New Method To Activate Your Mtn Magic Sim With Just N100

I will call this, "The Return Of Magic Sim"

Though Mtn magic sim has been saving us all on some cash in buying data, and its the best free browsing cheat on board now that doesn't require any VPN app like psiphon, simple server, tweakware, netify vpn etc to power all apps.

You can use Mtn magic sim on any internet enabled phone even if it is Nokia 3310c. You can also share your network via hotspot to your pc and browse till mum call.

Some readers of this blog has been having issues Activating their magic sim because Mtn has blocked the 2hrs data plan code which i officially announced here.

Here is another great opportunity to those on this blog that hasn't being enjoying the mtn magic or that hasn't activated their.
This step is quite different from the steps of the recent one i posted here. And the activation is just N100, not N250. Interesting? Read on...

Please follow my below procedures carefully to activate your mtn sim to a Magic sim.


1. Transfer 100 naira to the mtn sim you want to activate. (don't recharge the mtn sim you are about to activate, just make a transfer of 100 naira to the sim)

2. Now dial *104# to subscribe for MTN 10mb
daily plan which cost 100naira. After dialing it, your 100 naira will
be deducted from your sim.

3. Now, browse for 5 or 10 mins using GPRS or EDGE (adviceable)

4. Then remove the mtn sim from your phone after 10mins or 5mins and keep it for 24hours, (so that the magic will cook up well.. lol).

5. Then after 24hours, insert the Sim back into your phone then ON your data.
NOTE: You may recieve a message from MTN after inserting your mtn sim. A text that reads "Your daily subscription have expired"

Kindly ignore the message and
start enjoying your free browsing and downloading. You have successfully activated your MTN sim to a Magic sim.

Kindly comment if it works for you and dont forget to share this cheat by clicking the share button below so as to appreciate me.

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  1. Is it dat u must not use 3g to browse within dat 5-10mins?

  2. Anonymous8/3/16

    Are u really sure about it

  3. Anonymous9/3/16

    Yeah thanks bro

  4. Anonymous9/3/16

    do u have to be on any particular tariff plan (mtn ipulse e.t.c)...

  5. This answer goes to the 3questions above me.

    @Tosin, It isn't a must, just adviceable to follow my steps for better result.

    2. @Anonymous, if you can't spare N100 to do this cheat, then you dont like cheats, cos its working

    3. @Anonymous, you don't have to be on any particular tariff plan for this to work...

    Hope i've answered you all?

  6. Anonymous9/3/16

    Nice one. It's so sad that I will have to wait for another 24hrs to get this working again but it's sure worth it.

  7. keep calm and wait for 24hrs i believe it will work

  8. Anonymous9/3/16

    You're really trying for your site. ..I check it minimum of thrice a day. .keep it up! Will try it tomorrow

    1. Thanks for the compliments and for visiting us. Thats why we are all here. We gonna make sure you guys browse free and also at an affordable amount...

  9. My 2hours cheat is still blazing with full speed. You be the boss Kelechi

  10. Lol Christain, i'm Victor Kachi not Kelechi.. Enjoy your browsing till you get tired. Its just that, you cant activate another sim using the old method...

  11. Which APN will I use for this cheat pls?

  12. Hmm, no testimonies yet. All I need is just one testimony.

  13. @Williams Hills, you don't need apn for this cheat to work..

    @Matt Joe, so you can't give this cheat a shot with just N100?

  14. prophet10/3/16

    The cheat no go jor, my 100 just waste

  15. It's working here

  16. Didn't work with me, Kachi pls help us out.

  17. At Raymond Scott is it dis #100 own u tried?

  18. Anonymous11/3/16

    N100 gone!! Didn't work. . . No wahala sha. . . Though i just visited this blog for the first time and got a negative result.

  19. Oh God..mine no work oo@tol

  20. We are sorry for that. You guys should try Mtn 0.00 cheat - check here

  21. Bro someone said theirs stopped working (the 250 magic sim) after recieving/making calls. Wanna knw how true that is.. b/c mine's still working and I've not been picking up calls or making any so it won't stop Help?

  22. @Zenas Mere, its better you dont pick or recieve any calls if you still want to enjoy the sim...

  23. I don't think this tweak is working again... MTN IS NOW WISE... LOL