How To Add A Welcome Speech On Your Windows 8 Pc

Hello there , today i am sharing an exceptionally valuable PC tip for windows 8 clients. Here i am portraying how to set welcome discourse on your windows 8 PC. Me excessively actuated welcome discourse (i mean, welcome speech) on my PC and huge numbers of my guys asked – " how to initiate welcome discourse(speech) on your Windows 8 PC' , 'By what means would i be able to change my PC welcome discourse' and so on. Presently is giving the answers for every one of your issues with respect to the theme " how to set welcome discourse on Windows 8 '.

Presently we should go to the instructional exercise – how to include welcome discourse on my window

Procedures – How to add welcome speech on your computer [for all users]

1. Open notepad and type,

Dim speaks, speech
speaks=”Sreenath, Welcome to your Victor Kachi's PC, Have a nice experience. winks”
Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.Speak speaks

Now save the file in the name welcome.vbs

2. Now Move the file [welcome.vbs] to
‘ C:\Users\Sreenath[your user name] \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup 

Important Note –   You need to allow show hidden files on your pc for this to work.

3. You are done , now you are activated welcome speech on your wndows 8 PC.
You can change the speech by editing the line “Sreenath, Welcome to your Victor Kachi's PC, Have a nice experience. winks” in the .vbs file.

I hope you find this tutorial useful..
Please use the comment box below if you have any problem.
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  1. Thanks for this tutorial... I love this blog