a new folder “.Statuses” will appear at the top, that is where all multimedia shared on WhatsApp status are stored for 24 hours.

8. So what you do now is to open the folder, select and copy the ones you wish to keep to another folder (either your photos or videos folders) on your SD card.

9. They will immediately appear on your Gallery and will never disappear unless you choose to delete them.

That's all friends. Hope this saves you the stress of messaging your friends all the time to share you their Whatsapp Statuses.

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Jun 15, 2019


YoWhatsapp version 7.96 with base update number 2.19.150 has been rolled out with the current most wanted feature - Anti Ban -. YoWhatsapp is the modded version of the famous Whatsapp messenger app with lots of features.

YoWhatsapp is just like other Whatsapp mods out there, likes of GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, FMWhatsapp, OGWhatsapp, etc. YoWhatsapp was created by Yousef Al Basha.

Features Of YoWhatsapp 7.96

  • [Base Update] Base Update 2.19.150
  • [Exclusive] Anti-BAN.
  • [Exclusive] Exclusive Status Splitter ✂️, Split long videos to 30 seconds parts 🎞️
  • [Added] Missing Old emojis (iOS)
  • [Enabled] Ignore Archived chats (Settings Notifications)
  • [Enabled] Frequently forwarded tag on Messages forwarded 5+ times
  • [Enabled] See how many times you forwarded a Message (Select > info)
  • [Improved] Anti-ban measures
  • [Improved] Performance and reduced lag
  • [Improved] Faster opening app time
  • [Fixed] Anti-delete Status/Messages option not Disabling
  • [Fixed] Hidden chats show in widget
  • [Fixed] Random crashes when a notification Arrives
  • [ALERT]🗑️ Delete message time back to: 1hr 30 Mins 🚫
  • [ALERT] Forward limit back to: 5
  • [Removed] 5-minute status option

Important Note: If you have been banned before, kindly do this.
  1. Take backup of your Chats
  2. Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp first
  3. Install YoWhatsapp V7.96 and Verify your number again
  4. That's all. 

Where To Download YoWhatsapp 7.96

Jun 13, 2019


SourceARB is an investment platform in which you invest with us and you get weekly 10% profit on your investment forever so far sport is in existence.

The funds are invested in Sourcepick and Sport Arbitrage. SourcePick is coined out of our massive experience derived from the constant playing of sport arbitrage. And as such, it is more secured and less stress free unlike arbitrage but nevertheless we use both SourcePick and Sport Arbitrage for the investment model.

For those that do not understand what Sport Arbitrage is. A brief explanation will be given for quick digest to understand how it works.

Sport Arbitrage involves bett!ng on all the outcome of a particular event in which you won’t lose no matter what is being played out.

If an Arb of 12.48% was Spot on Arsenal Vs Man U
  • With Investment of #100,000 you will win #112,478 no matter the outcome
  • 12.48% of #100,000 will give = #12,478
  • Over 2.5 odd 1.88 (Nairabet)
  • Under 2.5 odd 2.8 (Merrybet)

If you using #100,000 to stake
Your stake will be;
  • #59,829.06 x 1.88 = #112,478
  • #40,170.94 x 2.8 = #112,478

From this bet the total stake is #100,000 no matter the outcome you will win #112,478.

That is the beauty of this investment, we are not predicting the outcomes of the games, we are only taking advantage of the loophole present in the odd given by the bookie.

Sourcepick is also similar to Sport Arbitrage but better and more risk free than arbitrage. SourceARB investment is based on the two Model and we are always taking profit because we are not bothered about the outcome of the match.

Why You Should Invest With Us

SourceARB is a tested and trusted platform. SourceARB is based on complex predictive system and Sport Arbitrage.
  • No charges on deposit
  • No charges on withdrawal
  • Your capital is secured and Risk Free
  • It takes less than 1hour for a deposit to be confirmed
  • Any charges incurred in conversion will be paid out by the team
  • Withdrawal can be done once in every 7 days
  • Your withdrawals get credited in less than 30 minutes.

SourceARB Social Links

Site link: https://www.sourcearb.com/

Group link : https://telegram.me/sourcearbnig/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SourceARBng/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/Sourcearbng/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ar_bng

Telegram Arbitrage Channel: https://telegram.me/OddArch

Nairaland Thread: https://www.nairaland.com/5239304/earn-10-weekly-sourcearb.

Just after enjoying free money on GoMoney referral program, another app is here giving users free N200 Naira for just signing up. The app is new and available for only Android users. Let's say Hi to Smart Buy (MeCure).

Smart Buy is quite similar to GoMoney in terms of their referral program. Our aim is to always enjoy their free money, secure our bags and zoom off. Before we continue, let's get to know more about Smart Buy (MeCure).

What Is Smart Buy (MeCure)?

SmartBuy is an eCommerce platform for all your healthcare needs. MeCure SmartBuy works with hundreds of pharmacies in Lagos to automatically identify the lowest prices for medicines & personal care products for you.

How Does Smart Buy Referral Program Works?

On SmartBuy, you have to refer your friends to earn Naira. For every user referred, you get N50 Naira + 50 Healthies. You also get 5% Naira and Healthies credit cashback when they place their 1st order on the app. And after signing up, they get free N200 Naira sign up bonus which they can redeem as Airtime topup to any network.

How To Register On SmartBuy

> First of all, download Smart Buy app here

> Sign up and use this as your invite code entclass_1881

> After successful signed up, you will be credited with free N200 Naira as your sign up bonus.

> You can redeem all via Airtime topup of any network


According to the mail I received from SmartBuy company, they said they have made changes to their offer. Which is;

  • 200 Naira can be redeemed after completing the first order
  • Flat 50% discount on first order
  • Free shipping on first order
  • Free Multivitamin on first order.
  • 5% cashback to referrer on completion of their first order.

> You can invite your friends to earn more. Make sure to tell them to use your invite code when signing up.

That's all. Enjoy while it last.

Jun 11, 2019


Spectranet is here with yet another 5 big bonanza for all her customers. Spectranet Big Bonanza offers customers upto 100% bonus data + free unlimited night browsing.

Spectranet took to their social media page to announce this offer. With just N16,000, you can get Spectranet Freedom Mifi plus 55GB data and free unlimited night browsing from 1AM to 7AM.

Spectranet 5 Big Bonanza Bonuses

  • You get data bonus of 10GB per renewal on N7,000 plan or above for the next 3 renewals within 120 days of activation.
  • You get data bonus of 10GB per renewal on N7,000 plan or above for the next 6 renewals within 210 days of activation.

Fair Usage Policy: Speed reduces to 512kbps after 100GB is consumed.

List Of Spectranet 5 Big Bonanza

With N16,000, you get;
  • Freedom Mifi
  • (25GB Activation + 30GB** data Bonus) = 55GB
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing (1am-7am)
  • Valid for 30 Days

With N20,000, you get;
  • Evo Mifi
  • (40GB Activation + 60GB* Data Bonus) = 100GB
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing (1am-7am)
  • Valid for 30 Days

With N22,500, you get;
  • Ace Mifi
  • (60GB activation + 60GB* Data Bonus) = 120GB
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing (1am-7am)
  • Valid for 30 Days.

With N25,000, you get;
  • Any Mifi
  • Unlimited Gold plan + Any Mifi
  • 100GB Data
  • Valid for 30 Days

With N25,000, you get;
  • Zoom CPE Router 
  • Unlimited Gold plan
  • 100GB Data
  • Valid for 30 Days

If you are interested to purchase any of the above Mifi, then Go Here.

What do you think?

Just few weeks after introducing 9mobile Whatsapp customer care service, the innovative and customer-friendly telecommunications company - 9mobile - is rewarding her subscribers with a whopping 9x (9 times) bonus on every recharge.

According to the Vice President of 9mobile, Adebisi Idowu;
Said it is a way of giving more to customers and expressing the value 9mobile places on every customers and what they spend on the network. The 9x Offer further reaffirms the telco as a caring brand that always seeks the best for its customers.

How 9mobile 9x Offer Works

This 9x offer will best interest customers who recharge more and loves staying long on calls. You will get bonus airtime, and as well data to browse the internet for all recharges of N200 and above.

For instance, if you recharge your 9mobile line with N200, you will get N1,800 bonus airtime (which is 9x more value to make calls to any network in Nigeria and browse the internet). If you are unable to recharge 200 Naira, you will get 4x bonus airtime for N100 recharge.

How To Activate 9mobile 9x Bonus Offer

New Subscribers
  • New subscribers will automatically enjoy the offer on their lines. No need to dial any code or whatsoever.

Existing Subscribers
  • No one is left out. 9mobile 9x bonus offer is available for everyone, and as an existing customer, you simply need to dial *611*20# to opt in.

If you love making calls, then you will find this offer useful to you. You stand to get more value to call any network in Nigeria while you pay less.

With this new offer, 9mobile customers get more value to do more on any network.

Jun 9, 2019


Few days ago, MTN launched its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat bot service for its Mobile Money (MoMo) platform.

MTN MoMo AI chatbot is Africa's first artificial intelligence chatbot service. It first appearance was in Cote d’Ivoire in May 2019 and now, it will be rolling out across MTN’s MoMo footprint in the next few months.

The aim of this AI chatbot is to get customers engaged in MTN Mobile Money service without hassle. This includes payments on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and SMS.

In addition, the newly launched AI chatbot will be added in MTN's own newly-released instant messaging service called Ayoba.

According to the official statement by MTN;
“We are passionate about bringing the power of our mobile money solutions to more than 60 million customers across Africa over the next few years,” said MTN Group CEO Rob Shuter.

“Harnessing modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence can improve in scale, how MTN interacts with customers, enabling the customers to reach us anytime and anywhere, through a variety of channels including social networks and messaging applications.

“We can also harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide our customers with the right answers to their questions at the right time.

Jun 7, 2019


The most anticipated feature has just arrived on the latest version of Instagram app for Android. Yes! Data Saver feature. Many users have been waiting for this feature for years now, and finally it's here.

We all know Instagram is a data sucking app with its high resolution video playing quality and photos. Instagram has released a new feature called Data Saver to help you minimize cellular data on the app.

This feature is currently available to all Android users. iOS users should expect the feature anytime soon.

How Does Instagram Data Saver Works? 

Instagram preloads videos so they can start playing immediately you scroll to them. Also, all media (videos and pictures) will be displayed in high resolution quality. Now, to reduce the amount of cellular data the Instagram app uses, you can choose not to have Instagram preload videos over cellular connections.

How To Enable Data Saving Mode On Instagram

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version on Playstore
  • Go to your Profile tab
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Account > Cellular Data Use
  • Under Use Less Data, toggle on Data Saver

Aside that, you can also choose whether you want Instagram to show you High resolution media on your Android device.

To do that, tap on High Resolution Media and then tap on any of the following options:

  • Never: Instagram will never you show you high resolution media.
  • WiFi Only: Instagram will only show you high resolution media if your device is connected to WiFi.
  • Cellular + WiFi: Instagram will show you high resolution media when your device is connected to either cellular data or WiFi.

With this, we can now spend more time on Instagram without our data zapping. Actually, this feature is being targeted to countries with poor network speed unlike other countries with superfast network speed.

Jun 6, 2019


This post has been updated as regards to the new data plan added. Glo has silently added a new data plan under its Special Data Plans. You can now get 2GB for N500 and 1GB for N300.

Few months ago, Glo took a selfish decision by stopping the famous Special data offer that gives subscribers 1.2GB for 200 Naira. This came as a sad news to all subscribers, which led to some users attacking Glo on their social media pages.

After the long cry to bring back our Special data offer, Glo decided to silently launch a new special data plan which is quite similar to Airtel Binge 1GB for 350 Naira.

Should i be happy to announce this new Glo special data plan? Anyway, Glo special data offer is back. You can now get 1Gb for 300 Naira.

How To Activate Glo Special Data Plans

> Recharge your Glo line with N300 or 500 Naira.

> Simply dial *777#. Then reply with 1 > then 1 > then 5 > then 1 > then 1.

> Both plans has a validity of 1 day

> You can dial *127*0# to view your data balance.

> The data can be used on any device, be it Android, iOS, Tablet or PC.

What's your say on this one?

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below. Don't forget to share this post with friends.