Latest Lenovo's ThinkPad With Mind Blowing 64GB Ram

Like seriously, this device have been released for quite a few months now but technology is really turning this earth around more than we expect and we are witnessing many developments and upgrading on a daily basis.

lenovo thinkpad

The level we are right now, Lenovo incorporating the new chips into a pair of hefty machines running on professional-class Xeon processors.
The Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70 are made for people who are in need of big amounts of computing power on with upto 64GB RAM (Isn't that amazing?), up to 1TB SSD storage, and two USB-C thunder-bolt, 3-ports for speeding data transfer. The organization is using Intel's Skylake architecture in which the Xeon processors is based & also dont forget that it is actually a note-book PC, lol....

P50 and P70 are known as the first laptops to incorporate Skylake chip architecture, but they're also a good reminder that while most of us are focusing/depending on slim, light-weight laptops just like the latest 12-inch Mac-Book. Let me tell you, People are still chomping at the bit for hardcore productivity machines. And these are certainly nothing like the new Mac-Book, with the 15.6-inch P50 and 17-inch P70 weighing about 5.6 pounds and 7.6 pounds respectively, thats at least two and a half times as heavy as the 2 pound Mac-Book.
The Lenovo note-book PC will be released to the market for customers to purchase from the fourth quarter of this year and the price for it is expected to begin at $1,599 for the P50 and about $1,999 for the P70.

Another attracting thing about the marketing of this devices is that, customers will be given the choice of choosing the operating system(OS) they want, just like windows 10,8,7, Ubuntu imcluding an option of choosing between 4K and Touch display.
You can get it on jumia, Just search for it...

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