Download Different Models Of ITEL Stock Roms Here

This post am writing now is strictly for itel users. Many itel users has been finding it difficult to download a stock rom for their respective device for backup reasons or the other. Today, i will provide guys links to download your itel device model stock rom for free. Check below

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Below are the list of itel stock roms

-model; itel 1350
 android version; 2.3.5
 download size 144Mb

Download itel 1350 stock rom here

-model; itel 1351
 android version; 4.1.2
 download size; 275Mb

Download itel 1351 stock rom here

-model; itel 1351E 
 android version; 4.1.2
 download size; 193Mb

Download itel 1351E stock rom here

-model; itel 1352
 android version; 4.1.2
 download size; 181Mb

Download itel 1352 stock rom here

-model; itel 1353
 android version; 2.3.5
 download size; 239Mb

Download itel 1353 stock rom here

-model; itel 1400
 android version; 2.3.5
 download size; 156Mb

Download itel 1400 stock rom here 

-model; itel 1401
 android version; 4.1.2
 download size; 166Mb

download itel 1401 stock rom here

-model; itel 1402
 android version; 2.3.5
 download size; 159Mb

Download itel 1402 stock rom here

-model; itel 1403
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 198Mb

Download itel 1403 stock rom here

-model; itel 1404
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 263Mb

Download itel 1404 stock rom here

-model; itel 1405
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 500Mb

Download itel 1405 stock rom here 

-model; itel 1406
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 507Mb

Download itel 1406 stock rom here

-model; itel 1407
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 319Mb

Download itel 1407 stock rom here

-model; itel 1450
 android version; 2.3.5
 download size; 149Mb

Download itel 1450 stock rom here

-model; itel 1451
 android version; 4.1.2
 download size; 183Mb

Download itel 1451 stock rom here

-model; itel 1452
 android version; 4.4
 download size 292Mb

Download itel 1452 stock rom here

-model; itel 1453
 android version; 4.4.2
 download size; 303Mb

Download itel 1453 stock rom here

-model; itel 1500
 android version; 4.2
 download size; 191Mb

Download itel 1500 stock rom here

-model; itel 1501
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 263Mb

Download itel 1501 stock rom here

-model; itel 1502
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 460Mb

Download itel 1502 stock rom here

-model; itel 1503
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 280Mb

Download itel 1503 stock rom here

-model; itel 1505
 android version; 5.1
 download size; 722Mb

Download itel 1505 stock rom here

-model; itel 1506
 android version; 5.1
 download size; 369Mb

Download itel 1506 stock rom

-model; itel 1701
 android version; 4.4
 download size; 495Mb

Download itel 1701 stock rom here

-model; itel 1702
 android version; 5.1
 download size; 585Mb

Download itel 1702 stock rom here

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