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Mar 5, 2016


UPDATE: How To Activate Your MTN Magic Sim In Less Than 2hours

Hey Entclass.com readers, i hope everyone here are surfing with the latest MTN magic sim for 2016? If no, hmm, your name na durowomi. Lol...

Anyway, i posted the steps on how to activate your mtn sim to a magic sim but it gonna take 24hrs for the sim to be fully activated. Incase you dont know the steps yet, kindly check here.

Today, i'm here to teach you guys how i activated mine within 2hours, Yes, 2hrs...
Just follow my below steps and you will find yourself killing it.lol

First of all, migrate to Mtn Ipulse by dialing *406# or Text 406 to 131. After migration, recharge your mtn line with N300 or make sure you have at least N250 on your MTN line.

Now, subscribe to MTN 2 hours data plan by
dialing *131*1*4*1#
You will notice the N250 will be deducted,
Now, let me drop something that looks like bomb...

After following the above steps successfully, start browsing and downloading. When its exactly 5minutes or 7minutes to your 2hours expiring, kindly pull out your mtn sim from your phone and wait for 10minutes before inserting your mtn sim back to your phone.
For Example: If your 2hours plan is suppose to expire by 3:00, when its exactly 2:55, remove your mtn sim from your phone and put it back after 3:05. Hope you grab?

Alright, after done that, kindly create a new APN with my below settings.

Name: Entclass Magic Sim
Apn: web.blackberry.net
Username: web
Password: web
Then save and start browsing, downloading and streaming unlimitedly till your phone starts crying for Help!..

Don't just read and go, kindly appreciate me by commenting and sharing this cheat by clicking the share button below..

Have Fun, Always visit us here on Entclass.com for more cheats and updates.


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  1. Anonymous5/3/16

    Can it work on pc

  2. Anonymous5/3/16

    I mean how do I change dey setting on my modem

  3. It can work on pc after you must have activated your Mtn sim...

    You don't have to change any settings after activating your MTN sim to use on Pc...

    1. Anonymous5/3/16

      Thanks but how do I activate it

  4. Follow the steps i gave in this post, then you are good to go..

    1. Anonymous6/3/16

      Is it for only pulse?

  5. Its tested and confirmed on Ipulse...

  6. Is it still working as at today?

  7. Pls sir can we get the latest mtn0.0k cheat settings

  8. This answer goes to the two questions above me.

    @Christain, the magic sim is still blazing hard as i am replying you now..

    @Warri guy, check here for the MTN 0.00 settings..

  9. i did it on mtn true talk...2day makes 1week

  10. i got a message after subscribing that it will xpire the followin day

  11. How long will it then work. 24hr?

  12. @Afighi, it will take nothing more than 2hrs as i explained in this post...

  13. Do I need to create new APN settings on system to be Abel to use it on PC?

  14. Anonymous8/3/16

    What's the new apn then

  15. He meant creating a new APN for his PC with this settings in this post...

  16. Pls bro i domt seem to understand you... the 2hrs plan expires exactly after 24 hours.. so i dod mine today by 12 it didnt expire by 2pm.. so its 24hrs.. so is ii wen it is almost 24hrs i shuld remove my sim then put it back after 5minss.. so that means i can still be browsing without removing my sim then wen its almost 24hrs i take off my sim the put it back .. pls explain in details.. thank you

  17. @Emeka, this is very simple, my post is self explanatory, its not hard. Let me explain better to you. After migration and subscribing to the plan i said, start browsing, then, when it is exactly 5mins to the 2hrs expiring, remove the mtn sim from your phone and insert it back to your phone after 10mins of removing it...

    Hope you grab now?

  18. Hello bro is this mtn magic sim still working

  19. Anonymous23/3/16

    which magic sim method is on?