You Must Install Jinwang Surveillance App or be Detained - Chinese Govt

The Chinese governments set to spy on their citizens through a surveillance app called Jinwang. This app is specifically for the people in Xianjing region in China, and everyone has been mandated to install the surveillance app or else, if anyone is found at a random checkpoint without the app, will be detained for up to 10 days.


This surveillance app, known as Jinwang, is said to monitor files on your phone and automatically detect terrorist and illegal religious videos, images, e-books and electronic documents. If it finds any such content, users will be prompted to delete them. It will also grab your Weibo and WeChat records, SIM card information and Wi-Fi login data and send them to a government sever.

This is as frighteningly invasive as it gets. Not only will the app keep tabs on your files stored and shared with other people, it also reports you to the authorities when you do something even remotely shady. It even gets you in trouble without eve downloading it.

Right now it is unclear why Xianjing is being targeted with this app at present. However, the fact that the region is bordered by eight countries and has had a lot of separatist and terrorist attacks could be the reason.

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  1. No matter the excuse, this is wrong. Infringement on human rights. It's a normal practice in China and North Korea so am not surprised. Just the fact that religion will be cracked down upon. Which I think is the purpose of it all anyway.

  2. Because I believe the government knows those who are likely threats. Especially the western world. Only Nigerians are still struggling with fuel price and prices of commodities instead of other advance things. Naija my Naija. No man's land.

  3. How could that possible to install application by force... This is Free world... no government can force you to do anything...

  4. I honestly hate Asian countries due to their laws

  5. what kind of this thing

  6. This is Beyond human rights... The world is getting to something else

  7. measures.. Dey can't initiate this in mah country... All in the name of??

  8. It is well no privacy again

  9. Thanks for the update sir

  10. This is not really good, the country has no right to be imposing things on the citizens, by my calculations, such a thing was put in place to affect the less privilege.