Current Paying Ponzi Scheme 2017 -

This is a Paid Post and it's not in any way endorsed by Entclass Blog. As we all know Ponzi schemes are Risk, so as Life is also a Risk. I won't be blamed and/or held for anything after this publication.

This is for legit people who have lost so much money in Ponzi sites, and would like to recover all and make some extra profit. Are you looking for how to get cool returns on your spare cash up to 200%? GiverzHome is your one stop point as it launches Tuesday  28th . Get ready to sign up. would be launched Tuesday 28th march 2017 and its a LEGIT donation exchange platform where the Admins do NOT scam Nigerians but instead actually help and connect people to recover their cash in the shortest possible time.

A platform where you get upto 200% of any amount of money you donate within 5 minutes to 48 hours. Prepare your soul spirit, body, mobile banking apps and pockets yea!.

Our technical team have looked into reasons why such Donation Exchange Schemes similar to ours FAIL and WHY participants lose money and we are doing EVERYTHING within our power to overcome them and we have had a very HIGH success rate so far, so fear of your losing your money shouldn't cross your mind..

Just before I go, here are the Top 5 Reasons WHY people lose money to those fake, scam donation exchange platforms:

1. Greedy Admins who ONLY Get Help without Providing Help

2. Poor bandwidth which makes their websites go offline

3. Lack of support to members issues such as Fake POP

4. Poor participation of members who don’t re-cycle

5. Very low members because Admins do NOT advertise online.

We have solved all the above issues on our platform.

Thank you and see you in the members area.


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  1. Very funny, even a mad man will not do this, 200% in 5mins. OK na let me comeandbegoing

    1. In fact ehn. Am disappointed in the admin.

  2. Are you sure they not going to run away with my money ooo?

  3. Am really disappointed in you Admin. No ponzi scheme is legal. It's what it is.... A PONZI SCHEME!

    I know you may not post this, so...

  4. Hi guys... is currently paying and it's reliable. Give it a try...

  5. Anonymous28/3/17

    Kachi, you are proving that you can do anything for money. Lord help you real good.

  6. Anonymous28/3/17

    i got my ass scammed from solidtrust which was advertised on linda ikeji blog.. i proudly represent aidembassy. 6months and still ever. visit today ir whatsapp on 09027616740. if you are ready thanks

    1. Kachi, you started this. Now all these useless advertisements by this anonymous guys. Kachi, I know you dey hustle but think about the overall impact things like this will bring to your blog. Not good at all.

    2. whats your stress bro

  7. Anonymous29/3/17

    at first i was scared dat dey hv ran away wit my 10k nt until dis morning 2people paid me 10k each

  8. which one is really paying now