How to Transfer Data From Old Android Phone to New Android Phone

Back in the days, transferring data from old Android phone to new Android phone has been alot difficult. What we could only transfer was just Musics, videos, apps, and other media files on the phone.

Transferring text messages, contacts, call logs/recent calls seems impossible. Not able to transfer all these was the worries we had back in those days.

Now, things has been advanced, thereby making some task much easier than before. In this post, I will be introducing you to an app called CloneIt. CloneIt is a free Android app that helps you transfer all the files and data from your old Android phone to a new Android phone.

This app will transfer your pictures, videos, text messages, call logs and contacts to the new Android phone without any hassle. I will guide you on how to do this right in this post.

If you want to switch from an old Android phone to a new one, then this app will do the job for you without any issues. Kindly read on.

How To Transfer Data From Old Android Phone To A New Android Phone

1. Download and install CLONEit on both phones. Download HERE.

2. Launch the app on both phones. You will be asked to choose which is the old phone and which is the new. Set the phone you are switching away from as the “Old Phone”, and set the phone you just bought as the “New Phone”.

3. On the old phone, touch the icon that appears representing the new phone and it will connect to the new phone.

4. After connecting, the app will ask you to choose the data that you want to move / transfer over to the new phone. The options include: SMS, Call logs, Apps, Documents, Audio, Pictures, Videos, Phone Settings. Just select everything.

5. The old phone will transfer your selected data to the new phone. Basically, the app clones everything on your old Android smartphone into the new phone.

6. After that, all your apps, files, call logs and text messages are now on your new phone.

That's all. Using CLONEit is an easy and effective way of transferring all your apps and data to your new Android phone.

If you encountered any problem, kindly leave a comment below and don't forget to share this post.

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