How to Activate 9Mobile Magic Sim For Unlimited Browsing and Download

Wow finally the post is here. I'm sure we are all ready for this? Please if you are not ready to get this, kindly leave this post now. It's never a force or meant for everyone.

9mobile Magic Sim is out and blazing really fast without any limit or speed throttling. This magic sim has been out since last year (over 6 months ago). I've seen some couple of people using this magic sim but I've never believed it's real. Though I've seen and confirmed Glo magic sim which later stopped working because Glo has refused to turn on Data network for sims without active data plan.

But this 9mobile magic sim is totally different in the sense that it's not getting blocked anytime soon because it's been available going to a year now. The reason I said it's not getting blocked or hard to get blocked is because the source is weird.


It works via a proxy server. In other words, to make your connection work directly for all your application and browsers, you may need to use a VPN on your phone. The good news is that you can actually use it on any mobile or desktop devices. I'll personally teach you how to configure your computer, phones, and other internet-enabled device to work with this.

The speed is faster than lightning. There is no noticeable lag when using it to stream high-quality videos. I can authoritatively say it is faster for downloading and video streaming than for normal browsing. IPTV lovers and YouTubers will so love this package. Trust me.

We all know Life itself is a risk. Everything is all about risk. Before proceeding to get this 9mobile magic sim activation from me, you must accept my terms and conditions. Like i said, it's 100% working. It's unlimited and not getting blocked soon because of its weird source which I won't explain to you. I'm personally using the 9mobile magic sim now as I type this.

Whosoever wants to buy this 9mobile magic data sim card is bound by the followings:

  1. It involves risk in the sense that it can be blocked anytime but not soon either. If you are not an avid data user, this might not be for you.
  2. I'm doing the sim activation for N10,000 (non-negotiable)
  3. You need to buy a new 9mobile sim but don't register it.
  4. Also, it should be on record that this is not my sole initiative. In fact I am merely a mediator or call it intermediary. I will only help you with the setup after the most important activation might have been done.
  5. The cheat is usable only on sim cards that start with 0908******, 0909*****, 0818*****, 0817***** and the chosen sim must be unregistered.
  6. Before you can buy this, you must have basic knowledge of how to input settings on your phone’s mobile network/cellular settings
  7. Finally, have it on record that you can not view any data balance with this sim.
  8. Any questions regarding this sim after activation should be sent to me via my official email. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE FOR ANY ISSUES. I'm always available for any queries.


  1. First of all, send an email to info [at] requesting for my account details to pay the sum of N10,000.
  2. After payment, attach a proof of your payment in the mail and get a new unregistered 9mobile sim card and send the Number + PUK code all together in the mail.
  3. After confirmation, i will process your sim activation (takes less than 2hours depending on the request i have).
  4. After successfully activated, I will reply you and also send you the settings to use on your device.
  5. That's all.

Please, don't come to my mail box for long talks. Just go straight to the point as I've instructed above. First come first serve.

Any questions? Kindly comment below and I'll reply you almost immediately.

Happy Browsing!. It's still your boy Victor Kachi #EC_Boss.

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  1. Hmmmm, I will love to do this but am scared of the vpn part

  2. I hate this type of bloggers why didn't you indicate the payment in your post title you get traffic and the same time asking for 10k hold your cheat,sir wizy(wizzytechs) and ezehill(mozillatechs) are their to post it for free if it's true

  3. Am aka Ibe3/1/18

    Finally the long awaited etisalat trick is out I.ll try and subscribe...for the heads up but please reduce the price it is too much sir...I'll contact you shortly

  4. This is rubbish na how can I pay you 10k I go use the money go subscribe for gb

  5. Anonymous3/1/18

    If u no tell us now kachi, i organize boys way go bomb click your ads here๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  6. Anonymous3/1/18

    paying 10k for wat u got freely & its supposed to be freebrowsing. even glo data master cheapest sub with real-time validity period is 1000% cheaper NOT TO TALK OF this u do today and 9mobile blocks it 2moro. then u pocket 10k and d moron u pays loses permanently. then dey start cursing ur family & ur generation's generation. think twice joor!

  7. Nice to hear, but you don't need all this victor.

  8. Anonymous4/1/18

    Why will I pay 10k for a cheat dat can be blocked anytime and requires VPN to use...that biased bro...After all i can do the glo monthly sub with 1k get 4gig and do it repeated after exhaustion and get 40gig for 10k..just tink again bruh!

  9. Looking weird also... I known is not a scam, but is going to work

  10. Anonymous4/1/18

    nawa to you ooooo! even tweakware at best is N500 for premium access monthly. clearly scamming tins coz no-one has confessed to be using it yet or confirmed how its working.

    we must taste suya b4 we buy naaaaaaa!!!

    1. Yes, no testimonies yet because it's still not rampant. If you need proofs, there are proofs.

      You should know that I don't post fake things on this blog.

  11. Anonymous4/1/18

    Help us if you want to help. You have traffic in your blog and you making money. Greediness is not good. Share it with us and take a little money.

  12. @victor baba give them an audience .... Blocking at anytime also is inevitable after all not a fan

  13. u say e class and free browsing n know u ar askn 4 10k haba!

  14. Paying to get..... @victor.... Lol

  15. Funny shii 10k for what
    You f'd up sha...funny how I activated the cheat for free

    1. Wow congratulations. Hope you are enjoying it?

  16. Bullshit, I had rather subscribe to Glo 4gig @ #1000 repeatedly instead of wasting my money on something that can be block at any time, what if 9mobile decides to remove data network from Sims without data subscription like Glo, what will happen to the 10000 naira payment?. Please sell the Sim at #1000, even at this price you will still make lots of money.Those people you are collaborating with are only thinking of themselves alone,they will scam your avid readers and visitors to your site, vamoose with the money and leave you in the lush.Please wake up.

  17. Entclass is one of my best blog I visit. But to be honest, I don't ever expect my mentor (the owner of this blog) to charge for a cheat in a surplus amount under the the hot boiling harsh economic situations and the fact to the cheat is uncertain, It can be blocked any time. Well, it's a way of finding money but the amount is high to afford considering the unemployment rate of this country. I suggest the amount should be cut short to N500 for patronage. But thought for me, I already use the power of google to get the cheat (for the gurus out there, you know what I mean)