Google rolling out Cleanup Feature for Chrome on Windows

If you are among of those who go outside Chrome Web Store in search of Add-ons, Google is saying it's very risky. Furthermore, Google has officially announced that it is taking further steps to alert users about malicious extensions/setting changes.

The first of these changes quietly rolled out last month. Chrome now detects when any browser settings have been changed without user interaction, and will offer to revert the changes.

You've probably seen installers that ask to change your homepage or search engine (Java, I'm looking at you), or ones that do it without your knowledge. Chrome will detect these changes, and the next time you open the browser, it will ask to restore the original settings.

Secondly, Chrome on Windows will have some form of antivirus built-in, called Chrome Cleanup. Google says that the browser will prompt you when it finds 'suspicious or unwanted programs' on your PC (details here), and give you the option to remove them.

Google worked with ESET to utilize its detection engine for this feature to work, but the company is quick to note that Chrome Cleanup is not a general-purpose antivirus. It sounds like this feature will replace the standalone Chrome Cleanup desktop program, which had a similar purpose.

Google also says Chrome Cleanup isn't a general-purpose antivirus, which means users would still need separate software, leaving them with two programs constantly scanning their PC. If you ask me, this is just another performance eater, especially when it comes to RAM usage.

The Chrome Clean up feature will only be available for Chrome for Windows. It will not be included on Chrome for Mac and Linux.


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  1. This is good. Really good. Alot of malate these days. I had to uninstall torchbrowser at a point cos of these uninvited add ons

  2. These are great features

  3. This is good coming from Google

  4. Good innovation from Google, wish they will continue like this

  5. Good feature from the stable of Chrome.

  6. Chrome is actually trying but we want this for Android also.

  7. Nice one coming from them..
    Great update

  8. Korion18/10/17

    Like stated in the article, it's a performance eater.

    Though well intended.