How To Check Your External IP Address When Using a VPN

A network has several computers connected to it. Each of them has an individual IP (Internet Protocol) address. It is not that simple to determine this address when your computer is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is because the original IP gets hidden. If you are a networking expert, this would not be that complicated.

However, you would still have to spend time. The IP checker is a time efficient alternative for people who don’t have expert technical knowledge and wish to determine related details quickly. In a nutshell, this tool suits people who are not related to this domain.

Assistance provided by the IP checker

Selecting a reliable tool of this type should be your first priority. Some people download the first tool they find online without checking its pros and cons. The Prepostseo IP checker is a reputed option which is used by a lot of people.

Here are some ways in which this tool helps.

1: Correct IP address without hassles and frustration

We all need to communicate with the internet service provider from time to time to troubleshoot things. Suppose that your computer is connected to a VPN network and the speed suddenly slows down. The situation becomes worse after some time and pages taken several minutes to load. To get this problem solved, you would patch a call with the internet company. 

The first piece of detail required would be the IP address of the computer. As your computer would be connected to a third party network, extracting details will be a challenge. This is when an IP checker becomes a sure necessity. It will reveal the address after which the technical team would be able to solve your problem.

2: Forget about going through networking jargons

Terms like “router”, “MAC address” and “IP address” can actually make your head spin if you are not related to information technology sector. Internet usage is not restricted to these technical professionals only.

Writers, students, doctors, engineers and businessmen go online to accomplish their day to day goals. It is obvious that they would not study networking to gauge the IP address of their computer. Going through the technical concepts is not what you are required to do. Instead, use this tool and get the accurate IP address.

3: No need to go through command prompt

The conventional and old fashioned way of checking the IP address is using command prompt. You are required to type the needed command after which the address would be generated. Copying it from the DOS environment is also an irritating venture.

A reliable tool like the Prepostseo IP checker immediately shows the correct address on your screen as the interface uploading is completed. There is no need to go through an old fashioned black screen and enter commands.

4: Get the accurate address in tight situations

In a lot of cases, you need to know the IP address of your computer on instant basis. Suppose that one of your important downloads gets interrupted due to a network issue. To resume it, you get connected to the support team and are required to urgently submit the IP address.

Going through command prompt can be the worst possible option in this case. Instead, you have to opt for a reliable IP checker. In this way the correct address would be known in seconds.

IP checkers are quick to respond

It is a fact that a lot of people do not accept technical tools because they do not want to spend time on checking features. This is exactly what you need to do while using an application / software for the first time.

Problems are not caused for non-technical users only. Even if you have domain knowledge, spending time to understand options is not something you would want to do. For instance, if you have to install an anti-virus application, why would want to understand the complexities of a specific tool while your system is not protected.

  • IP checkers do not involve any tough steps which can be performed by technical personnel only. You only have to click the link of the tool. As the initial screen would load, you would notice the original IP address of your computer. Simply copy and use it wherever the need is there. 

Suitable for general internet users

It is common perception that tools related to networking, system administration and technical troubleshooting are suitable for experts only. The IP checker is an exception because you do not need any domain expertise to use it. There is no need to get tensed while providing multiple technical inputs because you do not need to do so.

  • As compared to a lot of other tools and applications, a lot less effort is required to use the IP checker. It works without any kind of installations which is another plus. If you are not a software professional, setting up applications can prove to be a tough ask. You would not be able to use them without completing this process successfully. IP checkers do not have such restrictions as they get accessed online.

Summing It Up

IP checkers act as problem solvers for a lot of users particularly if they do not have technical knowledge. If your computer is interacting with a virtual network, the original IP address is not shown. This can be a problem if you have to reveal it to someone (e.g. a customer support professional).  There is no need to think about reading long manuals and setting up tools. All you have to do is click the related link and you are good to go.

These tools are quite easy so even if you have standard knowledge of using computers, it is sufficient. It is not an application developed for networking professionals only. The usage is free no affordability problems have to be tolerated by users. If you want to determine the accurate IP of your computer without going through a rigorous process, this tool is the ideal selection.

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