5 Apps that Drains your Smartphone Battery so Quickly

Our smartphones has become one of the most addictive thing we have today, and one of the things that keeps the phone lights on is the battery. Without the battery in our phones, that particular phone will just be useless just like an ordinary Case or pouch.

Nowadays, our smartphones has become one of us, which we use in our every day lives for doing and carrying out so many tasks; and one of the most important things we look out for in our phone is the battery.

There are quite a number of apps we install on our phones that drastically drains the battery. There are even some pre-installed apps which drains the battery so quickly too. That's the most reason why developers are now venturing into developing the Lite versions of their Standard apps; just like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, YouTube Lite, and even Opera. These apps are the lighter versions of the standard versions. They don't only consumes less data and space, but also save you some battery juice. You can consider switching to them.

I will quickly list out some major battery draining apps that might be responsible for the rapid battery drain on your smartphone. You can still use all these big apps on your phone in Purify mode. It saves the battery and consumes less cellular data.


Running big apps in Purify mode is very simple. It prevent the phone from over heating and also minimize apps that are Purified from running in background.

If your phone is rooted, then, Purify app should be already installed on your phone.

But if you can't find the Purify app on your phone, then download mine below.

>> Download Purify Apk Here

When you click the link above, wait for 5 seconds and tap on SKIP AD. It will then take you to the main download page.

>> After installing Purify app, kindly open it

>> Tap on the 3 blue dots located at the top-right corner

>> Tap on Purify Settings

>> Tap on Purify Apps

From there you should see the Purified apps and the Whitelist apps (apps that are not purified). You can swipe to the Whitelist tab and click on any app you want to Purify and then tap on Auto Kill.

That's all about Purifying apps.

5 Apps That Drains Your Smartphone Battery the Most

1. Facebook

One of the app that drains your smartphone battery the most is Facebook. Facebook drains so much battery that about 5 minutes on your Facebook timeline could cause a 10-20% drain in battery level. You can purify Facebook app and save some battery juice, just like i did to mine.

2. SnapChat

SnapChat​ is fun, no doubts. The image sharing, video streaming and updates are things majority of youths​, even adults, now live for. Sadly, this app drains a lot of battery juice. Not only battery power, it also eat up storage too, as it downloads all the video and image update on your Snap into some hidden folders. You can purify this app and save some battery juice.

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3. Facebook Messenger 

While Facebook drains a lot of battery, its ally, Facebook Messenger also follows in the same footstep. The constant notification updates​ and prompts are one of those things that makes the messenger a battery drainer. You can purify this app and save some battery juice but it's optional cos i didn't Purify mine.

4. Google​ Maps

Google Maps has saved lives. In fact, the number of missing persons cases wouldn’t have reach the uncountable height if not for this wonderful app. Sadly, as useful as this app is, it does quite some havoc to your smartphone battery. The app uses your device’s GPS/location feature and it takes quite some battery juice. You can purify this app and save some battery juice.

5. Netflix

This app, just like SnapChat, has quickly evolved to be one of the most used app. Netflix​ fills that void of both momentary and ceaseless boredom. But there’s a “but”. The constant streaming of your movie or series not just only zap data/internet, it drains your battery as quickly as possible too. If you have this app installed on your phone, then you have to purify this app and save some battery juice.

I hope this post has helped you in one way or the other. Kindly comment and Share. If you also have any questions to ask, please use the comment box below.

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  1. Nice one. I always knew Facebook and it's messager app drain phone bactery.

    I just prefer via Web.

    Hmmm.... that quote looks familiar to me!.


    Prince John Okosun

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  5. You I right. Though I do miss getting some real time messages but I like messenger lite. It's really lite.

  6. Messenger drains 🔋 like hell.. Buh lite doesn't

  7. What if my phone is not rooted... is there any application?