How To Hide Photos, Videos Or Any Files On Android phone Without App

Today, i will be teaching you a simple trick which you can try on your Android phone. Though, it's not a new trick. I will be teaching you how to hide your photos, videos or any other files on your Android phone without the use of any third party app. This is the best way to hide files on your Android phone from unauthorized access.

One thing i love about this trick of hiding pictures, videos or any file on Android is that, once you hide any media file like pictures, videos, musics etc, it won't be available on your phone's Gallery, Video player or Music player.

It's very simple, kindly follow me along to hide your files on your Android phone from people.

How To Hide Photos, Videos Or Any Files On Your Android phone Without An App

=> First of all, goto File Manager => Your Storage (either Phone or SD card)

=> Tap on the three dotted line and tap on Show Hidden Files

=> Create a folder with any name and move the files you want to hide inside the newly created folder. For me, i used "Entclass Blog" as the name of my folder that i want to hide.

=> After moving your files into the folder, kindly rename the folder and add dot before the name of the folder. Then press OK. Immediately, it will become Hidden. For example, i renamed my folder and added dot, it now looks like .Entclass Blog

=> Now, tap on the three dotted line and tap on Hide hidden files.

That's all. That folder and its files are now hidden on your Android phone.

How To Hide Your Pictures and Videos Using Pic Lock.apk

How To Retrieve / Show Hidden Files

To retrieve the folder and its files again, just tap on the three dotted line and tap on Show Hidden Files, locate the hidden folder and rename the folder by removing the dot.

That's all. Your hidden folder is now visible and can be accessed on your phone's Gallery, you or friends.

Are you confused? Ask questions below and i will reply you immediately. Hope you enjoyed this post? Don't forget to share this post.

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  1. I didn't see show hidden files

  2. It's kinda easy for people to access the files.. Download this app.. Audio manager. .the name is Just a decoy and when people open it, they think it's a normal audio editor.. But there's a secret lock.. Fine if u hide files with it, they still show in your file manager so your best bet is to hide your file manager itself.. .or gallery.. .simple to use.. I've been using this app... Better than recyle bin featured apps.. .I'll try bro kachis own also.. .

    1. Thanks for the comment, but hiding the whole Gallery or File Manager isn't that cool. Why not move the files you want to hide inside a folder and then hide the folder. That's the best way.

  3. Victor this my first comment on ur blog.. U awesome n great.. Good job bro

  4. Nice Trick... Kachi am using vault before... let me rush and try the trick

    1. You can stick to what you are using for your sensitive documents to avoid stories that touch. Remember, that one is tested and trusted for you.

  5. Look, I will still see it. Best to download a third party app. Take for example, I have my CV and other certifications on my phone. I hide it with an app. That is as well passworded. I trust that more. And it's been safe over time.