Cheapest Online Shopping Stores And How To Buy Goods From Them

Online store is just like the shopping store or
mall that you see on the street, the difference
being that the online stores are done
electronically while the later is doesn't
actually need electronic or computerized
process. Online shopping has come to stay in the
world and it's proving the best method to get
that product you wish to buy because of
improved and crime free payment and
delivery system.
The two cheapest online shopping mall or store am going to be concentrating on in the
course of this writeup are
Aliexpress Online Shopping Store and Jumia
Online Shopping Store
Though there are other shopping malls that
may be even cheaper than Aliexpress and Jumia but am writing on this two because I
have tested, used and bought many products
from them and many people also have
patronized and bought goods from them
through me or my advice. Gone are the days of cheap scamming,
frauding are duping of people through online
means; nowadays, there are much secured
payment systems and options adopted by
these big and reputable online stores. For
example, Aliexpress makes use of the escrow system of online payment and jumia
even extended theirs by giving potential
buyers an option to pay any product they
order online on delivery. I will explain more
on this.

What is Aliexpress?
Aliexpress is a top Chinese online store that
is well known for its credibility, good and
reputable customer relationship and of
course implementation of one of the highly
secured system of online payment.
Aliexpress online store has in abundance, all categories of goods that a human being

What Goods or Products Are Sold At
Aliexpress Online Store?
There are uncountable number of products
sold in Aliexpress both the ones you have
heard of and the once you haven't even
imagine what existed before now. Products
like laptops, desktop computers, computer
accessories, many types of Mobile phones from numerous brands, tablets, pads, phone
accessories, different types of televisions
brands, home theatre systems, Air-
conditioning System, microwaves, office
appliances and accessories, fashion materials
and wearable, and many more. Just check Aliexpress website to see for yourself

How Do I Search and Order For A
I will be telling you from experience,
anytime you want to order or buy a product
from Aliexpress, please write down or note
that product you want to buy because you
might be overwhelmed at the sight of many
tempting products with very cheap prices placed on them. I was once a victim of this
though, it was a blessing in disguise for me. I
wanted to buy an external hard drive but in
the course of searching for the hard drive, I
stumbled at a very cheap 64GB SD card
(N1500) and I immediately ordered about 24 pieces of it; forfeiting the drive I intended to
buy initially. So, unless you are open to buy
anything you see, I suggest you write and
stick to that important product you want to

How Do I Order Or Buy A Product From
Ordering for a product is not a big deal
because the Aliexpress website is as user
friendly as Jumia and Konga websites. Once
you have seen the product(s) you want to
buy, contact the seller through the contacts
Details provided in the page the product was displayed.

How Do I Know A Credible Seller?
Aliexpress made it very easy and simple for
all parties. Every seller at Aliexpress has a
feedback and ranking status. Before you pay
for a product, it's highly recommended you
check the feedback the seller receives on that
particular product. These feedback are messages people that previously bought the
product write to either commend or criticize
the seller. So it will give you the true picture
of how credible the seller of that product is.
Another method of checking the credibility of
the seller is checking the ranking. Each seller is ranked and a 96% to 100% ranking is
perfect to do business with the seller.

Which Payment System Is Required To
Buy Products From Aliexpress?
You can easily buy products with your credit
cards. Some of the accepted ones are
Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) card UBA master
card and others.

How Secured Is My Transaction At
Aliexpress uses one of the safest methods of
online transaction in the form of Escrow
system of payment. This system means that
your money won't get to the seller until you
have received your products and confirmed
its in good condition as you saw online. Once you have confirmed it, your money will now
be released to the seller. Remember, you can
reject and send back the product if it is not
exactly what you saw online. So you see, its
a customer friendly and very secured online
store if you follow the right steps.

How Do I Get The Products I Ordered In
Aliexpress To My Country?
Like I earlier said, Aliexpress is a Chinese
online store meaning that your goods will
have to be shipped to your country through
shipping companies like DHL and others.
However, most of the products sold in
Aliexpress are shipped free of charge while others are shipped and cost of shipping is
measured with the weight (weight) of the
product you bought. The truth is that, goods
that are freely shipped take a little more
time to get to the buyer.

What is Jumia Store?
Jumia is one of the top recognized online
shopping store that offers unbeatable price
for numerous products at their online store.

What Products Are Available At Jumia Online Store?
Just like Aliexpress, jumia has a wide range
of consumer electronics, wearable, office
products, kitchen appliances and name it.
Checkout Jumia's website to see all the nice
products available and their unbeatable price
here Jumia Website

How To Buy Products On Jumia
Buying things on Jumia is extremely easy
once you have your ATM card. You can either
buy through the jumia website provided
above or buy through Adverts of numerous
products from Jumia.

How Do I Get The Product I Bought From Jumia?
Jumia is the most customer friendly online
store for Nigerians and other African
countries. This is because, they give their
customers option to pay for the products
they ordered on delivery and you can see
that this is exactly what most people want especially those that are skeptical about
security in online transactions. So with this,
you don't have to be scared as you only pay
for the product only when it gets delivered to
you. Nice!
Payments on delivery is one of the selling point of Jumia. It makes them more reliable
and trusted by the masses.

Having said that, from my experience in
online transactions, I will boldly say that I
prefer buying goods online than walking
from one shop to the other in search of a
Like in Aliexpress, I have done some importation of many products like Mobile
phones, phone accessories, computer
accessories and A4 typing and photocopying
paper at a very cheaper price and resold
them here in Nigeria, making useful gain
from it. Also my current phone and Plasma TV was
bought from Jumia and so far, they are
serving me well.

In conclusion, very soon, let me say in the
next 2 years, 6 out of every 10 individuals
will comfortably start buying stuffs online.
What do you think? Feel free to ask any
question on online shopping or importation
business here.

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