Aimtoget Transact, First Mobile App In Nigeria That Converts Airtime To Cash Instantly

Remember AimToGet? Where you carry out all sorts of mobile transactions ranging from airtime topup, data topup, converting airtime to instant cash straight to your bank account, converting airtime to data, etc.

The uplifting news now is that, Aimtoget has just officially launched its own standalone Android app called Aimtoget Transact, which is now available on the Google Playstore.

Permit me to tell you that Aimtoget Transact is the first mobile application of its kind that allows you to convert airtime to cash and withdraw automatically to your bank account without any hassle. Interesting isn't it?

With Aimtoget Transact mobile app, you can convert airtime to real cash straight into your bank account here in Nigeria (more countries coming soon). You can as well use your wallet funds to buy data, topup your airtime balance or even transfer it to your local bank account and have your account credited in less than 60 seconds.

The mobile app has been tested and confirmed by me (Victor Kachi) as i was opportuned by the CEO to be among the Beta testers of the app. The CEO gave me a Voucher which i loaded into my account and I immediately use it to topup/recharge my line. Surprisingly, i was automatically credited in less than a minute. Proofs below.

How To Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria Using Aimtoget Transact Mobile App

Aimtoget Transact has been designed not only for converting airtime to instant cash straight to your bank account but allows you to fund your wallet via Airtime, Voucher or Bank transfer and then use your wallet funds to purchase airtime, buy data or even transfer the funds back to your local bank account here in Nigeria (all these happens automatically).

Aimtoget Transact mobile app has a very simple and friendly user interface and with just 3 steps, you can perform any transactions as it has been made convenient for you already.

Just like this circle below;
LOGIN > FUND WALLET  > WITHDRAW TO PHONE (via airtime or data topup) Or BANK.

  1. Firstly, download and install Aimtoget mobile application from Google Playstore Here.
  2. Create an account if you don't have an account with Aimtoget before.
  3. Fund your wallet by selecting Airtime as “fund method”, then Transfer the required amount of airtime to the provided number.
  4. Input the number you’re transferring from for confirmation and click on confirm transfer. 
  5. Your wallet will be credited in minutes with the current percentage charge. You can then refresh your dashboard to check by tapping on the Refresh icon located at the top-right.
  6. After successful funding of your wallet, you can make instant withdrawal straight to your local bank account or use it in purchasing data of any network. Just navigate to Withdrawal > input the required details and confirm withdrawal. Withdrawal is processed instantly so you will get your alert few minutes after withdarawing. But if any issue occur you will be contacted before 24hours of withdrawing.
  7. You can also transfer your wallet funds between users on Aimtoget platform.

The app is tested, confirmed and endorsed by Entclass Blog. If you have been following this blog, you'll agree with me that I don't post fake things here all in the name of traffic.

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section below and I'll reply you almost immediately.

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  1. This application you talking about... what is my benefit if am using it?

    1. Helps you convert airtime to cash. Let's you buy data and so on.

  2. this gonna be gooy
    thanks for the update

  3. Wow so an App Like This can be developed in NIgeria...Thanks for the update.

  4. This is interesting, it is lovely.

  5. What is the percentage charge?

  6. So far so good

  7. Nice app.
    I used to use zoranga for this kind of transaction but stopped due to their terrible delays. If truly this one happens withing a day, that would be awsome.

    So what's the charge for bank transfer and the minimum amount?

    1. On aimtoget convertion of airtime to cash work instantly cus it’s automated .

      Charges range 25% or less

      Withdrawing from ur wallet to ur local account is instant .once u click withdraw u can count seconds for its to reflect in ur account . 😁😁😁

  8. This app is very useful

  9. I have one here..

    But I'd try this out too..
    Thumbs up Kachi

    1. Anonymous5/12/17

      The one you have, what is the name?

  10. Have been looking for this stuff

  11. But what's the conversion rate?

  12. Anonymous3/12/17

    what's the percentage charge when converting airtime to money from the app and when sending money from the app to ur bank account?

  13. For example,

    1000naira airtime is how much when converted?