Download GBInstagram v1.50 APK for Android With Latest IGTV

The popular developer of GBWhatsapp has just released a newer version of Gbinstagram v1.50 with the newly announced Instagram TV. This is the latest update for July 2018.

GBinstagram v1.50 came with lots of new features which hasn't been added to the official version of Instagram app. On the off chance you don't know what GBinstagram is, it's the best modded version of Instagram app which has more advanced features like downloading and saving pictures, videos and stories to your phone gallery, customizing the look and feel of your Instagram account and many more interesting features.

If you use GBWhatsapp, you can attest to the fact that it has more advanced features than the official Whatsapp version. Let's see the new features of the latest version of Gbinstagram v1.50.

Features of GBInstagram v1.50

  • New Base Updated to Latest Playstore Version
  • Can now hide the stories you saw of additions and properties and Privacy
  • Add option number 7.2 to disable drag left / right in the main interface
  • Repair Enlarge images Profile  pictures / DP
  • You can cancel up any account without opening a profile by clicking on the button next to the three -point publication , and then cancel the follow – up
  • Add option number to change the color to post a comment in the main interface
  • Add option number to change the color add a comment … in the main interface
  • Add option number to change the background color in the add a comment … main interface
  • You can comment on any publication quickly
  • Fixed an error when loading the appearance of any Theme theme of the program
  • Fix the appearance of a white line in the screen comments
  • Repair color theme when you open any publication of alerts screen
  • Repair not color icon account switch in the profile screen change
  • Added Options to Theme Home Feeds Page (Mod 4.1 – Mod 4.5)
  • Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Direct Message (DM) (1.2.17)
  • Add new options to change the theme screen
  • Add new options to change the notification screen theme
  • Fix white line appearance on the main screen
  • Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Main/Chats Screen(Mod 2.2.11)
  • Fixed Translucent Mod
  • Fixed Bubble Theme Color
  • Added new themes to your theme
  • Many more fixes.

Where To Download GBInstagram v1.50 APK For Android

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  1. have been looking for a way to be saving pictures and videos on my instagram i hope am going to find that on GBinstagram, BIG LIKE

  2. Kudos to the GB team and thanks for the timely update.

  3. This will make Instagram to be more functioning than the normal one a lot of additional features.

  4. Very impressed about this application, every time updating

  5. Enter your comment...sound interesting