9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat For TLS Tunnel VPN

Base on the recent issues we have been facing on the 9mobile SocialPak settings for HTTP Injector vpn, I have finally found a better solution and alternative to HTTP Injector vpn.

I bring to you yet another vpn called TLS Tunnel. TLS Tunnel is a simple and fast VPN that enables connection customization. It uses a simple protocol called TLSVPN.

TLS Tunnel VPN generates a unique internal IP address for each connected user. This allows the communication between users on the same server. This feature is optional and can be turned off through the app settings. But we don't really need all these lol.

Let's just go straight to the point. But before then, let's get to know the features of TLS Tunnel vpn.

Features Of TLS Tunnel VPN

  • No SSH account needed 
  • Speed is really amazing
  • No frequent disconnections
  • Connects within 10 seconds
  • No more issues like connecting without browsing
  • Config files doesn't have validity. Meaning it's a lifetime Config file.
  • Easy to use. Just import a Config file and connect.

9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat For TLS Tunnel VPN

  • An Android phone
  • 9mobile 3G or 4G sim
  • 9mobile SocialPak bundle
  • TLS Tunnel VPN - Download here.
  • Config files will be provided below.

> Firstly, subscribe to 9mobile SocialPak plan by dialing *343*6*9#. Cost 350 Naira and valid for 1 month.

> Dial *228# for the 500Mb balance. The 2GB is a hidden data which we can only use via VPN.

> Now download 9mobile SocialPak 2GB and 500MB tls files Here.

Make sure you use the 2GB Config file first before using the 500Mb Config file.

How To Import Config File On TLS Tunnel Vpn

  1. Download TLS Tunnel vpn and the 9mobile Config files from the links above. (Make sure you use the 2GB file first before using the 500Mb file).
  2. After installing TLS Tunnel, launch the app
  3. Tap on the three dotted line which is beside the settings icon located at the top-right corner 
  4. Tap on Import/Export > Import Config and locate the 9mobile SocialPak config file and tap on it to import 
  5. Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it does connect, launch your browser or any app and start browsing. 

Things To Note

  • This cheat is not unlimited, as it's capped 2.5GB in total
  • The subscription is valid for 1 month
  • You can do multiple subscriptions
  • Download speed is pretty fast
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  1. does it renew the 2gb every day after subscribing once or when the 2gb finishes I have to sub again

    1. When it finishes, you subscribe again

  2. Working with it now

  3. Thanks..
    More wisdom ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿงก

  4. Mine is really slow , any means to make it faster

  5. App always tells me to watch ad or gets interrupted. the ad never pops up and disconnects afterwards.
    Any help, please.

    1. You have to watch an ads every 4hours to renew your server

  6. nice one there Victor!

    On how person dey forget to watch ads..na constant server interruption be dat.

    Anyways nice to have some alternatives to http injector..and d app is a no-go area for kikat android.

  7. Help us with 9mobile streaming file
    For tls tunnel
    Thank you

    1. We don't have much request on that. And also the data cap is too small compared to the social plan

    2. Ok no problem
      But it is my best plan i use it every time dat y asking for the file

  8. why not include http injector vpn configuration file some of use still http injector smooth without encountering any problems pls add http injector file too

    1. Make use of TLS for now

    2. This tls is taken time to display ads. And it's disconnection during important thing is annoying.

    3. I will work towards it and drop another alternative

  9. Mine always disconnect 20sec after connecting

    1. Watch an advert video for the time to extend

  10. I cannot inport files on my tls tunnel...
    It is not showing my storage

    1. Uninstall the app and install again. But make sure you allow the VPN to access your storage

  11. This one is fast. Much more faster than that of http injector. Thanks for the update.
    Now I'm getting confused with the code to subscribe the socialpack. The code I'm seeing in this article is different from the code in http injector article. Like are they different because they work on the two specific vpn softwares Orr...?

    1. One is longer in code while the other is a short cut. They are all the same

    2. Ooh alright.
      Ok you said the VPN allows you to use a hidden 2GB data, yeah cool but I've being browsing and downloading and I haven't noticed any sign of it being exhausted. All I can observe is me unable to renew each server access. It just keeps on loading and loading and nothing happens. The result of that is the connection annoyingly disconnecting.
      So question is, is it because I used up the hidden 2GB that I can't renew my access, or it's just an error?

    3. It's because you can't renew the access. Kindly restart the VPN and make sure you watch an AD

  12. Is the code for the subscription of tls and http injector vpn the same??