How to Subscribe to Glo Previous Data Plans - See Strategy

Recently, Glo revisited their data plans and reduced all their data volume by slashing them into two without informing his customers about the update.

This was really a sad one to all Globacom subscribers, because, the most reason why everyone ported to Glo network was the fact that they offered an heavy load data volume for an affordable prices.

But wait, did they really slashed the data volume into two? Ofcourse yes! They did that intentionally, and i am here to explain and also make you understand why they did that.

A concerned Glo subscriber went ahead to contact Glo on their twitter page to ask them reason why data volume has to be reduced and this is what Glo NG have to say as seen below;

Hello, "data caps" has not been reduced. Subscriber who does not resubscribe 3 days after data expiration will get half the plan TT. 

I hope you understood what Glo said up there? Alright, I'll explain to you guys, incase you don't grab what Glo said there.

What this means is that, for those that still has active plan and auto renewal not cancelled will still enjoy the previous data volume.

If you in any way cancelled Auto-renewal of data, kindly sms ACCEPT TO 127 to restore your auto renewal if it has been cancelled. Then, subsequent subscription to that plan will automatically take you back to the old data volume.

For example: If you subscribe for a N1000 plan at the new rate which is 1.6GB, normally, auto-renewal will be activated automatically when you subscribe, auto renewal comes as default if you subscribe to a new plan. Then, before the data expires, subsequent subscription will automatically take you back to the old rate which is N1000 for 3.2GB.

The thing is, you must resubscribe immediately so that you can enjoy the previous data capacity. If you don't resubscribe 3 days after data expiration, you will get half the old data volume.

The strategy is just to lock in their loyal customers. Policy is just for customer to stick to their Network. If you have any question to ask, or confused about this update, kindly leave a comment below and I'll explain more further.

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  1. This new glo strategy, na wa o
    All this data price revisiting when they should be working on making their network better.

    Commenting from Techgasm247

  2. 😂. .there must always be a loop hole. .see strategy.. Townsmen

  3. If it should work dat way definitely we can still be trying our best to renew it b4 dey cancelled d auto renewal. But b4 dat may I ask EC~boss if u've tested it?
    Commenting from

    1. All my posts are confirmed. You don't need to doubt me, as far as you follow my instructions. You have no reason to doubt me.

      Thanks for stopping by

    2. Sorry to disappoint you, the post isn't correct, I got automatic renewal with the new data plan and not the old one. Glo tricked us. Oga EC boss, when last did you subscribe? Mine happened today.

    3. This post was created in regards to GLO's reply to a twitter user.

      Glo don join bad gang be that oo

    4. Heyya. It's a jonzing world.

  4. The truth is Glo truly had divided the data volume. they now give you 1.6GB for 1000 and another 1.6GB as bonus only if you renew before the 3 days your data expired, that made it 3.2GB still. But without the 100% bonus it will just be half the previous data volume.

    I posted an evidence of my recent subscription on my blog as well.

    Thank you.

  5. I really glo for making calls, but worst in browsing things

  6. Take my sense i dash u

  7. Thanks sweedy fr d tip

  8. As good as this is, it can as well back fire. But trust us to find away to manipulate it. Naija for life. 😂😂😂

  9. still this is not make any things

  10. carlitoz4/5/17

    it works yo...just did mine...I had initially cancelled auto renewal but on seeing dz post... I accepted again and it hope df it wld work...and yea.... it does...tnkz Mr kachi

    1. Oh yea, Glo kept their words. Enjoy bro

  11. ollivia12/5/17

    Concerning the new glo data plans, I was browsing niraland and and saw this post here by someone

    He/she truly made a detailed description on the new glo data and how it actually works.

    For the sake knowledge i do hope you will give me permission to post it here so that we all can read and learn a thing or two.