How To Tweak Your Android Device IMEI With Mobile Uncle Tool And MTK Engineering Mode

IMEI Tweaking is presently a commonly recognized name for nerds that stone free and shoddy scanning in their individual telephones implying that it is no more another thing however such a variety of individuals are still lost and confounded on how it is finished. Some fear bricking their telephone over the span of tweaking IMEI and some would prefer not to break their telephone guarantee bond. At any rate you see it, IMEI Tweaking is an essential on the off chance that you truly need to increase any free or shabby scanning

cheat accessible and am going to take you through the best and least difficult technique to change your IMEI with 99% achievement rate

In this instructional exercise, we will make utilization of the prominent portable uncle device and MTK building mode apparatus. These two IMEI Tweaking applications are similar to siblings in arm. They work alike with the same client interface. On the other hand, I incorporated the mtk building mode application in light of the fact that some MTK Android telephones doesn't function admirably with portable uncle apparatus so I chose to incorporate both of them on the off chance that one didn't work for you, you can without much of a stretch utilize the option.

What Are The Benefits Of Changing or Tweaking IMEI?

* You begin getting a charge out of Glo BIS on your Android telephone

* You now change any accessible free data on new telephones into your own telephone. For instance, getting free 325mb, 3gb, 100mb, 2015gb, 1gb from mtn and 500mb, 150mb from Etisalat. Additionally 2gb from Airtel and numerous all the more free data

* The delight of adaptability starting with one telephone IMEI then onto the next
What Are The Disadvantages Of Tweaking or Changing Phone IMEI?
Everything that have advantage similarly has Disadvantages and IMEI tweaking is not left behind.

* IMEI tweaking is unlawful in numerous nations so change at your own particular risk

* IMEI tweaking consequently voids your telephone guarantee

* You can block your telephone on the off chance that you don't take after the right steps while tweaking IMEI
How Do I Tweak My Phone IMEI?
IMEI tweaking is too simple as long as you follow the guidelines carefully. In fact, I have made it more simple in this tutorial with clearly elaborated pictorial explanation so that you won't find anything difficult in tweaking anymore.

* Your Android phone
*  Mobile uncle tool. Download it here
*  MTK engineering mode. Download it here
*  Lastly, your brain


1. Open and run the mobile uncle tool or the mtk engineering mode app you installed

2. On the app menu, tap on "engineering mode"

3. A new page will open, select engineering mode (MTK)

4. Another page will open, now swipe right to connectivity page in the mobile uncle or mtk engineering mode app

5. Now select "CDS information"

6. On the new page that opens, tap on "radio information"

7. Another page will open containing two options. This two options appears in phones with dual SIM but if yours is only one SIM, you will see only one option. Now select the preferred SIM you want to do it.
Phone 1 is for SIM one

Phone 2 is for SIM two.
In this tutorial, we are making use of SIM one. So tap on phone one

8. Place your cursor just after the AT+ and type this EGMR=1,7,""

9. Now enter the IMEI number you want to tweak just between the two quotation marks " "

10. After typing the IMEI, recheck and see if it is 15 digits and tap on "Send at command"

11. You will see a small pop up message saying that your command has been msent

12. Apply Airplane mode for 5 seconds and deactivate it so that the new imei can be effective.

That's all. Now to check the IMEI you just tweaked, dial *#06#

Feel free to share this with your friends and remember to ask us anything in the comment box if you need any help.

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  1. am confused which imel should I put

    1. Hello Holla, you need to input my imei into your Android. So follow the above steps to change your imei.

  2. I can't find "CDS information" in the MTK app on my Infinix Hot2. What am I going to do?

    1. It's under Connectivity.

    2. I couldn't find it under connectivity. It's just Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi CTIA

    3. What type of phone do you use?

  3. MobileUncle tools has just been downloaded, but the app says NO SUPPORT when I clicked on the IMEI BACKUP RESTORE. Can you tell me what caused it

    1. You don't need to click on Imei backup. Follow my instructions

  4. Anonymous29/10/16

    must I root my phone first? If yes, how can I successfully root my Samsung e8? After the one I did, U could only access new font

    1. It's not a must to root your device.

    2. How can I change imei of Samsung s3

  5. Anonymous13/2/17

    Plz I want to tweak my phone,but after putting d new imei nd sending command I get this pop up:this command is not allowed in user build

    1. It's simple. Kindly leave a space between + and E

  6. were should i download your android app

  7. Anonymous22/6/17

    Boss.... I just dialed *#06# and its showing invalid wat can I do

  8. Can I change it in infinix Hot 4

  9. how can I change the IME in infinix Hot 4

  10. Good, Nice piece, I know about this before, thanks for the post.

  11. Is it applied in Ghana

  12. Do I need to input my mtn sim on the phone I'm using to browse to proceed with this?