Use These Important Privacy Settings for WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal

Let's calm down  with the headline though - no pressure. This is this is much less of an order and more of a recommendation if you wish to have optimal security settings that minimise one's accessibility to your private information. Moving on from the previous situation that affected several WhatsApp users, there are still relevant things you should consider if you've also opened accounts on Telegram and/or Signal. 

Many of these apps'  settings may not be predetermined as none is completely reliable except you modify certain security settings to protect your data better. Zak Doffman, a cybersecurity expert, shared that platforms like Telegram and Signal are gaining more popularity and he recommended users to configure their devices to increase data security. Some of his recommendations included the following:


  • Obtain the pin number that is provided for the 2-step verification. Doing so prevents hackers from hijacking your account with deception.
  • Disable Backups - your backed up chat history, unlike your current chats, are not end-to-end encrypted.
  • Enable the 2-step verification by going to Settings >> Privacy and Security, and then put a password
  • Customise your privacy options in the Privacy section such that just your contact can communicate with you. Limit who sees your Profile, "Last Seen" information, and who can add you to groups.
  • Apply "Lock Code" in case your device is accessible by others
  • Enable Registry Lock in case you lose your device or someone else access is it. This prevents wants access to your chat history. 
  • Use biometrics security or a passcode for the screen lock setting. 
  • Disable Previews so that your conversations are hidden on your main screen of your device. 

According to Doffman's observations, he said that WhatsApp collects much more data compared to most popular Messengers like Telegram, Facebook iMessages, and a few others. He also added that, "unless you avoid those others, WhatsApp is not your biggest problem."

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