How Nigeria Leads Africa's Tech Push

Nigeria has one of the strongest economies in Africa, but the whole country is currently experiencing an economic recession, which led to several downturns of the citizens’ living condition. Despite the issues it is facing these pressing times, Nigeria has still what it takes to push the technology industry in all of Africa. Although the recession is a strong indicator of the nation’s inability to lead the whole continent, Nigeria has ways to put Africa on the map.

Operating Competitive Online Markets

Are you familiar with and If you don’t know anything about them, Konga and Jumia are two of the most prominent eCommerce websites based in Nigeria. They were founded in the same year, 2012, and less than two years after their inception, they have already received several recognitions within the country and in other nations as well. They are not as big as, but they triggered an emergence of other eCommerce websites operating in Africa today.

While there is a small percentage of the household with internet access, it’s still advantageous for Nigeria to boost the technology industry in Africa. It implies that the country has the capability of reaching and servicing consumers in other parts of the world. More importantly, having these online stores makes it more convenient for Nigerian consumers to shop. Moreover, these websites become venues to market and sell various tech devices made by Nigerian innovators.

Encouraging Young Innovators

According to CountryMeters, the Nigerian population as of February 5, 2017 has already reached over 190 million, and it continues to increases every day. Evidently, an increasing population is not ideal, especially now when the country is in an economic recession. But of course, not everything about it is bad. One of the best things with respect to having a large population is the availability of young people who can innovate and bring fresh ideas to the table, and Nigeria is home to many potential innovators.

Ventures Africa, an online news and analysis portal about the recent happenings in Africa, has listed 42 African innovators to watch out for, and 18 of them are Nigerians. One of them is Nkem Uwaje-Begho, the founder of FutureSoft, which is an IT solutions provider. However, she is not the only one who has the potential of enhancing Africa’s technology. There are still many young Nigerians who have the qualities of becoming tech experts if they are properly guided and financially supported.

“If these set of innovative young Nigerians are well coordinated and well directed, they will form the launching pad of a tech revolution that is capable of engulfing the country as well as take the whole of Africa by storm,” said Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, founder of

Providing Venues for Education and Training

If young innovators are encouraged to go out from their shells, then they should be provided with the necessary education and training grounds. Such provisions will make sure that their skills are honed to the fullest. Aside from that, they can learn more from the experts who will be able to teach and guide them properly.

Despite the situation the country is in, Nigeria has many great universities and schools that offer courses related to technology.  The problem is that some of these young Nigerian prospects can’t afford to enroll themselves in schools. If the government is able to provide venues for these youngsters, then Nigeria, through its innovators’ initiatives, is definitely going to lead Africa in technological advancements.

Building More ICT Hubs

In addition to education and training grounds, the establishment of ICT hubs, or networks of information and communication technologies, will also provide an environment where young prospects are able to generate creative and useful ideas for tech innovation. The good news is that Nigeria already has a number of ICT hubs all over the country. And the better news is that the government plans to establish more hubs in all Nigerian states.

What’s more interesting is private sectors are also establishing their own ICT hubs. The more ICT hubs are established, the better and faster it is to realize and implement the innovative ideas, which can push Nigeria as the leader of technology in Africa.

Accepting Investors

Although there is an economic recession, Nigeria has many investors and venture capitalists who are ready to invest in tech solutions and ideas. Once they feel that the projects are worthy of being realized and recognized, they will not think twice of helping the people behind such innovative ideas. They are particularly helpful to young innovators who don’t have enough money to process, produce, and market their solutions.

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