How To Get WhatsApp Statuses Quickly Without Third-Party Apps

WhatsApp allows you to share content on your status as well as being able to view other contacts status posts. The feature that takes the middle tab between "chats" and "calls" shows your status at the top with other contacts' statuses beneath yours. When viewing a contact's status, you may wish to save a post to your device but WhatsApp doesn't enable any feature for that... yet. So, one has to download a third-party app that helps extract contents from people's statuses. 

There are currently many apps that allow you save photos/videos from a particular status. But most of them contain annoying ads while using your internet data in background. Consequently, the rest of this article provides instructions on how to save content from your contact's status without using an external application on your device.

Steps to Save WhatsApp Status Posts without Third-party Apps

  • Begin by opening WhatsApp and viewing one or more recent posts from a contact's status. Exit the app and open your native File Manager
  • Go to your phone's local (internal) storage and search for "WhatsApp" folder. 
  • Entering the folder, tap on Media where you'll then see multiple folders such as WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Stickers, WhatsApp video and more. 
  • Now look for a three-dot icon. Tap on it and choose Settings. Then look for an option that allows you to "Show Hidden Files" (NB: You may not need to enter Settings before seeing the "Show Hidden Files" option). 
  • Enable your device to reveal the hidden files and you'll see a faint folder named .statuses at the top. Tap on the folder to see all statuses you viewed earlier on WhatsApp.
  • You can copy any photo or video and paste it to a different folder on your phone in order to access it anytime even after the status expires (disappears) on WhatsApp.

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