How to Fix No Permission to Delete File on Android Phone

Have you tried to delete a file or folder from your SD Card or Internal storage and you got a pop-up that "No permission to delete file"? This file proves stubborn to delete because the permission to the file or folder is been automatically set to Read only.

Recently, about 5 config file i created for a cheat refused to delete, even after downloading different File explorer apps and even editing my Android permissions file which is located in this path: /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml. All efforts to give those stubborn config files Read/Write (RW) permission proved abortive.

There are sometimes you delete a file, and after you come back to that folder where you deleted that file from, you will see the file appear back and even smiling at you. Then, this app will delete that file you downloaded or collected permanently.

Upon my research for a few hours, I've finally gotten the solution to delete stubborn files on Android storage, be it SD card or Internal storage.

I will be introducing you to an app called Root Explorer (Paid app). This app does the job of mounting RW permissions to the entire Android storage (Root, Sdcard0 and Sdcard1). With this app, you can delete any file that proves stubborn to delete in your File manager.

Without wasting much of our time, let's dive in to what the topic says. Kindly read on.

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Like i clearly stated above, Root Explorer is a paid app on Playstore, but don't worry, i have gotten the app for free and have provided the direct download link below.

>> Download Root Explorer apk here

After clicking the link above, kindly wait for 5 seconds and then click on SKIP AD at the top-right corner. 

>> After installing the app, open it.

>> On that same screen, tap on Mount R/W button

>> Immediately, it will change to Mount R/O and you should see Mounted as R/W beside it.

>> Now, locate that stubborn file(s) and delete them.

>> To locate Sd card and Internal storage, just scroll down till you see Storage folder.

>> Tap it. You should see Sdcard0 and Sdcard1 folders. (SDcard0 is your external Sdcard, while Sdcard1 is the Internal storage).

I'm sure, from there you should locate that stubborn files and delete them permanently.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this tutorial

  2. As I saw paid app like this, I just became Spanish. I no Sabi English again. Make the phone no allow me jare. Who allowance don help. 😀

  3. Tolu5/6/17

    K thank u sir

  4. I lurhv it cool

  5. The error occurs due to read only permission set by default in Android device. To fix the **error no permission to delete files or folder SD card in Android device (No root)**, try the following solution.
    1. Modify the read only permission
    2. Unmount the SD card
    3. Use third party apps
    Source :

  6. I downloaded the root file

    First, mine didn't enable me to click the mount RW to change to RO or whatever. I went ahead to locate the file ,press delete, it still showed failed

    1. If it does not allow you to click it, then the app won't work for you

  7. i still cant delete the files on my sd card.i tried formatting it too,it refuses to format.
    i think it has a do i do this?

    1. Format the sd card with laptop and see if that works

  8. i am unable to download the file cos it keeps saying cannot access datafield