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Aug 9, 2017


Glo Declared Friday August 11 2017 as Free Data Day

Glo the Grand master of data (as they call their self) is offering all customers on the network free Data day on the 11th of August 2017. We all know Glo to be very slow in browsing, but some users have been testifying an impressive speed on the network, though not in all locations.

Telcos i know doesn't give anything all for free without Terms and conditions if not hidden charges. Glo in their cute heart has declared 11th of August 2017 as the first FREE DATA DAY on the network.

According to Glo, they said;
All Glo customers can now enjoy a whole day of free data when they meet set of voice and/or data usage threshold within 7 days to the free data day.

There is NO Opt In. There is NO Subscription.
To enjoy Free Data Day, ensure you do either of the following in the 7 days preceding the announced Free data Day:

>> Use N150 or more on voice calls PLUS 100MB or more of data OR

>> Use N250 or more on voice calls.

You might receive an SMS alert announcing the free data day.

In my own words, if you use 100MB plus N150 on voice calls OR N250 on voice calls between Friday, 4th to Thursday 10th August from any or a combination of methods such as Pay as you Go, purchase of data plan and usage from existing data plan will enjoy a FULL DAY of FREE browsing, chatting, streaming, downloading, uploading and lots more on the 11th of August. Understood?

You don’t need to do anything to qualify for Glo Free Data Day. Just spend N250 or more on calls in the preceding 7 days to br eligible for the free data day. Fair usage policy will be applicable too.

Are you ready for the free Data day? What's your take on this?


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  1. Jamaleee9/8/17

    Only August 11th?

  2. Kacey9/8/17

    Its just 200MB na

  3. This is a great development. Mtn should offer somthing like this also

  4. Kachi Wat of doze using Tweakware?? Like is the data used recorded.. And i don't spend airtime bought on calls..

    1. Data through VPN won't be recorded.

    2. Ehn ehn..😂.. Dey should hold dia peace.. With Tweakware, i use less than 2gb in a day.. In the last 15dayz, I've used over 38gb.. Add a new feature to your blog.. We should be able to add pictures and links..

    3. Feature you said? You can't add pictures as comment, you can only add links

  5. Thanks for the update sir

  6. Will this data be unlimited? I guess no. Make I dey find my way. I nerd mtn to do this. I use nothing less than 500naira per week

    1. It's not unlimited. Just about 200MB

  7. At least I go just download single episode

  8. Just imagine all glo subscribers who meet this requirement trying to connect online at the same time. Glo always with misplaced priorities, make your network stable and fast OS all we ask from you. Some times I put on my phone data and glo network wouldn't be available.

  9. I doubt if the will fulfill there promise, if it were to be a single or few university then I will have imagined it to be feasible. Let not forget that almost70% of our national data is been consumed by our youth, and the University alone would account for almost 20% of of the population. The cost would be outrageous, but I just hope the keep to there promise.

  10. Who has been given the data 4 glo free data day?

  11. Smhh.... Only 200MB.. They ne er try

  12. With this their unstable network? How will someone enjoy the offer?