How to Remove Write Protection From USB Flash Drive & SD Card

If you are that techie, you would have experienced this kind of error message while trying to transfer files from your PC to a USB Flash drive or an SD Card. This error is as a result of the storage device cannot be written because it is write protected.

USB flash or SD Card can be write protected, probably because of a fault in the flash or SD Card or the manufacturer settings. You get an error message that reads;
The Disk cannot be written because it is write protected. Please remove the write protection from the volume in drive \Device|Harddisk1\DR5.

Normally, when a Flash or SD Card is write protected, you cannot modify, copy/paste, or delete any files from the USB drive.

In this post, i will guide you on how you can remove the write protection in your Flash drive or SD card. Kindly follow me along.

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How to Remove Write Protection From USB Drive or SD Card

This method will fix it once and for all for you
==> Press Win+R (This will open the registry editor)

==> Type in regedit and hit the OK button

==> Expand and collapse the entries on the left to navigate to the following location:

If you don't have a StorageDevicePolicies folder in the Control folder, right-click in the folder and select "New" → "Key." Name it StorageDevicePolicies and then open it.

==> Double-click the WriteProtect key located in the right side and set the value to 0. Go to the Data Value box and press OK:

==> Reboot your computer and reconnect your USB drive to the system, the drive should now be writable.

That's all friends. Simple as alphabet.

However, if you followed the above guidelines and still you are unable to remove the write protection from the storage device, then, you will be left with no other choice than to format the storage device.

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    Victor are you a tech guy because this stuff u posted...i have never tried it before so u most know alot of [email protected]

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    Thanks a lot Victor Pls do not be offended I have another problem that I want u to enlightened me on. Please I bought a 16gb memory card from a friend but when I move my files from the phone to the memory card I discovered that almost all my music, videos, photos re corrupted so I format the memory card and move the files back still the same thing, I bought a new 16gb move the files again the same thing happen, I restore factory settings on my phone. I connect the 2 16gb memory to my system Buh half of the musics re not playing Pls is deir anyway that I can restore the memory cards pls 

    1. The SD card has been damaged. Get another one