How a VPN Works and its Importance

You might be asking yourself what a VPN is and if you really need it. Truth is you might not need it until needs arise for it. Lets get to know what a VPN is.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a method of encrypting point-to-point logical connections across a public network such as the internet, this allows secure communication across a public network.

In a much easier term, a VPN is a method of encryption that protects your computer and files and provides some form of privacy while keeping you safe from hackers or "man in the middle attacks". The only real downside to using a VPN is that it may slow down your Internet connection slightly, due to both the additional processing power required to encrypt and decrypt data and the routing of data through a third party server that adds a “leg” to its journey.

Typically, however, these speed hits are not noticeable. VPNs can range from free to about $10 per month, depending on data limits and session times.

How A VPN Works

Imagine a submarine representing a remote user with VPN installed, we all know how safe and secure a submarine is.

Also, I want you guys to picture this scenario in your mind's eye, imagine there are two islands seperated by water and trading with each other. A merchant transporting goods from one island to the other on a normal boat can easily get boarded by bandits or pirates and his goods stolen.

Lets say there is another merchant who owns a submarine(represents a VPN) can transport as much goods as many times as he wants safely. Why because a submarine is almost impenetrable, you get the gist right?

I too was reluctant about installing a VPN when i started blogging until a weird dude online threatened me via the live chat i had enabled that he was going to my blog. Trust me, it wasn't funny, i was terrified. No one told me to get a VPN.

So i advise you to get a VPN installed and get a good one while you are at it. Check out the various VPN services that i recommended in my BIO below.

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  1. Very educative article, well done bro.

  2. Enter your comment...vpn it's very sweet to use when it comes to free browsing

  3. very vital information, i always use vpn and it serves me well, kudos to you, nice write up.

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  5. I have been using Vpn now since, I never disappointed or regret, I will advice those people don't like vpn to make it compulsory for their use... Kashi thanks for reminding us about the uses and how important it is