You Can Now Share And Forward A Message To Multiple Contacts On Whatsapp

Whatsapp is seriously adding more features to its Messenger app which we should be expecting video calling, GIF support, image annotation and more other features which i might not know. But let's get down to the latest feature which is already live in Beta version (testing version which is not yet officially launched for update on Google playstore).

Whatsapp has released yet another Beta version of its messenger app v2.16.230 which came with a new feature that i consider as to make life alot easier for us as it now has multi select feature when forwarding a message to friends or sharing to groups on Whatsapp. You won't be forwarding a message to one chat and then go back to do it again to send to another person. Also to groups.

You can now share a photo, message, file or video on whatsapp by tapping and holding to select multiple recipients. Saving you the stress and time sharing to one chat at a time.

Whatsapp will now show you the three most active (frequent) chats on top when you want to share/forward any thing. You can still search for contacts which is not in your active chats.

This latest version is not yet available on Google playstore for you to update but i will show you how to make it available for update using the testing version (Beta) cos its still on Testing.


Like i said, i will show you how to make the update showup on Playstore.

If you already have the WhatsApp Messenger app installed on your device, you'll get an update with the testing version shortly. If you don't have the WhatsApp Messenger app installed, download it on Google Play first, then you'll get an update with the testing version. It can take a few hours for the update to arrive.

Un-installing The Test Version
You can uninstall the testing version at any time. If you uninstall the testing version and a public version of the app is available, you can switch to public version by uninstalling the testing version and installing the app again on Google Play.

Kindly go Here and click Become a Tester, once you are a tester, launch your Google Playstore and search for Whatsapp. You should see an Update waiting for you.

That's all, if you have any question to ask, kindly ask using the comment box below.

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