Can't Access/Visit Entclass Blog on Glo Network? See Solution

Many Glo users has been finding it difficult to access this blog on their network, while some said they can access the Blog with their Glo network without any issues.

I am fully aware of this and have decided to address this issue publicly in this post. The reason why most Glo users could not access this blog is because, we recently switched from our old third-party HTTPS provider to our own HTTPS provider that doesn't support Glo protocols yet.

We have a temporary fix for this issue with not accessing Entclass Blog on Glo network which is through the help of a VPN app. You can access this blog on Glo network through the help of any VPN app without any further issues.

If you are a Glo user and you are finding it difficult to access this blog, then you have to connect to a VPN app, because that is the possible solution now.

You can download any VPN app or use the one you already have. Incase you don't have any vpn installed on your phone, then download INF VPN Here. It's fast and doesn't drain the battery.

I hope this should fix the problem for now. If you have any questions, kindly drop them in the comment box below. Please share this post for others to be informed too.

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  1. I don't understand the link between ISP and HTTPS provider, what's the Glo protocol that isn't supported.

    1. It might be that our HTTPS support just IPv4 while Glo could only support just IPv6 which is the recommended protocols.

  2. No thanks... best solution

  3. The tin disturbe me this pass days

  4. But with my glo I could access without any restrictions

  5. I get your point now, but no ISP has fully switched to IPv6 yet. Besides even if they do, the support for IPv4 can't be stopped immediately. It will keep working for a long time.

    I guess maybe that your new server IP is blacklisted by Glo, or it's a browser issue.