Telegram Introduces Anonymous Polling And Cloud Drafts Features

The unforeseen consequence of WhatsApp's updated Terms of Service is still in existence as Telegram keeps getting more digital users. The developers for Telegram messaging app are now incorporating features to give captivating effects on their new customers. On Monday, the app's website announced introducing a feature that allows you and me to create polls or participate in polls, anonymously. 

This implies that users can engage in an activity where a question/series of questions are asked in order to get information about what most people think that and can be achieved without users revealing their identities. It is a noteworthy implementation that favours group decisions. 

In January, the app launched a cloud computing feature known as Cloud Drafts which enables users to write a message on one device that can be sent from another device. So, if you begin typing a message and perhaps your phone's battery runs out, Telegram automatically saves your progress  while synchronising what you've written across your other devices that may have your Telegram account on them too. 

With the continuously updated features the app brings, it's safe to assume that Telegram is doing as much as they can to attract and retain customers.

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