Airtel Silently Launched Unlimited Data Packages - See Code and Price

I have updated this post with the data allocated to each packages - they are not unlimited as Airtel claimed. Kindly read on. 

Few days ago, Airtel released a teaser video telling us that Unlimited data plans is coming. Since then, alot of us has been anticipating the official launch of the data. And now, the telco has silently launched the unlimited data, but the price will shock you.

When it comes to unlimited data, to me it means, browse, download and stream without thinking about data (download till mama call lol). For now, i can't say if really these data plans are capped. Until then, let's continue.

Airtel silently launched these data plans without a single word from them. Moreover, the Unlimited package comes in 3 different packages, meaning you can choose anyone that best suite you.

Airtel Unlimited Data Packages

You can alternatively dial *141# and follow the on-screen prompts or dial the below codes;

>> N10,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days
>> N15,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days
>> N20,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days

How Can I Activate it?
For N10,000 Unlimited packages, dial *471#
For N15,000 Unlimited package, dial *463#
For N20,000 unlimited package, dial *351#

Are These Packages Really Unlimited?

I knew these packages were never unlimited, because they can't just have different prices for the same validity period.

I called Airtel customer care and they said the N10,000 package is capped 100GB, N15,000 package is capped 125GB and the N20,000 package is capped 160GB.

Now that we have known the data allocated to these three packages, i think it's not that bad to go for N10k for 100GB.

Though, fair usage policy will be attached to these plans. I wasn't expecting these plans from them. I actually wanted to see lower prices for 3days and 1week plans too. Be that as it may, what do you think?

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  1. 😂.. This network provider must be high on meth..

  2. It is expensive but thanks for the update

  3. I wonder why there are 3 different prices when all are unlimited. Meanwhile the price is crazy, many countries do not know what data is, once you are connected it is infinity.

  4. thanks for the informative update

  5. I won't want to trust them

  6. Anonymous17/7/17

    these data's are caped,if not there is no way for 10k will be 30day while 15k also 30days and still 20k also 30days why should i purchase the 2nd and 3rd if they are all unlimited, I know unlimited means no limit browsing streaming and download for 30dys flat isn't it

  7. Airtel don't have anything to give us again... what of we don't have #10000 or #20000 .....Nothing but useless

  8. Fair usage surely applies. I mean, just look at it. 3 different packages. If it's truly unlimited, he suppose be only one. Ain't falling for their crap.

  9. Me i can't afford this data plan

  10. Kilode??? When you said Airtel launched unlimited data plan,I thought they want people to actually be connected, this is outrageous. Don't know what they're thinking sha

  11. can this data be shared with friends?
    cos if it can be share, it will be a great deal

  12. 100 GB for 100k. ummmmmmmm

  13. the price is too high for average nigerian, its ok for companies tho

  14. It is better package.

  15. Can anybody crack a way to use the etisalat now 9mobile ciq4dnite data to use it during the day. Can we have a way around this. Thanks

    1. No sir. Only usable at night; from 12AM - 5AM.

  16. Barnabas28/7/17

    Still think its pricy on spectranet the #10000 gets capped at 150gb and its way faster