How to Block Advert Phone Calls from Network Providers

I'm sure we are all victims of advertorial phone calls from our respective network. It's so annoying seeing some short code numbers calling our lines when we are expecting an important call from someone.

Even at that, they have gone to the length of using a full complete number instead of the regular short code numbers, maybe because we already know that those short code numbers are from the network, thereby making us to reject the call.

Our ISP are trying to make their adverts reach to the ears of all subscribers, as they no longer see radio, television and internet ads as sufficient enough to pass their adverts.

People on a daily basis get unwanted calls and sms containing advertisement. That is the main reason I am writing this post today, to teach you how to block or blacklist spam calls from your network provider or someone who disturbs your privacy.


Installing An Advanced Call Blocking App On Your Android or iOS Smartphones

There are quite a number of apps on the app store that gets the job done for you. To mention a few, Nomorobo, RoboKiller, Hiya, True caller e.t.c have been designed to carry out such tasks.

These apps are free and lets you blacklist a number from reaching you. Some work by downloading a dedicated contacts list which are seperate from your regular contacts to your phone. Before you can make use of such apps, you will need to grant them permission in your smartphone settings, whether you downloaded the app on Android or on iOS.


Using The Inbuilt Call Blocking Feature Available On Samsung and Google Pixel Phones

Samsung and Google Pixel devices has a dedicated feature that lets you blacklist a number.

For Samsung Galaxy devices, spam calls are automatically flagged in the phone app immediately the call comes in.

For Google Pixel devices, when spam call hit your device, the phone app immediately turns red, giving you a very easy way to identify spam calls.


Using The Inbuilt Call Blacklist Feature On Android Phones

Ofcourse we Android users are not left out. We can as well block / blacklist spam numbers without the need to download any other app. This feature is right inside the phone app or phone dialer on our device but many are not aware of this yet.

You can blacklist a saved contact, number from call log or number from message. To activate this feature, kindly open the Phone dialer app on your Android device > More options > Blacklist.

From there, you can choose the number you would like to block from calling you.

I hope you found this post useful? Kindly leave a comment below and share this post with friends.

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  1. this is worth sharing here, thanks for the post, this would help people a lot in stopping spamming calls

  2. Very good,this is things is always annoying me wen I always see this call, Funny thing is that if this call enter you will think is important call ,thanks for sharing this

  3. Enter your comment...thats boss, this will help me alot, sometimes I do call back if i saw there miss calls but if I discover its network I always feel annoy

  4. My brother the call the weak me self, at first I go think say na business call dey come, I go hear good morning to a get a free ringing tone press 1...

  5. Nice methods, but we still need to force ncc to bar them from calling at all.

  6. this will really help