First Things to Do After Buying a New Android Smartphone

Have you ever been stranded on what to do when you buy a new smartphone? Ofcourse I've once been in that shoe. I was so confused that i don't know what to do or set first.

There are things you do to a new Android smartphone that will cause an adverse effects in the future as you continue using it. Are you with a new smartphone and you are probably wondering what's next?

In this tutorial, i will tell you what to do to a newly unboxed Android smartphone before the first use. There are people who immediately use their smartphone after unboxing, which is not healthy for the phone. These things will be cleared in this article.

1. Charge The New Android Smartphone:

There are lots of people who don't bother charging their newly unboxed smartphone, maybe because of the reserved battery or the excitement or even impatient. This is common in the smartphone world today.

If you aim to get a good battery life on your Android smartphone, the first thing to do, is to charge your phone completely full with a normal power supply and not with a generator. And make sure you use the charger that came with it.

2. Add Your E-mail Account:

Having charged the device. You can go ahead switching on the device for the first time, you will be presented with a wizard. The wizard set up is to help you set up your new Android smartphone as a first timer.

In the set up, you will likely be asked to add your gmail account and if you don't have, you can go ahead and create one. Input the account because there are lot of benefits it gives. You can use it to backup your files, open playstore, receive mail, send mail, and in opening of some other Google apps.

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3. Set A Security Password:

If you are the type that does not like setting up password on your phone, it's necessary you start making use of the feature. It saves files, prevent unauthorized access to your private files and makes your files not to be vulnerable to anyone.

If having to input password is a bit of issue to you, you can make use of fingerprint. Most smartphones released in 2017 have fingerprint sensor and unlocks within 0.1 seconds and 0.3 seconds. Faster than the time used in typing password.

4. Allow Installation Of Files From Unknown Source:

This is one of the protections Google sets to prevent your smartphone from installing files from third-party sites in order to prevent your phone from installing malware and virus. By default, an Android phone is not allowed to download apps from unknown sources. Hence, downloading apps from unknown sources would work but installation of the apps won't work.

However, this can be a barrier if essential app is not available on playstore and you needed to install from a third-party site. Or perhaps, you need some friend's apps via Xender - file sharing app.

To enable this, just go to Settings>>Security>>Toggle the unknown sources ON or Tick the Box (depending on the phone)

5. Deactivate Auto-Update Of Apps:

If you are the type that uses unlimited WiFi connection, you can simply skip this. But if you are the type that uses limited data plan or from a friend's WiFi hotspot, you can go ahead and turn off Auto-update on the playstore app.

By default, Google playstore apps are set to Auto-update whenever there is data or WiFi connection available. As we all know that connecting to WiFi network in Nigeria without password is on the minimal.

Now, to deactivate Auto-update of apps on your Android smartphone, just navigate to playstore app, tap on the menu bar, tap on Settings, select Auto-update of apps and choose Do not Auto-update apps.


I know these tips will surely help you more than even the wizard setup that usually present itself to first time user. You will be able to use your battery for a long time when you fully charge it with a good power supply and the charger that came with it, setting up password enables you to prevent your files from unauthorized access, adding e-mail will help you to backup many files when the phone gets lost and it's very necessary for all Android users inorder to use any Google apps, deactivating Auto-update will help you from unnecessary use of your limited data and allowing unknown sources will allow you to download and install files from unknown sources apart from Playstore.

Hope you find this post useful. Please share with friends using the share buttons below and don't forget to leave a comment below.

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