Learn How To Uninstall Unwanted Apps In Your Android Device

 Most importantly, what is a System application? System application is an application that is pre-introduced in any Android telephone by the producers of the telephone. System applications now and again are vital while some are simply scrap and utilized for adverts or organization purposes and some of these applications won't not be imperative to each client of the telephone. The most exceedingly bad piece of the entire thing is all the system applications in a telephone can't be uninstalled simply like outsider or applications you introduce without anyone else's input. The main thing you can do to system applications is to cripple it yet I discovered that even in the wake of incapacitating the application, it will come up again following couple of minutes.


1. System applications are the real customer or eater of Android memory and RAM. On the off chance that you are encountering low memory or if your Android telephone is continually showing memory full, erase some information or uninstall a few applications, then the real reason for it is system applications.

2. System applications make your telephone slack and moderate

3. Some system applications are pointless to a specific individual. Envision and old man that don't play diversions at all having fifa amusement on his telephone. That is futile and upon that, the substantial fifa application will be depleting both memory, RAM and battery.

4. Some system applications utilizes installment strategies which implies before you can utilize any of the elements of that specific application, you should need to do exchange with the application. Numerous individuals don't care for online exchanges and some don't even know how to do such so what is the application doing there?

5. Some system applications keep running in foundation and gobble up your MB (information). This kind of system application can't be rested or murdered by assignment executioner applications like clean ace, greenify and so on

NOTE: Before you start, please ensure your telephone is established. What's more, the most essential thing is that you must make certain of what you are doing. Don't uninstall any application that begins with com. Don't uninstall any application you are not certain of. Don't uninstall dialer, clock, telephone directory, exhibition, messages and so on the grounds that it may get your telephone bricked or breakdown. Maybe uproot applications like pointless games, news applications or exchange applications.

You cannot remove or uninstall any system app except your phone is rooted. 
1. There are other apps that can do it but here I recommend this trusted app called system app manager. Download it here now  from playstore

2. Open the app and just tap on filter, system apps apps are written in red while user apps are written in white.

3. Hit on any app you want to uninstall and a popup will show.

4. Hit on manage

5. Select Unistall and the selected app will be installed from your phone and release memory for you.


1. You can disable any application using it
2. You can uninstall system or user apps using this application
3. You can backup your apps using this great app manager and many more useful things you can do with it.
4. You can convert a system app to user app. Yes this is nice. If the system app is important to you but you find out it is draining your phones memory you can convert the app to user app instead of uninstalling it. I did this to most of my system apps and it was cool.
You don't have to be complaining of low memory storage again.

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