2017 List Of Fake Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria You Should Beware Of

Ponzi Schemes are now making waves in Nigeria. It's now the topic most youths are now talking about. Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria are now rampant even more than Football betting. Though, people see it as the fastest way to get extra money by providing and getting help from one another with some percentage attached to it.

Incase you don't know the meaning of Ponzi Scheme;
First definition: It's a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

Second Definition: It's a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.

The first definition was parahrased to my taste. Though, both definitions are very correct but the first definition explained it better.

The word Ponzi was originated and named after Charles Ponzi. He died in the year 1949. He was the first man who carried out such a fraud in the year 1919–1920.

Due to the present economic downfall we are experiencing in Nigeria, sharp guys, including ladies are now taking advantage of Ponzi Schemes. With the rate at which Nigerians are going into Ponzi Schemes for quick cash, many fake Ponzi sites has been created to scam you of your hard-earned money.

Today, i have taken my time to compile the list of all fake Ponzi sites i know (if not all). I'm sure, many more fake Ponzi sites will soon be created. You guys have to be careful. Ponzi Schemes are risky, even life is a risk though. But just becareful and do a thorough research before signing up for any Ponzi sites.

2017 List Of Fake Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria You Should Beware Of

1. Pay donor
2. O give
3. Samapay
4. Money box
5. Joyful donor
6. Quick money
7. Helping community
8. Paydoublers
9. Help forum
10. Nairapayout
11. Greenspeer
12. Help community
13. Spring cash
14. Cashblaze
15. Our social wallet
16. Kaynation
17. Divine fund
18. Double Cash
19. Waxpress
20. Fund Niche
21. Paycycler
22. Peer to peer
23. Thriftonweb
24. Paymepayyou
25. Oil pot exchange
26. All the 24h and 48h. This Ponzi is based on Whatsapp named Whatsapp PH and GH. Created by a Nigerian guy.
27. Ultimate cycler
28. Run from any name that has cycle or cycler
29. ncycler
30. smile2charity
31. nairapropeller and more i can't recall now and more yet to be created.

Scam Ponzi Schemes Reported By Users in the Comment Box

1. Cashblaze.org
2. Farewealth
3. Ecooperative.online
4. SureCash
5. Digital Portal CLUB
6. www.digitalportal2.club
7. Quickkash.net
8. Citifund
9. Cashgram
10. Valcash
11. Mycashlounge
12. Naracle.net
13. Cashkay
14. Donationreward.net
15. brytafuture.com
16. Nairacash.org
17. PoshAlert
18. Triple income
19. Flashwealth
20. www.abundantwealth.com
21. Moniechest.com
22. Wazobiaclub
23. Paypulse

Please, my brothers and sisters who have fallen victims already, take heart and make a U-turn.

Though, MMM Nigeria and Twinkas are still confirmed paying, as at the time of this publication...

UPDATE: Bestpaga.com is Gone. Run with your money if you love it.

If you know any other fake Ponzi Schemes that i didn't include in the list above, kindly bring it to my notice using the comment box below.

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  1. http://fundreceivers.com/?ref=path2016

    still paying...

  2. Nobody can vouch for any site. All we know is the ones that are still paying. It can change anytime. I joined n paid on d 15th haven't been merged yet. Can't even reach their site

  3. Anonymous21/2/17

    please what happens to bestpaga, the site is not opening

  4. presently paying, I got paid twice within 5days

                    How It Works
    Fund Receivers is money payback guaranteed Investment, activate any of our package and get 200% Money Return within 24 hours to 5 days. We also have several bonuses that come with each of the package. Activate a package now and Become a Receiver.
    Referral System Not Compulsory

    That said, the system supports referrals and you get 10% for every person referred.
    Sit back, relax and let your money work for you.
    Click here to join:http://fundreceivers.com/?ref=path2016

  5. Anonymous21/2/17

    bestpaga is not opening Oooo, what's wrong

  6. Enter your comment...guy fetchnaira is a scam.
    I registered with 10k since 10 days after matching 2 pe3sons to pay me both refuse to pay.till now no new match for me.but they said 48hrs you get paid, 10 days now no pay

  7. Quickmonie just launched and it is a clone site of best paga! Bestpaga is no longer opening by the way.

  8. Akpos21/2/17

    I don't think cashkay is a scam. I joined Wednessday last week 15th, I choose the classic package, and paid 10k. I got merged today 21st with 2 persons to pay me. One has paid, the other said tomorrow. However, I was scared initially because after making payment that morning, the website went under maintainace.

    I believe what happens most times with these schemes is lack of traffic. Remember it's a pyramid. If 24 persons provide help, it would take 48 persons to pay them their promised cash plus interest.

    Wisdom is highly needed when joining any Ponzi scheme. Try to check the meaning of Ponzi, you would see its fraudulent. Let's all be wise.

  9. Anonymous22/2/17

    WE HAVE BEEN WAITING, loopers day schedule to begin today at 11:59pm. there is going to be a massive queue and quick payment in all the packages, use my link http://loopersclub.com/r-ZFGl0Lvi1QDFOkSn and come celebrate with us. 10k and 20k have been paying very fast, the same is said of 50k but i have not tried it. let's go and loop people! http://loopersclub.com/r-ZFGl0Lvi1QDFOkSn

  10. is moneytroll legit?

  11. Rosay22/2/17

    Claritta is still functioning, apart from the set back they experience last time. They are perfectly payin now.

  12. Rosay22/2/17

    What is happening to acbdonor? Has anyone been matched lately? It started well and after days went for maintenance...... Am afraid investing again... So I need hints

  13. Bestpaga site has refused to load, and since a week now, I've not been matched....something is smelling oh

  14. Kachi...edit some archive so that fresh update will suffice... Thanks

  15. please is moneytroll the 10k package moving?

  16. i just signed up some minutes ago, am yet to be paid though but from what i can see it's very fast. are you still on it?

  17. Anonymous22/2/17

    Something launched now is hot? Your site is not even secured

  18. Anonymous23/2/17

    Any info on breakevenng.com

  19. Anonymous23/2/17

    my cashlounge are scammers

  20. Anonymous23/2/17


  21. Anonymous23/2/17

    Aee you sure about nairabtc????Looks like scam to me oo,know alot of colleagues who have pledged since on the 12th yet they can't gethelp. Oga stop broadcasting rubbish

  22. Aidembassy paying for real...70% interest below 100k and 100% above 100k. ..it's for a month though. Whatsapp me for more info 07033677133

  23. Anonymous23/2/17

    Enter your comment...plz which one is the most trusted for now and which ones are paying now..

  24. Anonymous23/2/17

    I want to draw your attention to another scam ponzi called PoshAlert. It promised 300% within 1hour to 5days but right now the site is not accessible and it looks like the same people have gone to open another using the same web page appearance with a new name called pay pulse. please alert people to reduce the casualty

  25. Kindly note that nairacash should be the fist on that list. Collected my 20k and never allowed me to login again. Thanks

  26. Anonymous24/2/17

    pls is netelites.org legit?, is it paying?

  27. Anonymous24/2/17

    whats the latest on moneytroll today please

  28. Martin24/2/17

    Spin cash is the most reliable of them all. everyday payment right now. It is new and fast. They have only 50k package to receive 100k in less than 24 hours.
    For payment withing 24 hours,use the referral link below
    Your Referral Link http://www.spincashonline.com/?u=Pasomage

  29. E be like say you're the admin

  30. Anonymous24/2/17

    Please Victor help me check burnerpay.com,swiftpayers.com and empirepay.org, thanks

  31. Anonymous24/2/17

    pls what about cyclex2 are they real or fake urgent reply

  32. Anonymous24/2/17

    Claritta is FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE. i have not been paid for three weeks in three different account.

  33. @victor Kachi, pls have heard bat moneyflick,Cashspina and golden funds. R they real. Please I will like to know. I also heard goldenfunds was launched last nite.

    1. I haven't heard about them. And no one here has commented about them. You know, many of these are being created on a daily basis. You just have to be careful where you invest your money to.

  34. Olorunfemi25/2/17

    CashGrower(Do the #5000 package, its the fastest) - http://cashgrower.net/register/unclesam01


    Make #6000 within 48hours, up to ₦40,000 in less than 7days with just ₦1,500 and up to ₦640,000 in less than 1(ONE) Month

    Tetrismart - www.tetrismart.net/register.php?ref=Unclesam01

  35. So true. Probably those accounts are the Owner's fake accounts.

  36. Pls how is ecooperative.online a scam. Did they promise you any % and they never paid you. Pls be specific so that we can learn. Don't just call names. Tell us how they are scam. Also, moderator, Pls get specific ways people get scammed so let us learn.

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  38. Anonymous25/2/17

    Cashkay is really d best pays 100% in 48hours dis is my 3rd time dis wk ooo

  39. Pls what is wrong what 247helpers? It's like they're not paying again ooo

  40. Pls what is wrong 247helpers? It's like they're not paying again

  41. Who have heard of Millionaire club
    I payed since on fifth of February, up till now have not been paired, and the site state payment is made 48 hours


    Pls is it a scam

    Make up to ₦40,000 in less than 7days with just ₦1,500 and up to ₦640,000 in less than 1(ONE) Month…
    Level 1 - #1,500 naira get #6,000 naira
    Level 2 - #2,500 naira get #40,000 naira
    Level 3 - #10,000 naira get #640,000 naira.
    People find it hard to believe but yes it is possible, anyone can get rich if they choose to be.
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  43. Claritta is scam..

  44. Pls is pair me a scam site

  45. royalbills.com and claritta.com has crashed. Their website account has been suspended

  46. clarittas and royalbills.com website account has been suspended.They hit and run away

  47. Softearners and solidtrust are also Scam's.

  48. Anonymous25/2/17

    Hello everyone i just want to share my experience with everyone. I have being hearing about this blank ATM card for a while and i never really paid any interest to it because of my doubts. Until one day i discovered a hacking man called Mr Johnson he is really good at what he is doing. Back to the point, I inquired about The Blank ATM Card. If it works or even Exist. They told me Yes and that its a card programmed for random money withdraws without being noticed and can also be used for free online purchases of any kind. This was shocking and i still had my doubts. Then i gave it a try and asked for the card and agreed to their terms and conditions. Hoping and praying it was not a scam. One week later i received my card and tried with the closest ATM machine close to me, It worked like magic. I was able to withdraw up to $3000. This was unbelievable and the happiest day of my life. So far i have being able to withdraw up to $28000 without any stress of being caught. I don't know why i am posting this here, i just felt this might help those of us in need of financial stability. blank ATM has really change my life. If you want to contact them, Here is the email address [email protected] . And I believe they will also Change your Life

  49. Anonymous25/2/17

    Chekwube Ezekwonna.

  50. Anonymous25/2/17

    Up tetrismart. U re trying.bt i hv nt been paid since last week oh z my turn oda don get their own. Remaining me. Am nt even marge.
    Chekwube Ezekwonna 4rm onitsha.10k please

  51. Anonymous26/2/17

    pls add triple income and flashwealth club to your list of scammers, pls everyone beware of them. thanks

  52. I must tell Dat there is one didnt include in fake Ponzi scheme sites which I personally having my 5500 with them and they yet to pay me d return since October 20 last year,they are called www.abundantwealth.com so please kindly include dis site to save others frm subscribing them

    1. It has been added. Thanks for the review.

  53. Anonymous27/2/17

    please is tetris mart a scarm.

  54. Anonymous27/2/17

    Enter your comment...moniechest.com is big scam pls people be aware! am a victim pls informed...moniechest moniechest

  55. Anonymous27/2/17

    Enter your comment...moniechest.com should be added pls

    1. Moniechest.com has been added. Thankz for the review.

  56. Anonymous27/2/17

    yes, i made donations with 2 accounts since the 4th of feb and they have not paid me till date.

  57. Anonymous27/2/17

    Hi Kachi,is twinkas still paying?any idea if it's still safe to join now

    1. Do at your own risk. People are not providing help like before. Though i haven't heard of Twinkas scam report.

  58. @ Anonymous how far about this moneytroll, is it still pay?

    1. Nop. And I joined the night they started

  59. hello Kachi, Is Venzax safe to join??????

    1. Sorry, i can't guarantee any ponzi scheme.

  60. Add money troll to the scam sites. Why are you promoting such scam? Their four hours is apparently more than 6 days.

  61. Anonymous28/2/17

    Is tmtcash a scam?they promise 7days and my money is more than a month

  62. Anonymous1/3/17

    How real is twinkas?? because I have my doubts. I registered with 5 of my friends since feb 3rd, that like 26days after paying into people's account and up till now, we haven't been paid. What other patient is there to exercise. We have sent mails to twinkas, yet no response. We tried calling the phone numbers of the call center... Not available... Or does not exist.

    If you say they are real and still paying on first come first serve basis, how come we haven't been paid?

    Twinkas please pay us o

    1. I suggest u chill n don't stir panic to those that will pay u. Better still visit their Facebook page n know why it's delaying

  63. Anonymous1/3/17

    Timewealth and luvwealth are also scanners.

  64. Anonymous1/3/17

    πŸ”₯ As e the hot πŸ”₯

    Create an account today and join the fast growing Fund Receivers platform200% Return on Investment Guaranteed within 24 hours to 5 days

    SignUp for An Account

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    http://fundreceivers.com/?ref=SirLeeCreate an account today and join the fast growing Fund Receivers platform200% Return on Investment Guaranteed within 24 hours to 5 days

    SignUp for An Account

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    Register through this link.


    1. Pls two of my dowliners are yet to be merged to receive their money they are my colleagues I assured them of the site but today I don't know if I should regret doing so NCOs my salary is at stake my md refused to pay me my Feb salary bcos they reported me that I lured into it not until they get paid I will get my salary I worked for pls since 24 of Feb is more than 6days they did 20k package each pls you guys have to help is drining me pls. Tank u

    2. Pls two of my dowliners are yet to be merged to receive their money they are my colleagues I assured them of the site but today I don't know if I should regret doing so NCOs my salary is at stake my md refused to pay me my Feb salary bcos they reported me that I lured into it not until they get paid I will get my salary I worked for pls since 24 of Feb is more than 6days they did 20k package each pls you guys have to help is drining me pls. Tank u

  65. Anonymous2/3/17

    Enter your comment.
    2sure.biz is very hot now. u guys should try it

  66. So you wanna create your own p2p donation
    website??You need it to be done for u or you
    just need the web script to do it yourself.
    Contact within!! Very cheap!!
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  67. Admin, twinkas is no longer paying. Others include loopersclub.com, Kingston.me, giverscorner.com, wazobiaclub.org. They are all not paying but still showing news updates on their sites and introducing bonanza to entice people.

  68. Anonymous2/3/17

    I registered this morning on pairfund.com and I was matched within 2 hours and get paid in less than 6 hours. Just want to share this since they are new and I think they are just started, maybe about a week and now will be good for anyone that want to invest in it before it become crowded.

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  70. Guys! I don't promote Ponzi schemes but this one is just too good. Seem unrealistic. It pays in less than a day. I don't know if I should keep it to myself n prevent the prying eyes of scammers or I should blow it out like its hot! Lol

    1. www.cashstapler.com has just newly launch yesteday and is very rocking. hurry up and make use of the opportunity now before tracfic jams i PH 10k and 2nd day i collected 20k which is today and i have PH again today. no DULL YOURSELF

  71. Anonymous2/3/17

    bestpaga is another scam jooo, av paid and also refer people but, dey close the site instead of paying

  72. Anonymous3/3/17

    Invest on pairfund.com and get 200% of your money back within 2 days.

  73. Anonymous3/3/17

    Swiftpayer is it included because they have collected my money and block me

  74. CHARLES3/3/17

    Please Victor, add wazobiclub and paypulse, both are fake. i paid the idiots and they deactivated my account instead of confirming my payments. God will forgive them!!!

  75. Payfolds.com pays like nothing I've seen before! In less than 24 hours I get paid double. And to think I just stumbled upon it on my Instagram feed? Talk of coincidence. I don't think they have referral links though cos I've added 3 of my sisters and I didn't see any link to use. Check it out guys! Read d testimonies n to be safe, start with 5k. I started with 5k n 2days later I'm having 40k

    1. hi! does payfolds.com still pay?

  76. Tina3/3/17

    Pay 5k get 10k under 3-7 days
    Pay 10k get 20k
    Pay 25k get 50k
    Pay 50k get 100k
    Did 25k and I got 50k on the third day
    And did 50k and got 100k within 7 days

  77. is fund receiver still paying

    1. Anonymous20/3/17

      fundreciever is not payingo i did 5k since february till now they did not merge me for payment please run away

  78. CHRIS JP4/3/17

    Top in the list of fake sites should be:

    I was a victim. I have register of all PHs, date and amount. Please run away from them.

    1. Magabonjay5/3/17

      Top paying bcos they have paid me...
      They are my best for now

  79. Anonymous5/3/17

    ExEarn is a scam. i paid since on the 28/2/2017 and i have not be matched for payment and neither do they reply to my messages. It is fake.

  80. Anonymous5/3/17

    Shoot Your "CHRIS BROWN STANDARD" Videos With "MASK-INX MEDIA" For Affordable Fees!..CALL 08141263702

  81. Cheapest TBC(The Billion Coin) & "AFRICOIN" For Sale!!!...Limited Offer!!!...Call +2348141263702

  82. Anonymous5/3/17

    I registered with 247helpers more than 3weeks ago. Still date, I havent been paid. 3working days my foot

  83. Anonymous5/3/17

    It's more than 3weeks how come I haven't been paid.

  84. Anonymous5/3/17

    I registered with twinkas since 8th of February. Till Date-today 5th of March, I still haven't received a dime. I raised a ticket after 25days of payment n registration. Nothing nothing. The ticket is still showing NOT YET NOTED

  85. Anonymous5/3/17

    Is it still paying

  86. givers corners is also fake. they promise 100% in 24 to 48 hours after confirmation. since 3 weeks now, no matched. they are fake

  87. guys I PH help of 10k yesteday on this site and today have been paid 20k . a friend told me they newly launched it on Saturday. please let hurry and make use of the opportunity. www.cashstapler.com

  88. Anonymous7/3/17

    @ Olorunfemi Exearn is not paying, I registered two account with Exearn since 24 of January up till date they have not matched me.

  89. Anonymous7/3/17

    Pls can some one tell me more about fund receivers. Are the real or fake. pls contact me on 09096553824

  90. Anonymous7/3/17

    Please remove swiftpayers, they are scammers

  91. Anonymous7/3/17

    Swiftpayers is a fraud.they have closed their site.Please do not pay.

  92. Hello!

    Please what might anyone have to say about GHW? Has it got any issues for ever and is it still as active as it was right from the start?

  93. Anonymous8/3/17

    Nairaclicks is among the fake ponzi schemes...scammed me of my 40k and others i told about the site

  94. Anonymous8/3/17

    https://www.nairalift.com/register.html?ref=chinwe344. TRY THIS LINK IS NEW AND RELIABLE SITE WITH 1K TO GET 4K

    1. But u will b the one that will refel those that will pay u I joined yesterday wit my friends but up till nw dey av not merge us wit those that will pay us its rubbish

  95. Triplefund came collect my money and start saying yeye countdown again and pls any news in wonderfulhelpers more Dan 7 days dey v refused to merge me after promising 5 days or less and this pple set I tiya for them dere mission is jst to fraud us I will urge everyone of us to be careful after collect all d one u can collect back pls let's do away wit them they are all fake imagine nw c wat twinkas is doing to us and if u didn't reph again fortunenigeria will not pay you haaaa pls something must be done to all this fake pple pple r dying everyday as dey are scamming dem I taya ooooooooooo

  96. Swiftpayers are not connecting. What has happened to them?

  97. I've read alot here bout the hit and run sites u go to make quick money and at the end they make quick good money out of you all.....if you know that you are tired and want to settle down with a matured site that pays with guarantee then you got to have peerfunding.org as your last resort, the final destination, your vindication.

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  98. For most Ponzi Schemes, the same principles apply: Whether real of fake. Start Early and Leave When the ovation is loudest. Join this Ponzi now that its less than two weeks old. It pays back double in about a week and it has high influx of members now. Register under me. Any Questions: 08059607820.
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  99. Money dey call meπŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±... peerfunding.org/ref/kanshi
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  100. Anonymous11/3/17

    Dewcash and helpreward just duped me yesterday. Fake sites

  101. Shout it louder for them to know... If you not on Peerfunding.org, you never start ponzi scheme..

  102. Shout it louder for them to kn oooooo... If u no de Peerfunding.org, u never start ponzi scheme.....why do hit and run quickie that eats your money instead of a matured secured site like peerfunding that will help recover all your losses and give you an added profit included.


  103. Anonymous12/3/17

    pls, add mapurse. i can't lo-gin again. my e-mail address has removed from their database.

  104. Shout it louder for dose that have ears to listen.. If u no dey for Peerfunding.org, u never start ponzi scheme.....why do hit and run quickie that eats your money instead of a matured secured site like peerfunding that will help recover all your losses and give you an added profit included.




  105. Anonymous14/3/17


  106. Anonymous14/3/17

    Netelites.org are not paying

  107. Anonymous14/3/17

    247 helpers uncleared status and have not been paying recently.

  108. donationhub is a scam

  109. Twinkas is still paying guys. It's taking so long but it's paying. My downliner who was activated on the 27th of January got paid today. She has just 23hours to recycle back. Point is it's still paying. They kept their word

  110. Insuredhelp.org is also a scam

  111. You're very true @Teniola. Twinkas is for real and still pays. My upliner got paid and has recycled on the Ultimate plan. But the thing about the system which we still don't want to reckon with is that we are the system. If you get paid and don't recycle, someone else won't get paid. So recycling is the key to keeping the system alive. Remember it's a peer to peer donation, we're helping one another keep faith. So pls let's PH, GH and most importantly recycle. #my thoughts though

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  140. Global coin help also known as GCCH, they came with good benefit now they have started scaming people, they are thieves

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