Iran Banned Telegram Just After Russia Did Same

Telegram has grown so big that it is now a place for large group chat. The app has so many premium features that are not available in Whatsapp yet. Just last month, Russia banned the social networking app over its refusal to provide users' data to the Russian government.

And at the same time Facebook is been accused of sharing users' data, Russia is busy asking for its citizens' data. Now, the Iran government has banned the messaging service as well.

According to report, Telegram is being used as a medium to protest against anti-government in the past few months, thereby making the Iranian authorities to ban the app. The Iranian government is aimed at protesting national securities.

According to a Reuters report;
"Considering various complaints against the Telegram social networking app by Iranian citizens, and based on the demand of security organizations to confront the illegal activities of Telegram, the judiciary has banned its usage in Iran,"

Citizens of the country has been advised to use other local chatting apps like Soroush.

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  1. Enter your comment...which one is Soroush, anyway nah there own wahala be that. that's y my country is so lovely

  2. Iran with principle,I think they have more reason than this

  3. Never saw that coming... Anyways the have their reasons though

  4. Their loss, but the citizens of that country needs to stand up against and change their oppressive system of government.

  5. Banning Telegram,why?? i know it's because of their selfish interest.