SAD NEWS: Mtn Magic Sim Activation Code Has Stopped Working

Like seriously, i don't know how to break this sad news. Mtn magic sim has really helped every one of us on this blog and i'm gonna say its the best free browsing cheat that has ever surfaced this year 2016 cos its very simple to setup and activate without the help of any Vpn apps like Psiphon, simple server, JWP, tweakware, netify etc.
However, the bad news is that this evening as at 6:17pm GMT +1 March 8, 2016, the magic SIM refused to get activated the normal way we used to do it. After dialing the activation code which is the 2hrs data plan, Mtn refused to respond, and even when they reply, you will get a message as below...
"Sorry, the service you want to buy 2H is not available. Thank you!"

What will really happen to those that are currently utilizing this cheat if this cheat eventually stops. Will they still continue browsing free?

For now, i will say don't panic, there will always be a new cheat on this blog - dont forget that there are still other alternatives in case this magic sim cheat eventually stops working.

To those that want to activate their Mtn sim, what reply are you guys getting?
To those that have already activated their Magic sim, are you guys still browsing free?

Lets hear you guys via the comment box below.

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  1. yea stil browsin

  2. Anonymous8/3/16

    working like labourers

  3. Still browsing also

  4. Mine still blazing

  5. Mine still working harder

  6. Anonymous9/3/16

    Mine have stopped. So sad

  7. Yours hasn't stopped working, as far as you have already activated yours. Kindly switch off your phone and on it back. Then try again..

  8. Mine is still working oh....and i still dey us am oh

  9. Anonymous11/3/16

    it has stopped oh..

  10. You guys should try this mtn 0.00 tweak on paiphon or simple server - check here

  11. Mine stopped working after 4 days

  12. Anonymous15/3/16

    some are still working... the sims I activated for pipo on one particular day are still working

  13. While browsing with the Ps4 using the magic sim's mobile hotspot i decided to turn my phone off to save battery and ever since i turned it back on. It attempts to load but never actually succeeds.Not only the hotspot. Everything.From browsers to social media. Also I've received messages declaring that my 2hrs plan is still active, Is there a way to make the browsing resume or this is how it just simply stops?

  14. I'm in trouble. It seems mine has simply stopped.

  15. You guys should try to see if it will continue browsing cos thats how it stopped finally for others..


  16. Will do Victor..which other cheat is within your grasp? Anyone at all for mtn?

  17. Beebee16/3/16

    Heh my stopped working dis afternoon oh! What shall I do now! Plz help! Am so gonna miss dis lovely cheat!