Best Mobile Gadgets of 2016

Most people use smartphones to browse the social networking sites, listen to music, playing games, and upload photos to Instagram. The smartphone is essentially a smart computer. You can do many exciting things with it including launching it into space as nanosatellite. In case you want to use your smartphone for online activities, set your smartphone to do things like locating your missing car, unlocking and locking your homes, watch your health, and contact your relatives in case of an emergency.

A company thinks of new ways to spin a standard household item into the latest smart device for your kitchen, or drawing room. No matter where you slice it, it was a great year for smart home gadgets. Check out some few other ways from which you can make your smartphone smarter, and your life easier. Most probably you’ll look at your smartphones differently now.

1- Samsung family hub refrigerator:

The company believes your refrigerator should be one of the best pieces of technology in your house, and the company surely has delivered a product to make right on the idea with the Family Hub refrigerator. The product is not the kitchen appliance for most of the people. For those who have the budget, it is the best you can get.

The star of the refrigerator is a 21.5-inch touchscreen that works as an entertainment system, but also a way to keep on the top of your groceries. Thanks to its cameras inside, you can easily see if you need to buy milk or anything while you are away from home. It is the featured fridge of the year.

2- Joule by Chef Steps:

The Sous-vide has grown over the years offering an excellent alternative to grilling and also other traditional forms of cooking. Various kitchen gadgets are accompanying the new method and Joule is surely the best. It strips away everything that relegates most controls to the app on your smartphone, which makes it easy to use. Use your voice to control it, an excellent feature for any gadget in your kitchen.

3- Nanoleaf Aurora:

Smart lights are the most successful home devices for years thanks to its affordability. It takes the bright light idea and injects a serious dose of cool in it with its modular panel system.

This light work as both – to brighten your home, and add art to your wall. You can also rearrange them into different shapes, adding or subtracting as you like, to make it work for your home. Insert the sleek app to manage, also the ability to control them through commands for iOS users. It is one of the exciting products of 2016.

4- Skybell Wifi HD Video Doorbell:

With lots of smart home technology, choosing a connected doorbell is impossible. 2016 gave us clear frontrunner with Skybell’s video doorbell. The latest effort of the technology separates from the pack with crystal clear 1080p resolution, clip recording that is on demand, free video storage, and the third party integration.

5- Roku Ultra: 

Roku has been one of the best names in set-top boxes, and that hasn’t changed in 2016. The latest is Ultra, a box that comes with all the great features. It has an outstanding amount of channels, easy to use interface, support for 4K, and HDR makes it a media machine that last for years.

6- Nest Camera Outdoor:

Home security cameras have been around for many years now, and also the best options have been Dropcam, which was acquired by Nest in 2014, and became Nest Cam. The free version continues with the track record of excellence, with 1080p recording, wide-angle glass lens, free cloud storage for 3 hours, and integration with the suite of products. To get the most out of it, you need to sign up for the monthly service, but if you are looking for the home security, company’s free cam should be your priority.

7- Chromecast Ultra:

Google made sure that the streaming platform was ready for 4K in 201. The popular Chromecast line got an upgrade in the form of Ultra, bringing UHD with simple, affordable option.

8- LogiTech Pop:

Logitech’s smart switches help bring order to smart home chaos. Program them to control the various gadgets, including speakers of Sonos, and Philips Hue lightbulbs.

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