Get Tweakware Premium Usernames And Passwords And Enjoy All Servers

Yesterday, i posted two settings for Glo 0.00 unlimited browsing which you can use on either Tweakware VPN or Psiphon pro lite handler. I've been blazing the most outta the tweak. Now, some guys still complains that it disconnects mercilessly. But personally, it hardly disconnects for me.

The best vpn app which you can use to enjoy any tweak available on board is Tweakware VPN. The app is so unique and stable especially when you are a premium user.

As we all know that Tweakware has exceeded the free user data limit to 300MB on the latest version. Which means, you will be limited to use only 300mb on free account (Free Server). i.e: after you exhaust the 300mb allocated daily to free account users, you will have to subscribe for a premium account. Anyway i have a trick to bypass the 300mb limit per day. Kindly see the tutorial here.

Hey, don't panic, i have usernames and passwords for you to enjoy Tweakware premium servers unlimitedly without limits. Hmm, i can see that smile on your face right now, lol… I Victor Kachi has made it possible for you guys and ladies on this blog 

With these usernames and passwords that am going to drop now, you will enjoy the on-going Glo 0.00 free browsing unlimitedly without worrying for constant disconnections reconnection.

On the offchance that you don't know the complete settings for Glo 0.00 free browsing for tweakware, kindly see it Here. Once you are done with the settings there for Tweakware, kindly input my below usernames and passwords. 


Kindly launch your Tweakware VPN app, tap on Settings => Account Settings => You will see where to input username and password there. Just as seen in my below screenshot. 

Then input these usernames and passwords: 
Username: Entclassblog
Password: Entclassblog 

Username: Victorkachi
Password: Victorkachi

Username: Entclass
Password: Entclass

Username: VictorK
Password: VictorK

Username: Ecboss
Password: Ecboss

There you have them. All are 100% valid and working. Tested and confirmed.  Then go back and select any premium server of your choice and enjoy to the fullest. It will connect with speed. 

That's all.
If you have any problem or confused about this settings, kindly comment below. If you find it difficult to comment, kindly search Entclass on Google Playstore and download it. Or download it HERE and use it to comment easily. You can also get notified from our Android app of new free browsing tweaks published here.

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  1. Anonymous17/8/16


  2. Enter your comment...thanks, it works

  3. Wow thanks, chaiiiiiiiiiiiii I still have 6gb plus on my glo sim bt u are a sure guy coz it's not everybody can drop dat

  4. Anonymous18/8/16

    It has stop working bro

    1. Yea. Tweakware has blocked the loophole. :(

  5. Anonymous18/8/16

    its no longer working

  6. Anonymous18/8/16

    Thanks boss. was rocking it yesterday till I mistakenly recharged that line today. I now gave 13 kobo in the line and glo refuse to remove it. How do I go about it

    1. Keep using the tweak. Its not a must it should be 0.00 balance. You can even have N0.05. :)

  7. Anonymous18/8/16

    my psiphon pro handler keeps disconnecting

    1. Seems the 3G network is fluantuating.

  8. Anonymous18/8/16

    at the handler options where there is more options should I tick connect an through http proxy or I should leave cus at your settings u didn't say anything about it but the screenshot u share u ticked it

    1. Don't tick any box there. Leave everything unticked. :)

  9. Anonymous22/8/16

    Is these tweak still working?

  10. Anonymous22/8/16

    It is working with Psiphon but disconnecting afta few mins of usage any fix to these please

    1. It's likely your 3G ain't strong.

  11. Anonymous5/9/16

    Enter your comment...your tweaked tweakware accounts ain't working boss

    1. Oh Sorry. You came very late. The bugs has been fixed by Tweakware.

  12. Tweakware no more working again?