Racksterly Income Program Full Review and How To Join

I've been receiving lots of private messages from users of this blog regarding the ongoing Racksterly earning program. So today, I've decided to make a comprehensive post about Racksterly income program and all you need to know about Racksterly.

Actually, Racksterly is an online advertising company where they pay you for sharing posts to your Facebook timeline. Yeah, simple as that. It's a three steps agenda. YOU SHARE ADS - YOU EARN - YOU GET PAID, just by using their platform.

How Does Racksterly Works

Racksterly is an advertising company where businesses pay them to put up their products and services on their platform. All you have to do is share one of the adverts per day to your Facebook timeline, and you get paid part of the money the business paid Racksterly.

In addition, Racksterly requires a sign up fee before you become a member and start earning immediately. I'll quickly show you all the available plans on Racksterly.

Subscription Plans On Racksterly

There are currently four subscription plans to choose from on Racksterly. You have to select a plan that fits your budget and make the payment through your Bank Atm card or Bank.

The plans are as follows:

  • Pay $18 = N6,879
  • Get daily (for 30days) $1.2 = N432
  • N432x30 = N12,960 monthly

  • Pay $25 = N9,296
  • Get daily (for 30days) $1.8 = N648
  • N648x30 = N19,440 monthly

  • Pay $45 = N16,732
  • Get daily (for 30days) $3.5 = N1,260
  • N1260x30 = N37,800 monthly

  • Pay $75 = N27,887
  • Get daily (for 30days) $5.6 = N2,016
  • N2016x30 = N60,480 monthly

Note: On the platform, $1 is equivalent to ₦360. So the higher the plan, the bigger you earn at the end of the month. As for me, I started with the Typhoon plan.

How To Join Racksterly Income Program

  1. It's very simple. Just visit their site here
  2. Sign up with your real name, email address and password. (Gmail is preferable)
  3. Then add your Bank account details where you can withdraw your money at the end of the month
  4. After that, link your Racksterly account with your Facebook account
  5. Finally, you can now start sharing ads to your Facebook timeline. Note that you can only share one ads per day. It's very simple and straightforward.
  6. To withdraw your money at the end of the month, just click on the menu icon located at the top-right corner and then click on Withdraw.

Share only one ads per day to your Facebook timeline. And get paid daily. And cash out on the 30th day into your bank account directly without hassle.

For example, if you start on the 5th of the month, you will be eligible to withdraw on the 5th of the next month.

That's all friends. Start earning money using your Facebook account today.

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  1. Have you cashed out b4

    1. The program is real with every proof. I just started recently.

  2. How can one pay money first before signing up ? What balderdash

    1. You need to sign up first before paying. That's how it was designed

  3. After sharing to facebook, is it necessary that the ad link on my timeline be clicked before i get paid? If so, how many clicks?

  4. Nnu Reloaded. I will just keep watching while you keep making money till the day I hear fim. Everybody will now know how I behave.

    1. Nobody ever forced you to join. Use your money for something else

    2. How far, Raskerly do you well??

  5. Never advisable to invest in hyip scams like this one and never gud to advertise scamming websites on Ur blog too....they will eventually make away with people's money in the end

  6. Do I have to renew my package every month?

  7. You just started? It's not safe until it is safe.

    1. When proof is all over the Internet. You will regret not joining after my own proof.

      The early birds enjoys the most

  8. Has racksterly started paying

    1. This is an old post for Racksterly, not Racksterli