Top 6 Problems Of The Infinix Hot 2 And Their Solutions

The Infinix Hot 2 is one of the most impressive budget devices we’ve seen in Nigeria for the year 2015. Why so? The phone is an Android One device. This simply means that Google partnered with Infinix to make the phone. Hence, users of this device will receive the latest Android updates as they come, directly from Google
That asides, looking at the spec vs price angle, there are few devices that come close. After going through various complaints from people and threads in Nairaland,
I’ve decided to compile the most common issues with the phone and proffer solutions for them.
Before we proceed, Here are things you should know:
  • The Infinix Hot 2 runs stock Android. This is very different from what you see on the regular Android devices you’ve used or seen before. This phone runs raw Android – just the way founding fathers made it to be – without any extra customization. You should have this at the back of your mind.
  • You need to set up your Gmail account before using this phone. You can’t do much on this phone if you don’t do that immediately after purchase. Simply login (if you already have an account) or create a new one.
Now back to the common problems and their solutions.
Problem 1: I can’t see a file manger
After signing in with your Gmail account, the first thing you need to do is run to Google Play Store, and download a file manager. Es File Explorer is highly recommended.
Problem 2: I can’t use a custom song as ringtone
When you notice you can’t set a song as ringtone, then next thing is, use your ES File Explorer, navigate to the song you want, and set that as your ringtone.
Problem 3: I can’t find any gallery
The Infinix Hot 2 actually has a gallery app called Google Photos. Though, I’ll admit, the app looks weird and different from what we’re used to. To fix the problem, run along to Google Play Store and download Quick Pic. It is a lightweight and fast gallery app. Highly recommended.
Problem 4: I can’t play videos
If you can’t find a good video player on your phone, again Quick Pic is decent. For a more rounded experience, go ahead to Google Play Store and download MX Player.
Problem 5: The phone doesn’t have HSDPA
So because the phone shows 3G on the network signal bar (instead of H+), you people have concluded the phone doesn’t have HSDPA. If you dig around Setting -> About section, you’ll clearly see where it is shown. The phone has HSDPA. However, if you need to be able to see it reflected as an icon in the status bar, you can still go farther, by rooting, install Xposed Framework and Gravity Box, then set it up to write H+ on the status bar.
That’s all for now. The list will be updated as soon as see more issues to be addressed. You can sound of your thoughts in the comments box. Cheers and a Happy Independence Celebrations.
Update: 22/11/2015
Problem 6: My launcher suddenly changed to vertical scrolling
If you notice that the launcher suddenly changed to vertical scrolling, don’t be afraid. What really happened is that you updated it. The latest update to Google Now launcher changed it from horizontal to vertical scrolling of the app drawer. So if you don’t like it, go to Google Play Store, and download Nova launcher HERE, then customize it as you please.
  1. Most of the problems you experience with this phone is because you’re on a Guest Account. Yes. During initial setup most of us mistakenly put ourselves in guest account. This means the phone sees you as a guest. Hence, it restricts your use of the phone. Please make sure you are not on a guest account, if you’re on it, reset your phone to factory settings.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT ROOT THIS PHONE!! If you do, updating becomes and issue.

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