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Sep 27, 2017


Twitter Finally Increased 140 Tweet Characters to 280

Twitter is set to increase its 140 words characters for the first time since the year 2006 when it was found. For over 11 years we've been tweeting under Twitter's 140 chars, even when rumors had it that Twitter might increase the characters to 10,000.

Twitter has officially increased the 140 characters to 280 characters. The change is being rolled out gradually, but if you are yet to see the change, then you have to wait until it reaches you, as many users has started seeing the change right now.

According to Twitter blog post, Twitter explained how most users were frequently running into the 140 character limit. This was especially common to English speaking users, who would eventually have to split their thoughts into two or more tweets chained together as replies.

In comparison, however, Asian users in China, Japan and Korea did not face the same problem, as the nature of their characters allowed them to express more in fewer characters. This resulted in very few of the East Asian users using up all of the 140 characters.

Because of this, Twitter has decided not to roll out the 280 character limit to Chinese, Japanese and Korean users. Everyone else should be getting it soon.

Some people might be wondering why is Twitter limiting the characters when making a tweet. Why can't they remove the limit completely and make it unlimited just like Facebook. Here's the answer.
Twitter placed a limit of 140 characters because of the past when the site had a feature to send tweets over SMS. In order to fit a tweet into the 160 character limit of a single SMS, along with some extra characters, the length of a tweet was limited to 140.

Now that Twitter has lifted the limit of a tweet to 280 chars, i wonder when next they'll increase the characters again. For now, it's a welcome development anyway.



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  1. Honestly this new development is strange but like the other updates over time, we will get used to it.

  2. Good development from Twitter.

  3. Twitter has done something great in doing this.

  4. Nice innovation...

    I think they are really checking into twitter now...

    Few days ago, they launch The Twitter app